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  1. No argument here. I note that there are several highly-priced restaurants here, and there are a large number of retired expats with a lot of money, who don't really care how much a meal costs, except in a reverse manner: the pricier it is, the better it must be. They always manage to keep places like 4 alive, for a while.
  2. Of course. Simply wondering, based on what I know of this type of menu.
  3. Oh, I did not know that. Haven't been really, since the owner handed over the reins. Thanks for the info.
  4. I am curious, too. Their first menu definitely appears to be a tasting (or degustation) menu selection. Their second menu looks simply like a multi-course meal. In any case, I don't think you'd have trouble downing a real tasting menu, which is more like a selection of small tapas. Do you recall when Tabarka offered a tasting menu of different fish and tapas? It was great: a goodly number of small samples of lovingly cooked varieties.
  5. Hoolia: it would benefit everyone if you posted all information each time you start a different thread. Menu, time, price, location, contact information, etc. Not all members read all posts on a regular basis, and some will have no idea you made earlier posts.
  6. The link is actually in this very thread.
  7. It definitely will cost. I don't think it will be cheap, unless the government puts a cap on pricing, and I don't think that will happen.
  8. Amazon.com.mx has them. I wouldn't know about locally. What is special about them?
  9. Not really designed to be similar, but uses the same "viral vector" technology.
  10. I recommend everyone make sure their paperwork is in order long before this happens.
  11. Who are you calling butt steak?!
  12. Sure. People lose things all the time: car keys. Prescription notes. Receipts. Sunglasses. It's easier to replace your INM card than it is to replace your credit card: we have a local INM office for that, but my credit cards come from NOB and can take forever to get here (yes, immediately get on your computer and report the loss). I don't acrry them with me unless I know I am going to make a purchase. But I always have my Permanente.
  13. Really, how often have any one of us actually lost our immigration card?
  14. Any time I've been approached for a little bite, it's always been a lot more than the ticket.
  15. In fact, only federales and immigration officials can ask, as far as I know.
  16. Transitos cannot ask for immigration paperwork, unless this is the law change mentioned.
  17. Yes, and someone posted a link to the website in this very thread, which describes both.
  18. Spencer has actually posted a translation of the traffic laws on here somewhere, and probably his Website. There are very few instances where transitos can take a car. 9 times out of 10 they are scamming you. The new chief here said he was putting an end to mordida, but I don't see it ever ending as long as they keep scoring. - without plates, or fake ones, or hidden ones - parkiing in prohibited place, or blocking traffic - contaminating the air and no emission sticker - made up to look like an official vehicle - taxi without being a taxi - drunk driving - d
  19. Google is a big place. Almost everyone knows how to use it. Almost.
  20. Of course now I'm curious: who did the friend call?
  21. May I ask how you set that up? Did someone call?
  22. I like the extra buttons on some of my devices, because it's one touch to get where you want to go. But it would be nice if they were also customizable. Especially here in Mexico, where many of us won't be subscribing to those specific services. Amazon not having a specific support page for their tech products is a huge problem when trying to get specs. At the moment, without Amazon US having the latest gear, it's easier to compare on the Canadian site. This new 2021 model does not support 4K https://www.amazon.ca/fire-tv-stick-with-3rd-gen-alexa-voice-remote/dp/B08C1TR9X6/ref=s
  23. That was already pretty damn clear. You seem to think I misread something. My post simply points out that you immediately bypassed the request, regardless of the link you posted. Someone else posted the same in response to you. Not a big deal. Let's just drop it.
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