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  1. We are not moving our refrigerator as our new home has one already and we can just leave the one we currently have. We've not had any issues with small electronics anytime we've used them but those are AC / DC converters designed to work at a range of voltages. Good to know that microwaves and other medium sized devices should also be fine.

    @sm1mexThanks for recommending Strom White! Did you choose to move furniture or only household goods?

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  2. Hello!

    I am new to this webboard but not new to the Lake Chapala area. We've been visiting as often as we could since we discovered it two years ago!

    It has come time for us to make Lake Chapala our home as so many people from around the world have before us. We're relocating from California. We've just purchased a lovely place in San Antonio Tlayacapan.

    We've got a lot of what we need sorted out, but we're still wondering if it's worth it to move all our stuff, sell it and start over, move some of our stuff and who to use for such services.

    We've found a few companies that say they can do the move:

        Transparent International    
        East Coast Shipping    
        Inter Movers    
        SDC International INC    
        Legend International Transport

    But we've got no experience with any of them. Recommendations for these or other companies would be greatly appreciated! 

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