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  1. Here are examples of what I mean. as here are a few things I had to find out on my own as information is not easy to find. 1. Housing, as this is a real estate site, it would be a conflict of interest to share. But I was able to find a 3 bedroom house in a fantastic area. That has one main bathroom and an Ensuite. Cost per month? $225 US 2. Shopping, Punto Sur is one of the nicest malls I have ever seen, even my wife, who is native to the area, had no idea it existed. Plus there is a Costco and a store owned by Walmart, that has the same products at a lower cost. All of which I stumbled across, otherwise would have never known they were there. 3. Cellphone services. I had no idea that AT&T offered services that are not only competitive in price, but also provide excellent service. 4. Banking. I was completely taken aback by the interest rates in Mexico, as they are almost criminal. But there are alternatives. This is just the tip of the iceberg and I believe there are lots of people who have found solutions to these problems and can share there experiences. Plus we can take advantage of buying groups to bring solutions that are not currently available. There is over 20,000 expats in the area, both Canadians and Americans. We have the numbers, we just need to utilize the potential.
  2. And that is completely your choice and right to do so. The site is to be used or not to be used on whether it is helpful and easy to use. But also free from any direct commercial bias. To be completely straight forward, I love being in Mexico, the people are great and the weather is awesome. But I find more often than not, difficulties finding services, products, and information. So all I am offering is to help, its up to you on whether you decide to take it.
  3. Yes that is a reasonable assumption. But no, this is a not for profit venture. Everything will be offered for free. 100% The main focus of the site will be to harness a collective need. As one of the things that I have admired over the years is something the Americans do very well and I am surprised at how often it is under utilized. This is one area that the Americans have achieved something that no other country has been ever able to do so effectively. Which is to harness the power of buying groups. We all have common needs, whether it be reliable internet services or as simple as buying products that we are familiar with such as a Swiffer wet jet mop. The intension is to leverage that collective need to benefit everyone. At the same time provide resources and share experiences that will make living more comfortable for everyone. Is it a lofty goal, maybe, but I am bringing over 20 years experience in IT and computer experience , plus all the software and server technology available to see if it can be done. 100% free. So I am putting my money where my mouth is as they say. All I ask is if you see a need that is not being addressed, then let me know, because if you need, then others probably have the same need.
  4. Not exactly but yes there is some overlap, as most sites do have some overlap, but the focus of the other site will extend beyond the scope of this site with user driven content. Its not intended to replace this site as message boards are good, but they are limited. We will also be extending the service area to include Guadalajara as it is the 2nd largest city and offers a lot of useful services. Plus we have access to more advanced servers and tech that will provide more content in a easy to use web experience. So we are reaching out for feedback to see what services people are looking for and not found here.
  5. No problem. Just let me know as I understand you are close to Cancun and I am in the area frequently.
  6. Yes it sounds like you have a very expensive battery charger. I am a Canadian currently living in the area and have worked with and installed solar systems in Canada, I can come take a look at the system for you at no cost and give you recommendation, as I don't think this is a question that can be answered without seeing how it was set up.
  7. We are preparing to launch a new site to help with computer problems and web services. Also looking for those who would like to contribute content that will help fellow Canadian and American residents find local services in English. Also, we have free webservices available to anyone hoping to create a site that they feel will help locals connect with the resources we all need. So if you have any ideas for a website, just let me know, and i will provide the help you need to get it up and going. including, free hosting, web design, and other resources. As I have found that there is a lot we can learn from each other, we just need the resources to do it. Or if you just have a simple question, please feel free to contact me here.
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