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  1. Thanks everyone for your input, I will try and respond directly as soon as I can, but I am just happy to see we can engage on a topic that seems to be on a positive note as I think this type of conversations help this site as well. I know controversy sells and generates traffic, but I think we can unite just as well as divide and I think we already have enough things that divide us. So thanks again and hopefully we can create something that brings excitement and we all can have fun with.
  2. This is exactly one of the biggest questions so far, as many people as me about how I could move to a place with out family and friends and how the separation has affected things, its one of the first questions people face when making the decision to move abroad. So I do think its one that should be asked, from both perspectives, So Thanks Honey Bee.
  3. This is one of the areas I will be showing as I am pretty much embebed as they say, as where I am is 100% locals, I am the only "gringo" around, in fact I haven't seen or spoke to anyone that wasn't a Mexican national. So I can tell you that I have had a lot of preconceptions lifted. Honestly I have been so welcomed and treaded so well here that I have come to appreciate the locals with a level of respect that I didn't expect. Mind you my wife is a local and her family is from here, so her mother refers to me as her "favorite gringo" which is funny to me. Also I am relearning to live life mexicana style and its great.
  4. "Retirement is a reinvention" love it, that's exactly what I need to do, Thanks and all the best to you
  5. Thanks Kiko that is the plan regardless
  6. well I think being original in this day and age is a tall order, but I have been looking at this from many perspectives. I think having personal accounts is great but it only scratches the surface. the goal is to have a comprehensive look into the possibilities of life here and explore the people and culture that makes this part of the country unique. Plus things are not static, there are new developments that even the locals are not aware of. For instance I was talking to someone about Punto Sur or south point in Guadalajara and how good dinner was at one of the restaurants. They had no idea of the new malls and restaurants built there and how well it was designed. My wife loves it there and is now are go to place for a night out. Even friends back home were impressed by the video I sent back as they never thought Mexico was so well developed. So if your thinking I am only planning on interviewing expats to get their perspectives, well that is just a small fraction, as there is so much to experience here, the people, the places, the culture, the history, the entertainment, the architecture, and so much more. As far as calling myself a journalist, its only because that was what I was basically, an investigative journalist, or at least that is the closest description. unfortunately that is a title I have abandoned as it has been hijacked by you tubers and lost all meaning. Now I am just a guy with big toys planning to have fun with it as much as possible.
  7. I had this issue plenty of times, I just bought an enclosure for the drive and use it as an external drive. that way I can extract any data and then use it as a back up. HD enclosures are very cheap. you can buy them off amazon for about $10
  8. yeh no, to this, it will probably go on YouTube for hosting but monetization has been turn off. But as far as new people, well that is an eventuality, unless you plan on setting up road blocks. People will come regardless, but it would be better if they were informed. As far as other videographers and version 4, I have no idea what the history is on that, all I can say is I am not considered nor have any desire to be a videographer, vlogger, influencer, or youtuber. The closest description would be Journalist but I think the last couple of years has left me thinking its time to do something else The reality is this, I have the equipment that I dont want to sell or just sit around collecting dust and just because I dont want to do the news anymore doesn't mean I want to do nothing. I am also not going to say that if I can make money, that I wouldn't do it because that is just stupid, I just haven't figured out that part yet. So for now this is just a pet project to keep me busy.
  9. Ok lets try this again as the last one went off the rails. Thanks again to Moderator 2 for trying to keep things civil. After going through recommendations from the last post it seems we can benefit others with informative video productions on the Expat experience. So I will be starting soon on creating videos of life in this region and gathering input from both Canadians and Americans on why they choose to move here, what hurdles they had to over come, what they love about the region, what advise they can give to future Expats that are looking for a better place to retire and so on. Yes I realize this site provides this information in text format, but its not easy to find for one and does not give a visual in-depth experience to those that would like to consider this a future home. So if anyone would like to participate and share their experiences, please do. Some of the things I will be covering are Places of interest and daytrips Housing Design and features hurdles faced and how to overcome them Food and dining Cost of living and affordability Safety and security Mexican People and culture and others This is intended to be about enjoying a better life in the area and help those back home that are interested get a better understanding, so I urge all those looking to turn this into some kind of political debate, please refrain.
  10. yes, it was my favorite so far, I was along the amazon, but not exactly sure where as it was a very remote area, but did spend a night in Caracas, I was not allowed to go out much as the situation was a little crazy.
  11. because the original idea was to come up with ideas to showcase the area, highlight places of interest, and share any experiences people have that might help people understand the community and coexist better. you know, help each other. So I think everyone else got it. So if you thought I was here to tot my own horn, yeh no, I am fine. maybe could have written it better, but I also know it doesn't matter how it was written as people will read into it anyway and try and make it out to something its not. But to everyone else, I thank you for your input and looking forward to meeting everyone.
  12. Ok I spoke with the wife, she is Mexican, and we had a good laugh, but yes I agree "all of the really interesting stuff is outside of lakeside. No risk, no reward." it cant be any worse than Venezuela, barely made it out alive but was well worth it, plus I appreciate the offer, I will probably take you up on it. will be working on the drones tomorrow and see how the equipment faired in the move here.
  13. I appreciate the heads up, will have to ask the wife about "steal their alma" as that is wild if so. As far as these forums go, I have to admit after reading through the three recommended, I am not really sure what anyone is getting out of them. Maybe my expectations might be set a little to high. Isn't the point of these forums to help each other and share recommendation and insights?
  14. I will be checking them all out as I am not adverse to opposing opinions, in fact I often seek them out. I subscribe to broadband thinking, in that all points of view must be considered to get a broader understanding of the world around us. With that said, there are people that are dead set against any view that counters their own, they have little capacity to engage in civil discourse, so in response, they censor, ridicule, and attack. This are simple minded people that seek attention by inserting themselves in to discussions well outside of their abilities for the sole purpose of limiting their own exposure to concepts they are ill equipped to handle. I have no desire to engage them as it serves no end, as the old adage says, "there is no point in arguing with certain people as you will never change their minds and they will never change the subject". But that is neither here nor there, as I am in Mexico for my own reasons, I see a potential in the people and have access to the same living standards at a far lower cost then back home. My wife is Mexican and she has shown me that life here has a lot of benefits. In return, I hope that the vast amount of training and experience that I have accumulated over the years can be put to use to better the lives of those that seek to leverage it and hopefully bring opportunities to the community. We need to understand we were bless with the advantages of being lucky enough to be born and raised in countries that had access to resources other countries didn't. So we can set back and feel privileged or we can make ourselves useful and help others. I choose to be useful. As far as sites go, I have high hopes for this site as it is the first one found, it is also in the interest of the sites owners to make it a place where people are not excluded as it will not foster growth or increase profitability. In the end, they built this site in order to promote and advertise local services, not to host old people with a chip on their shoulder. So lets help them make it better, because it will benefit us all.
  15. Thanks, i have checked it out, he seems old school, gotta like that. But he stopped posting and his site is down, is he still active?
  16. Thanks, I will keep an eye out for him, I always enjoy meeting new people, does he have a contact on here? or any way of messaging him?
  17. Thanks Victor hoping to meet a lot of people and having some fun. I am glad the moderators seem to have taken the bull by the horns on this and also want to see positive interactions. Thanks again to moderator 2 for the intervention, I realize that its not easy keeping things peaceful
  18. absolutely no problem, I think it is great that you did. as it reminded me that I need to do something. but your ideas are also great, I look forward to talking to you more on how we can flush out those ideas. There are a lot of good people here, its just a shame that a few bad actors are spoiling it for everyone else. But if the site owners refuse to do anything about it then maybe its time someone else does
  19. Dichosalocura i appreciate everything you are saying but it appears virgo lady simple does not have the capacity to do anything but hate anyone that has a view outside of her own. As much as I think its great that you are exposing her toxic nature, it is falling on deaf ears, as she obviously has no interest in civil conversations and is in no way interested in fostering good relationships, so best is to just ignore her until she gets the therapy she obviously needs.
  20. Sorry for not responding earlier, as I only will be checking this board when I have time. Sadly I forgot about this boards reputation for having a toxic few that have nothing better to do other than finding a reason to hate on some one. It is regrettable that this is the only site that represents the community, as it is a great area with great people, but it is being held hostage by a few that want to discourage and attack others. I would have thought the owners of this site would encourage growth and weed out the trouble makers, but it seems as they either dont know or dont care. Its a shame for sure but I think these few will ultimately be the downfall of this site as soon as an alternative is made available.
  21. Hello all. Its been a while as I have been in Canada covering the covid crises, truckers protests, and the Ukraine war. Which has opened my eyes more than I was expecting. When here last I had decided to look for things to keep me busy while in Mexico and do something different than in Canada, Mostly because the equipment was very expensive and the idea of bring it to Mexico made me nervous. As all my equipment is broadcast quality and I wasn't sure if it was safe to have here. Because while in Ottawa, Fox news and other news outlets were eyeing up my gear as it draws a lot of attention. But after almost a year in Canada reporting on current events, I have come to a hard to swallow conclusion. That is the news is no longer the news. So I decided that I no longer want to play on that merry go round of misinformation. So with a lot of baggage and concern, I have brought back all my equipment with me and will see what I can do with a full fledged media company here. I am thinking starting a video series on living in Mexico as an Expat as there are so many benefits that most of my friends and family just do believe. But I am also open to any ideas. Also, because I found tools here so expensive, I brought back a suitcase of Dewalt cordless tools with 5 Amp batteries, so when I am not shooting videos, I will be looking for other projects to keep me busy. so again looking for ideas, so feel free to share. So if you see anyone in the area with a shoulder mount Camera, come and say hello as that will be most likely be me.
  22. Well here in lies the problem, once you have a printer, you will find your needs explode, as you will start seeing needs everywhere. But the process usually only goes in 2 ways. More often or not it will go the easy way, as there is a huge community online for 3D models, ranging from the everyday use, such as flower pots and cellphone covers, to more one off things from other people working with raspberry systems. One of the biggest is https://www.thingiverse.com/. From there you can download the file as STL and it will automatically open the printers software. There you just need to tell it what material you want to use and what quality you want it in. Then copy the file to the printer and wait. It really is simple. The not simple way is if no one has the same need as you, which is rare. In that case, you will need a one off. Because I have a lot of experience in 3D modeling, I sometimes take this route, simply because I can and because I already own Lightwave 3D. I dont recommend this software as it is very expensive and requires years of learning. But there is a ton of other free software like Tinkercad from Autodesk Tinkercad | Create 3D digital designs with online CAD | Tinkercad. And others that you can try for free. Such as Autocad"s Revit. More often than not, you can simply edit others designs in Tinkercad to suit your needs. As they are free for personal use. 3D printing will be in everyone's future at some point, simply because it is becoming easier to use everyday and because it is the most environmentally friendly thing a person can do.
  23. The pursuit of a better mouse trap is what moves us all forward. So good on you, as I was hoping to see more of this here. Ideas from people to inspire. But that's awesome, I am not sure if you would benefit from a 3D printer, but also can see where it could help. Mine is not used as much as it should be, so if you need a quick print, feel free to ask. That way you can see if its worth the investment for you. Until then keep creating.
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