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  1. Nice, that's some great out of the box thinking. 3D printing is barely a hobby, as most of the time its simply downloading a file and printing, not much skill required. But I have to admit the Raspberry Pi system is very interesting and opens a lot of possibilities. Was this your only project? or are you planning more?
  2. Unfortunately, I dont know much about Raspberry Pi. But its still pretty cool that you are and able to find ways to get your project done. As it takes a lot of ingenuity and courage to try new things. I say courage as there is a lot of people that discourage independent thinkers and if you are experimenting with Raspberry, you probably are one. So my hats off to you. It sucks that you were unable to get a part done, but you are pretty much into prototyping, which has a very high failure rate. Even when you know exactly what you want. I probably build and test 6-10 copies before 1 works. That's why it was just easier to buy the printer, as I expected there would be countless revisions. But what alternative did you use?
  3. Oh I forgot to ask, did you eventually find the part?
  4. This just a hobby for me, it gives me a break from coding. In the future I might decide to start a business here, but for now I already have a business venture on the go and have an income. But I appreciate the advise. I think 3D printing could do very well for people here, as 3D printers are cheap now and not that difficult to use. Less than $300. Plus a lot of models can be found online for free. Its only difficult if you need a custom model. For instance, I am printing off a popsicle mold for the kids.
  5. Sounds good. 3D printing is very good for several reasons. 1 its very good for the environment, as the amount of plastic products we buy is crazy, so its not only reducing the shipping needed, but also eliminates tons of packaging. 2 its much more convenient. As I know I can but most products online and have it shipped fairly cheaply, but I can not only print at a fraction of the cost, but I can print it faster than I can have it shipped. 3 I often need things I simply cant find, so I can jump into an AutoCAD program and quickly design exactly what I need. For instance, I needed a tamper resistant cover plate specific to this house and within 2 hours I had it printed. I also have to admit I love designing things, so if you need help, just let me know, as I can generally create a 3D model from just a picture, as that's all I normally can find.
  6. I know my subjects have been controversial so I have agreed to tone down things with the moderators. With that in mind I will keep it to just questions with milder themes. One is that I found is that some of the products I like, I cant find here, and found its easier to 3D print them. So I am sure I am not the only one with a 3D printer and hoping we can share models and ideas. So far I have models for a folding mop, Milk jug, Hydro cover, and other small items I find helpful. Anyone else ? As it takes time to build models so I am hoping that we can save each other time by sharing.
  7. I am sure you find that as a witty response. But as a super advanced user, dont you think it would be more helpful to provide feed back that is somewhat constructive? Or is your disdain for your fellow human beings so strong that you refuse to see that your actions are more harmful than helpful. I am a helpless optimistic and would like to see this site thrive. But the more I interact with this site, the less optimistic I get. If you truly believe this site is good enough, then try and be part of what makes it good, because the last comment isn't a good reflection of this site.
  8. I was asked a question and responded, which I felt was expected. But you should understand, these type of comments do absolutely nothing to me as I really just dont care enough for them to bother me. But what you and others are really doing is harming this site itself, as you are discouraging others from joining or participating in the conversation in fear of people attacking them. So if you think you are doing any good, I can assure you, you are not. Because, if it wasn't for people making this site toxic, I wouldn't feel the need to create another.
  9. Yes in a way it has to operate as a business to some extent. But I am not sure it would be a viable one, at least not for me. If there is some one here that can make it viable, then I will turn it over to them. As I already have a viable business that I think has promise, but it is targeted to the US and Canadian markets. With manufacturing here in Mexico. This is my fist priority. The website would have to small of a market to be of any use to me as the other project has more market potential with projected profits in the 3-4 million range. The truth is I came here to bring the other project to the ready for market stage and just finished building prototypes and testing. But to be completely honest, This is where my skillset ends. As a business person, I can handle companies of a certain size. But after that, I will probably be better off handing it off to someone with more business experience than I. As I am good at developing ideas, but I probably have abandon development on projects that probably were good but just dont fit my idea of a good business model. With that business I will probably be looking for a business consultant, but the website is just a curiosity project for me.
  10. True enough, but it’s a not for profit venture, so it might be hard to justify the additional cost. As it’s easy to justify the tech as it can be used elsewhere. But a business consultant would definitely turn this into a business venture. Not sure if that would benefit anyone.
  11. you have to love comments like this, it really shows who the contributors are. I am all for intellectual debate, but this falls extremely short of that expectation. Look if your comments are just "go away", "blah blah blah" I am curious as to how you believe you are actually contributing. Because if that's all you have to offer then maybe you should let the adults talk instead.
  12. Recently Virgo Lady made a comment or posed a question ? not really sure. But I felt the question was valid and deserved a response.it was " Well the website will take some time as the intent is not to duplicate anything here as I think that this site serves its purpose. But the other site is to provide real-time information from authoritative sources. Such as covid news, power disruption, and relevant news that directly affects everyday life. Plus contain articles from professionals about things we can use on a day to day basis. Such as information on data roaming and how to avoid large roaming charges. To clarify, this information will be provided by professionals in that field, not people giving opinions. Because information here seems to be fragmented amongst various site such as multiple governmental departments, we are trying to integrate API"s that will leverage IBM's Watsons AI/Machine Learning to gather and disseminate the information into a simplified display. Alone with this and other openAI projects, I am hoping that the website will be able to provide relevant information to each user based on their location and preferences. Because of the complexity of the tech used it will take several months to develop and test the API"s. So dont expect anything soon. As far as I am concern and my relevant experience. I have been trained in Satellite and data communications including cryptography and internet security. I have received training and worked with both foreign and domestic governments in those areas. Along with this, I have worked integrating those technologies in other industries, such as Green Energy sector, and global telecommunication. Unfortunately with the rapidly development of AI and machine learning, most of my training is now redundant and currently engaged in research and development into new markets, which is why I am currently in Mexico. Currently just finished up on a project to develop new tools using 3D printing and awaiting for the covid situation to improve so I can move it into the marketing stage in the US. So that is where I am and now that I have responded as I felt I should, I am going back to utilizing my skillset where its probably best served like finding a good solution to everyday problems like data roaming and data collection. As far as Vigo Lady is concerned, I am sure you are a very nice person and look forward to seeing you forwarding the conversation.
  13. Sounds like some one is upset because they were called out on their own BS. I already said the site was not up and running. But its nice to see the lengths some people will go just to discredit another user. So instead of just trying to attack me personally, why dont you just try and add to the conversation. You never know, you might like it. Just saying. Otherwise, just take a seat back and let the people with pertinent knowledge time to answer the questions, As that's what I am planning from now on. Yes I know that I probably should just let it slide, but it was a blatant attack, not even an attempt to vail it as constructive.
  14. Fair enough, if in fact the CFE is underbilling me, then I have no problem with paying it, which I have already said. But I also think that its fair enough when I said that I was not aware of any issues other than someone trying to sell me a meter. Plus I am also new to the region, so I have no idea of what the normal rates are. So its not unrealistic to rely on my wife to know since she has lived here all her life. Its also makes more sense to take her advice over a strangers. I am not sure why everyone here insists on being experts on the issue and know better than actual Mexican citizens. You have issued a warning and I heeded it. Anything after that is really my problem. So lets move on. Because its becoming clear the main issue here is its pointless to discuss issues in a reasonable fashion with out everyone taking offence to something. "There is no point in arguing with some people as you cant change their mind and they refuse to change the subject" seems to be the main plot here. If it isn't, it certainly over shadows any of the real concerns.
  15. Thanks Angus for the definition. But I am not really certain I understand at whom this is directed? Is it just an open statement? As I am under the impression that if I am billed for a service, I am required to pay for the service as it shows on the bill. To which I do. But it seems as though people here believe that its up to consumer to investigate any bill to determine if the company properly billed them. If over billed, I can completely understand. But if I under bill a customer for a service, I certainly don't fault the customer. I look at it as my error, not theirs. So are the laws here different? Just asking people, so try not to get all riled up, as even when I make an effort to apologize, it seems to piss some one off.
  16. That was not the intent. So to those who are offering help, yes, thank you, I do appreciate it. I maybe confusing questioning the logic and push back. So to the ones that feel as though I am intentionally hurting their feelings, it wasn’t intended. So I apologize for that. As for me, I don’t take things personally, so I sometimes forget others do.
  17. Case in point. Thank you Vigo Lady as you are proving the point very nicely. I never question the credibility of the person, just the view point. Neither have I claimed to be an expert in this area. But you have chosen not only to attack my spelling but also my character. This only showcases the mind set here. As far as Elon goes, I am pretty sure his accomplishments far exceed yours. So who are you to diminish his?
  18. lol, I have no problem with the answers if they have good intent. In fact I rather enjoy having my views challenged. Because any belief that can not withstand criticism is not much of a belief. But what seems to be happening here is that everyone seems to be looking to detract from one another. So how do you find help or offer help in an environment where useful people are drowned out by others that just want to hurt some one else. I have nothing to gain or lose other than my time. But my intent was to try and learn and understand, so granted that I maybe too controversial for a site like this, which is understandable. But I am not sure I have anything to offer either. As these conversation don't seem to engage any problems with any thing other than spiteful comments. Knowing the failings of man has no benefits.
  19. Obviously I took the warning seriously enough to investigate, which I have stated numerus time. The fact that its still and issue, show that there is a lot of selective reading which just diminishes the credibility.
  20. I will try and respond to questions asked as I think that is the polite thing to do, But I think I will try and avoid the decent into madness that most here seem hell bent on doing.
  21. Yes I understand that I am responsible, I also do realize that I don't understand the way things work here, so I rely on my wife probably more than I should. But I have been watching the meter to see if it is registering and talking to others. Seeing as this site is known for people attacking each other for no reason, you will understand if I don't give a lot of confidence to the remarks. So sorry but creditability is a little questionable. Which is sad, because that's what people need when they come to a site like this. Also yes, I have probably given more time to this site than I should. As crazy as this might sound, but I was trying to be optimistic about this site, I was hoping for more than just people looking for a reason to attack one another. But its starting to look like that hope was naïve, as people seem to take anything with promise and descend it into nothing more a reflection of the worst in man. For all those that are wondering, I am here to develop a new start up, but its nothing of any value to anyone on the site. As we are trying to set up a research and development company here that will bring good employment. But the test project is already completed and because of the covid issues in Canada, I have decided to wait it out here until it gets better. So it has left me with a little time on my hands. So I have been looking for other projects to keep myself busy while I wait. The other website was a good idea but because its using advanced tech like AI, a lot is outside of my skill set, so its being worked on by a company in the Ukraine. So again I am in the waiting stage. But, worry not, as much as I would like to have my views challenged here, because I think its important to try and learn from each other, I do have another project that I might focus on instead. As I hate to say it, but I am questioning my reasoning for making the other site, as it seems people here are hell bent on destroying anything of any benefit. I will finish the site because the tech is valuable and AI is the future but wither I make it available is up for debate.
  22. Lol, yes I was hopeful when Starchoice first arrived, but was brief on the problems it had. StarLink wont have the same issues with weather and beta testing has shown good result in the worst of conditions.
  23. Never said they were trying to rip you off. I think it’s just business. Whatever the market will bare as they say. Fact is I live very modestly. Truth is, we have a completely different idea of fair market value, so my wife does most of the work, because I would unknowingly over pay for everything. What I consider reasonable she considers outrageous. So I would completely understand if they did have a gringo tax, because I wouldn’t know anyway. I pay what I consider a fair price, which is what we all do. But that is by Canadian standards. Unfortunately as a Canadian I have been conditioned to over pay for everything.
  24. Thank you. As I never said it read as zero, another poster stated that. Unfortunately the bill is in Spanish and I can’t find where the usage amount is. but I am not sure why it’s a big deal, I am looking into it and if there is a problem, I will get the CFE to correct. I get it, people don’t like change or someone challenging the status quo. So to those who are offended by previous posts, well, that’s unfortunate, people may not always agree with what I say, as I don’t always agree what others say, but it is just my view point. I won’t apologize for having one and wouldn’t expect anyone else to apologize for theirs. but in any case, if the attempt was to hurt my feelings, well you will need to try harder. I have faced criticism in a national level newspaper. So I doubt a conversation here will change that.
  25. Ok, that probably is hitting closer to home. As I am wondering if there is a gringo tax here. Because the only time we get lower than average bills is when its in my wife name as she is a local. But if I try and do anything in my name the cost is a minimum 4 times higher. Plus when I went to look at buying a house, the prices were way off the prices she was getting. Plus there is some program for Mexican like a social credit that makes the cost of the house cheaper. No idea what that is but not going to argue. When I try and talk to my wife, she just says Mexico is corrupt and that's just the way it is. Then I smile and say yes, Mexico is corrupt but at least they are honest about it.
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