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  1. It's pretty bad. Interestingly, the palapa roof did not all burn, but it's going to be a while.
  2. Two things: First, this is a board for discussion and help concerning living in Mexico. Second, it is not a repository for personal vitriol, hate, politics and personal rants. Actually, one more thing: as a mere member here, I shouldn't have to be the one pointing this out.
  3. It's only a midterm. Sure he could lose his majority, but I'm wondering exactly which political party will do any better, particularly while he remains Presidente.
  4. When I checked, Amazon ships those right to here for $7.46 with no import fees.
  5. The price of a new Firestick is about $50 US, unless you get it on sale. That's $1,000 pesos. The other thousand pesos is for Rich's hard work and experience dealing with myriad numbers of apps that don't work or are flakey or have just disappeared, establishing proper links to robust servers that have been around long term. He's done all the work so that you don't have to. I personally think that's worth 50 bucks. He also spends an hour or two showing you how to navigate, which is really worth it to the technically unmotivated.
  6. Conspiracy and anti-science mentality is raging like the pandemia itself. Look at the number of people who don't believe in getting vaccinated for anything. I'd like to see what they were doing in public school getting their shots, before they got swayed by fools on the Internet.
  7. I think it's a bit generalized and unfocused to say be careful of violence here. Pretty much every death and attempt has been linked to cartels and gangs in key cities and states, from what I read. These postings make it sound like it is dangerous to go outside during election hours. Typically not the time that these activities take place anyway.
  8. Regardless of his reasoning, talking about politics is not the same as talking politics, I would say.
  9. The "black box" advertised in the paper requires a monthly fee. I'm not into that. Instead, Rich Richie on this board offers tons of free TV and movie apps on a pre-programmed, technically reliable Firestick, one time cost of $2,000p.
  10. Well, that's an interesting comment. I'm certainly no expert, so I had to look it up. First off, it's Total DISSOLVED Solids. Second, "the test does not provide us insight into the specific water quality issues, such as Elevated Hardness, Salty Taste, or Corrosiveness." ( https://water-research.net/index.php/water-treatment/tools/total-dissolved-solids) So, is it a worthwhile test, I wonder.
  11. Of the handful of active members of this board, none apparently have pockets deep enough to want to be the guinea pig. Myself included.
  12. So typical: not including the year.
  13. There are different systems, depending on the age of the vehicle. Since we don't know the OPs car's age or reason, I couldn't say definitively. As I did say, I am not talking about keys with near field sensors, which is what you are referencing.
  14. We shall see. The reason for the chip is security. Making a key without a chip alerts the security and prevents ignition. It is not a near-field issue.
  15. I believe all "lock" keys these days must have a chip. It's part of the anti-theft security. To prevent someone unlocking the car "illegally", which would prevent the engine from turning over when ignition is attempted.
  16. The poorly named Dusty Chicken in Riberas is still "functioning". They now have a door and a banner beside the auto shop, next to the Oxxo in Riberas. I say "functioning" because you never know when they will actually be open.
  17. My first one was 3.5 hours. My second one was 2 hours. Both at Parque Cristiania. I think that's pretty good.
  18. BeanRoy

    Cafe Magana

    He went back to PV. Two years later someone reported here that he had opened another place that failed. He did not lose the business due to IVA. It was, they say, due to all kinds of other taxes, especially employee issues.
  19. Back home all calls "tumble" to the next extension on numbers like that. Calling them individually makes no difference, generally.
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