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  1. He's trying to upsell you. How disingenuous. The actual offer is this: no installation fee if you sign up for 18 months; $329 (or close to it) if you start monthly. Unless they suddenly changed their plan, which I kinda doubt. NOTE that the people at the Walmart door get bored and quit every week or so. There is also a number on the pamphlet they provide so you don't have to deal with a commissioned salesperson.

  2. "The Feast day of San Antonio is celebrated on June 13, the date of his death in 1231. In Mexico there are more than 60 communities hosting 9-day fiestas to honor San Antonio each June. At Lake Chapala, local legend ensures that the annual rains will surely begin by the Day of San Antonio, June 13." https://www.mexconnect.com/articles/1425-saint-anthony-and-john-the-baptist-june-festivals-at-lake-chapala/

    I for one cherish the Mexican ability to party down and chill out frequently. Sure, the noise is annoying. But the celebrations started long before any expats arrived here and will continue long after we're dead and gone, and this is just common sense to everyone. So it puzzles me why every celebration every year causes so much whinging. If only my own countrymen north of the border knew how to enjoy life like they do here.

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  3. 12 minutes ago, HarryB said:

    I was referring to a problem situation facing the community. At no time did I mention the poster his/her financial status or origin? If there is a problem , it must be yours, no?

    Then I am unclear. You did say: "But is providing low rent housing to foreigners doing them any favors?" Is that not referencing an origin? This is also the first time I have heard anyone say that this is some type of community problem. I would like to understand.

  4. Good to know about PayPal. You don't pay at WalMart, though, but you can sign up. You don't pay until the installation. You don't get an actual online account until the installation, either, so you can't try to pay online until that happens. You pay the installer either cash, CC, or DC, but the latter two can only be Mexican. After that initial payment, you cannot pay cash again, since they have no office here. I haven't had it for a month, so I haven't received a bill yet. Once I do, I will figure out how/where to pay.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Bisbee Gal said:

    I've used OXXO in past for Mercado Libre payments, but most ML vendors now also use BBVA and that's more convenient for me and no fees either. 

    We will be traveling a lot this year and don't want to worry about a monthly bill while we're away.  With ILOX we pay a year in advance on our US credit card at their Ajijic office.  Once and done. 

    And as I've said before, Mexico is the only country I've been to where the retailer cares where your credit card was issued.  When I charge something in Paris, Lisbon or Heidelberg, no one ever says, "Sorry, we only accept French/Portuguese/German issued credit cards."  

    Pyaing with a credit card online is actually safer than handing it to a person.

  6. Flashing yes, and as I pointed out in an earlier post, that has made it difficult for people like me coming up or down the streets, because unlike most other lights it seems to be ignored by many, who apparently were never taught what a flashing yellow light means.

    And as you say, Panino's. I was saying two things: this is obviously manipulation, not failure, and the traffic in the area was terrible before this happened.

  7. The traffic was not already low. Somebody may have experienced a break in the flow, that's all. And the lights were not simply turned off. The lights at Soriana are off, but not the lights at the gas station in Chapala or at the main intersection. The lights are on in front of Fenix and they are on at the Farmacia Guadalajara. This is manual manipulation, not some failure of the system. (The barriers at Walmart are up again and appear only to be down when unauthorized persons move them. Traffic runs smoother when the little lady transito there is not there.)

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