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  1. Hi!, Iā€™m very interested in the Generator, please contact me to joencoza2019@yahoo.com ASAP
  2. Thanks to all the interested people who contacted me, the 2 computers have already been sold!...šŸ‘šŸ»
  3. I have a friend with recent model rental cars that are well-maintained, in good condition and low mileage and get very good gas mileage. She is located in downtown Ajijic Village area. Her name is Margaret and her Mex cel: 3311776330 and US cel: 480.797.1343
  4. Hi everyone!!....I have for sale: IMAC šŸ–„ RETINA 4K 2017: RAM 8 Gbs, Hard disk 1 Tb, office 2019 and updated to BIG SUR 11.2.3, included magic mouse šŸ–±, trackpad and wireless keyboard! MACBOOK AIR šŸ’» 2015: RAM 4 Gbs, Hard disk HD 450 Gbs, office 2019 and updated to BIG SUR 11.2.3 If you are interested , contact me at my email: joencoza2019@yahoo.com
  5. Hi Robert, two of them have a VGA output, DELL and LENOVO. Good day!
  6. Hi everyone!!.....I have two laptops to sell each with licensed Windows 10 and the full Office 2019 licensed package, they are used but they are in optimal condition. HP Laptop 465 GBS Hard disk, 4 GBS RAM: $ 6,000 pesos DELL Laptop 4GBS RAM, 297 HARD DISK, DVD PORT multi recorder: $ 5,000 pesos If you are interested text me to my email joencoza2019@yahoo.com
  7. Hi!, i have one for sell, send me an e-mail to JOENCOZA2019@YAHOO.COM
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