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  1. Both TelCel and TelMex are in spotty service right now.
  2. I believe ClearChoice is a hosting service for Websites, no? Not TV. And their Website is atrocious.
  3. TelMex and CFE bills are delivered randomly, I presume depending on who is in charge of that part of the operation and what their budget is. CFE is delivered by hand; TelMex is delivered by mail. You can go years not getting either, then suddenly get one or both, while your next door neighbour gets the opposite. Everyone is expected to know their payment due dates, and not making a payment because of no bill is not accepted.
  4. But that's exactly the point, isn't it. There is no answer, and he knows it, yet he continues to interrupt threads every week asking the same question over and over again. There are literally dozens of threads on here speculating on who and when because no one knows. But you two were sure quick to condemn me for calling that out. In effect, condemning me for my so-called condemnation, which seems a bit self-aggrandizing.
  5. I've been watching these threads for quite a while. Why do you ask the same question every two weeks, especially in a thread where clearly no one has that answer.
  6. In my opinion, that is a completely false equivalency.
  7. Their is no "thrust" and there was no "argument". It was a statement that simply was skeptical of your claim. And rightly so.
  8. Disagreeing with an "opinion" is not political. All things considered, intelligent folks consider the facts as they find them, and when they come across someone who should be garnering the public trust but is seen in refute all over the internet for his wildly ostracizing "opinions"... well, no wonder the first thread drew such a reaction. I find it almost as bad as reposting something so clearly ridiculous and demanding that people treat it with respect, just to keep the trollling rolling,
  9. Heaven help you if the phone rings while you are being waited on.
  10. Your post isn't even a day old. It'll take us a minute to get there.
  11. If I was your neighbour I would certainly love that. Not.
  12. So I'm trying to wrap my head around this: my busy business is best served by always making customers wait because I am on the phone, coupled with not enough staff... and not randomly but consistently? And therefore you should feel sorry for me? Where were you when I lost my job because 1,000s in my company were let go as board members demanded a higher return on their dividends?
  13. Yes, we are all aware. I say again, that description says nothing about the statement: "did not say the resulting product had to work." In fact, it actually stipulates the vaccines accepted must be proven effective. So why are we repeating these links? But since this thread has turned a corner, let me add: A well-researched and substantiated article in Rolling Stone recently in fact tells that the vast majority of pharma fund very little of their own research, with most of it being subsidized by the government. "What Americans need to understand about the race to find vaccines and treatments for Covid-19 is that in the U.S., even when companies appear to downshift from maximum greed levels — and it’s not at all clear they’ve done this with coronavirus treatments — the production of pharmaceutical drugs is still a nearly riskless, subsidy-laden scam." https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/big-pharma-covid-19-profits-1041185/ An example: "Gilead, a company with a market capitalization of more than $90 billion, making it bigger than Goldman Sachs, develops an antiviral drug with the help of $99 million in American government grant money. Though the drug may cost as little as $10 per dose to make, and is being produced generically in Bangladesh at about a fifth of the list price, and costs about a third less in Europe than it does in the U.S., Gilead ended up selling hundreds of thousands of doses at the maximum conceivable level, i.e., the American private-insurance price — which, incidentally, might be about 10 times what it’s worth, given its actual medical impact."
  14. I can confirm of course the huge allotment of funds. I think we all know this. I can find nothing that answers the critical part: "did not say the resulting product had to work."
  15. While I appreciate the link, it says nothing to corroborate the comment. I am not trying to argue with anyone, but I don't believe it right now. I seriously would like to see a source, because it's news to me. And a working vaccine is implicit if not downright stated.
  16. I did and can find not a single story, report or gov't Website to confirm what you said. Or I wouldn't have asked. Generally when I post something I can back it up without getting po'd just for being asked.
  17. Most people I know that have TelCel report 30 or better. Location certainly plays a part.
  18. Lancet is a well-respected, science-based peer journal that has been around since 1823. It relies on fact-checking and the integrity of the researchers that provide sources. To say it was "burned" is overstepping. No journal is perfect. To pick it out and politicize it is baseless. 1823 is a lot longer than you or I, neither of us ever having made a mistake by accepting someone else's work, of course. I would rely on its reporting without hesitating, certainly when compared to most of the Googlers here.
  19. Did you have a price in mind? And if you can a photo, so we can see what shape it's in.
  20. I use a Bluetooth soundbar when I want to stream, which I do from my phone or using Plex or some similar software on the PC. I read the stereo review magazines and have seem some really expensive streaming receivers, but to me it's overkill. Sonos is a popular name for home streaming, but I have not had hands-on. I will say that BT speakers are far, far better than they used to when they first came out. A nice way to add a sub and surrounds without the wires. No detectable bandwidth hiss.
  21. I had an Onkyo system with a number of fine speakers of different sizes. 7.1 surround when I bought it. Upgradeable to the latest technology. They did not tell me that upgrades (for example, new DACs) would require hardware changes, just like on a PC motherboard, starting at $200 and more. Going to 9.1 and then 12.1 was a big deal, and also super expensive. Eventually I realized that unless I wanted to build a home theatre room, the extra cost and speakers just wasn't worth it. Here in Mexico, I just don't want to blast out that much sound these days, so I stick to a basic 5.1 system.
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