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  1. The first report on this board was about the amazing cinammon buns. So I went. And I agree with Ferret. I can't imagine what those people are comparing them to. They are better at El Torito for 15p. (Not that those are great.)
  2. Such is life. When I look out over the sea of rooftops of houses with small dishes, large dishes, rooftop patios, sunscreens, and solar arrays, my dish doesn't amount to a hill of beans. I'd also say as a landlord, I'd have to recognize that having a fully working Shaw setup is more attractive to the next potentioal renter.
  3. Your comfort now will be in knowing that (apart from this temporary $5 SNAFU), you won't get charged to use the local Scotia ATM.
  4. I know with this panoply of problems, people will be rushing to get a larger dish. Watch prices go even higher than they have been. I wouldn't tell my landlord. I'd just do it. I live here, not him, and it doesn't change the roof except for a larger footing... save the small dish and change it back when you do leave.
  5. Giggle if you expect me to validate, justify, or otherwise explain the action of government bodies.
  6. Cancelling flights to Mexico has much more to do with worrying about travellers returning from here than it does about coming here.
  7. I can't imagine someone claiming that. If your test is negative, it's negative. It's up to you whether you accept it or not. Same it if's positive.
  8. Agreed. If there was only one good way to do it, there would only be one way to do it. I use cash for everything here
  9. Time for an actual drive-by. Because the Google map puts it on Revolucíon. I'll take a picture. And at some point try it out. Never knew about the rolfing; I was referring to when Youcha was there on or close to the corner.
  10. (The same ones who want dark Hershey chocolate with whole almonds?) 😁
  11. It sure does when your job involves travelling that route multiple times every day. It sure does when it adds to the cost, and waste of gasoline. It sure does when it adds significantly to the already-polluted air. I won't even attempt to calculate what it adds to the stress of everyday living.
  12. Thoughtless and ludicrous. I can't see any way the municipal government can score points on this one for funding from the state or federal level. As posted elsewhere, the easy solution is to prevent cars from leaving WalMart at the eastern end... from turning west. use either of the other two exits. As far as exiting from Steren or the back parking lot of that mall, there is always enough of a break after a minute to do it safely. And if not, go into the parking lot and get onto the libramiento toward the lights. An extra 45 seconds.
  13. Haven't been by lately. Ill-fated fried chicken location?
  14. Does that policy not rest with the board and members of the condo? Any pools I have been in are by invitation only.
  15. I don't believe it is possible to pay 25p a month, unless someone did the ol' diablito trick on your meter. My suspicion is you will one day be smacked with a huge bill when the CFE realizes something is not right. If I were you I'd definitely have it checked out.
  16. Telmex bills are all due on different dates, depending on when you first got your phone and where you live. to use Ferret's links, you must sign up with your phone numbers.
  17. A widespread blanket, with holes.
  18. But with great titles: Yelled Bill, as in "damn Temex!" and "I, Telmex Bill" from that robot movie.
  19. Apparently country wide.
  20. Both TelCel and TelMex are in spotty service right now.
  21. I believe ClearChoice is a hosting service for Websites, no? Not TV. And their Website is atrocious.
  22. TelMex and CFE bills are delivered randomly, I presume depending on who is in charge of that part of the operation and what their budget is. CFE is delivered by hand; TelMex is delivered by mail. You can go years not getting either, then suddenly get one or both, while your next door neighbour gets the opposite. Everyone is expected to know their payment due dates, and not making a payment because of no bill is not accepted.
  23. But that's exactly the point, isn't it. There is no answer, and he knows it, yet he continues to interrupt threads every week asking the same question over and over again. There are literally dozens of threads on here speculating on who and when because no one knows. But you two were sure quick to condemn me for calling that out. In effect, condemning me for my so-called condemnation, which seems a bit self-aggrandizing.
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