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  1. "You are talking to a professional seamstress here" well there you go, I guess we should let the CDC know that they are no longer needed. I mean its too bad we didn't know this sooner, imagine all the taxpayer money we could have saved with all their scientists and extensive research, when all we had to do was visit this website. Look if you guys want to believe that you are the only ones that have this all figured out, then by all means have at it. I can tell you that after directly speaking with the health professionals and mask manufacturers, one thing they all agreed on was this. None of them claimed to be as certain as the people here. I also cant claim I have any answers other than what I was told, but I also dont state this statements are 100% true either. All I can say is they are 100% verifiable. So if you think a professional seamstress is better qualified than all the regulatory bodies, leading health professionals, and agencies such as the CDC, Then God help us all.
  2. Music is a vital element and I am hoping to use local talent as much as possible. Unfortunately it will be a tightrope to walk with all the regulations, but when possible, will be using. " I ain't got long so I hired a group to do my wake" if I am reading this right, then sorry to hear.
  3. I never make blanket statements as they are far more misleading that most even know, but I dont make any statement unless I have absolute documented records of there veracity. I have to operate under CRTC guidelines that state unless all statements are 100% verifiable, I could be sued out of existence. So anything and everything I state online has to conform to ethical standards and rules of operation. Unfortunately politicians are not bound to this and practice a form of fact omission that the press cant get away with. That's why all newscasters are commentators now and only offer "their opinion". That's why I have never released anything on Ukraine, The truckers Protest, or the Covid crises here, because the stuff you dont know is far worse than what is shown in the news and I am not about to lose my career trying to explain things that the majority of people are just not ready to hear.
  4. ok that's sad and never should be done. I will admit I am overly optimistic and try and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But starting to understand people here like the controversy. So I guess it is what it is.
  5. Here's the thing, cloth masks are made from mostly cotton fibers, but N95 masks are made from a blown synthetic fiber, because of the way the fibers are blown into a mold and compacted under immense pressure, they link together in a way cloth cant, plus because the are synthetic, they also develop a static charge with in the layers that attract particles and locks them in. This can only be done with this material and not cloth as the cloth fibers are too big. Unfortunately, the materials needed all come from china now and during the pandemic, china refused to allow any to leave the country. Which is why they said better than nothing masks will have to do. You cant find this info on a google search, you need to go there to completely get it.
  6. Well Mudgirl if you are implying that you are better informed than the manufactures then I think that those that listen to you may need a better source. I really have to admit it surprises me how many people believe they have all the answers when they do a google search. I Had to go there, speak with the leaders in the field, experts, and been there in person. Even with all that, I cant claim to be an expert. The understanding and research of these people that make the masks is more extensive than sewing a couple of sheets of cloth together. Most of what I was show was so technical in nature, it would take hours to explain. But hey if you dont believe me then check out the CDC as they have full reports on masks. If that isn't enough, Research the 100 plus hours of Dr. Fauci as he directly said what the effectiveness is and that cloth masks probable need up to 5 layers before they are safe. People wonder why I gave up on the news. Well I will give you a hint, its because regardless of the interviews with the Top professionals in the field, being on the ground seeing things in person, gathering all the research, it always some one that does a couple of google searches that claims to be the expert. I was there in person, seen it, lived it and I still dont understand it all. So if you want to put all your faith in armchair critics, then the best of luck to you.
  7. I had to do an news segment on Masks and I was surprised to learn a few things. Firstly I should state I am in favor of any health advisory that keeps the public safe, but people need to understand that there are differences. Quite a bit in fact. But there are a lot of factors that are not explained to people, primarily, if you want to mask, then you should, but at least know, N95 or KN95 are the only masks that provide reasonable protection. Surgical masks and Cloth masks were only intended to be used when nothing else was available, mainly because the protection was considered better than nothing, which it is, it provides less than 30% in the best case and below 15% on average. But they have the big issue in that it gives people a false sense of security of that they are protected and not passing on the virus. Which is absolutely not true. Truth is when I spoke with the manufactures of N95 masks, they explained how they work and its because the way they are made gives them the effectiveness of 95% because it can block materials down to .5 microns which is just smaller than the virus. Cloth masks only block material that are 60 microns or larger. Plus the roll of surgical masks in the hospital was not to protect against airborne viruses, medical staff have the training and procedures in place to keep them safe. So if you are going to argue on behalf of masks then at least use the right ones as KN95 masks are widely available and cheap. Sporting cloth and surgical masks only promote the misconception they work.
  8. Also we have or first Date filming in Chapala, which will be this coming Monday, so keep an eye out and come say hello.
  9. Easy HoneyBee, I dont know people well here yet but being proud of your children shouldn't be anything considered bad. Plus I have to admit my confidence is often considered arrogance, unless you know me, then you realize that its really the fact that I have been doing things so long, that I no longer concern myself with most things. Plus once you get criticized in the national news, you realize in a mater of weeks, no one cares anymore. Along with that, I have found that most people remember the ones who make the nasty remarks long after they forget what was said in the first place. So just remember that people will judge you more for your comments than actions, as comments here are well documented. But the older I get, the more I realize that the only thing that matters is we treat people well. Even the ones we dont agree with.
  10. I will be filming in Chapala next week so I will take a look. Truth be told, since I have gotten here I have favored the mopeds I bought for me and the wife more so than I thought, as I am used to my 150 back home, but with traffic here, I have found the mopeds get me around well, plus I have to say they are turning out to be a lot of fun. I am uncertain if I should bring my truck here as everyone says its not a good idea as its still pretty much new, but for now we are using the mopeds and an older SUV. It works, but I really miss my truck when I am here. But I guess I will see how things go.
  11. Thanks, that sounds like a good idea and yes I am learning to ignore the haters as I think some are purposely trying to confront people in order to have the thread become political and locked by the admins. So best not to engage as that's exactly what they want.
  12. Thanks, yes I spent most of my career as a producer for several TV shows, to show my age, I started out on Open mike with Mike Bullard. All the shows I worked on was on national networks, it was considered about as far as you could go in that area, yes it consumed most of my time and I lost a lot of years with the kids, which I regret the most. Hopefully your son doesn't have that problem. Unfortunately I was working with Astral Media and it was bought out by Bell, so I was told the only way I could continue was to move to Toronto. By that time I had already sacrificed to much time with the kids and decided it was not worth it, so I bought my own equipment and started a media company of my own. That way I can have time with the kids before they went off to college. Which I am glad I did as it gave me independence from the networks and I no longer needed to fully support their narrative under threat of losing my job like a lot of my friends are having to endure. Hopefully your son will have better luck as there is a lot of pressure to choose between having a career and compromising your ethics. I tried for the last 3 years, but unfortunately, covering the news, I was told there is no room for personal ethics anymore. I loved my work, but I simply could not support what they were asking me to do. So here I am, starting fresh and hoping to get back to the basics, which is developing independent content that will focus on something positive and can hopefully benefit someone. Unfortunately I am an ideologist that believes people and hoping deep down we are better than we are being portrayed in the news.
  13. Great, I am glad you cleared that up. Ok now that Elvis has left the building, I would like to clarify a couple of things. Primarily is this project is not intended to try and advertise, sell, or in any way financially benefit in this region. Simply because our market is in Canada and the budgets we need are easily obtainable there and would require far less effort than here. Plus that is where our target audience will be. Simple truth is this, retirement in Canada has become more of a dream than reality, so more Canadians will be looking for alternatives to this growing problem. Mexico stands out as a possibility as the weather is favorable and flights back and forth are relatively affordable, not to mention the cost of maintaining a good life style here is so cheap. Secondly, I will not be focusing only on the Chapala area, as there are a lot of new developments around Mexico, especially the Guadalajara area. So as much as I would like to showcase the region more, as it would benefit a lot of business, including this site, it seems there are too many people more concerned about how things will affect them and couldn't care a less on how it would bring in much needed income to local business. Not to mention this site as it relies on advertising and growth of users. So driving traffic to this site will not make any sense, unless the administration gets a handle on people trying to drive that traffic away. We are going ahead with this project regardless of what people think or what snarky responses they make, so it makes it easier to use this site as a place to send people, but its not the only one. I will release filming dates for Chapala soon, but for now we are looking for people to interview on two topics, one is called "my Mexico", where people can share there experiences and give insights on how to live better here. The other will be "day tripping" where we will follow expats to their favorite places to visit and explore. Look forward to hearing from everyone.
  14. I have to respectfully disagree, mainly because comments like "leave us alone" is anything but useful, as it implies people are not welcome. Seniority does not imply ownership, plus being an old-timer and seeing other examples, also doesn't give you insight as to what I maybe doing, it may seem simular, but it is not. So maybe I am wrong on what this site is intended to do as I thought it was here for people to connect and share ideas and it seemed like a good way to reach out and let people know what is going on and participate if they choose. But if you have no interest or desire to know, then easy enough, there are plenty of threads here that you can participate in. Many people have shown interest and provided feed back, which is great, as it gives me feed back and benefits this site as it increases traffic, plus engages users that want to be part of the conversation unfortunately you have injected yourself into the conversation for no obvious reason other that to mock and now threaten "and I can always block you", so if you are a" happy and contented person" then you would have allowed us to continue this conversation as it is doing no one harm, we are not advertising, trying to sell, or doing anything other than exchanging ideas. I am hoping to bring a little fun and excitement, it might not be new, but it will be different. Also if I am violating a board rule then point it out as I am not aware of any that I am braking, otherwise I am sure the moderators would let me know. with that said I would like to point out the old saying That, "If you have nothing nice to say, Try not saying anything at all" because there is no reason people should shut down a conversation, just because it isn't a topic they want to talk about.
  15. If you want to be left alone, then why are you here? just to incite hate or disrespect others? If all you have to offer is negative posts like this, what is your point? or do you just expect that everyone should be miserable? Like seriously people, if all you want to do is spread your negative and toxic comments or show everyone how hateful you really are, then why dont you just sit at home and scream in the mirror, that way you have the audience that you really want, someone that thinks just like you.
  16. Show formatting. We are going to break up the show into segments that can be tied together for a half hour show and used individually for airing on YouTube and other platforms. As the show progreses, we may have more in-depth topics that may extend longer, but not very often and probably will be considered special episodes. The reason for this is 2 fold, one being that people want to be entertained and not have to commit to a lengthy topic, Secondly, I think there is enough bad news in the world and I am hoping we can create something that is in the feel good area. So controversial topics wont be explored as we already have enough of that. Topics that will be included are as follows, Food and culture, housing and design, Travel and destinations. Basically this that will hopefully inspire and excite us. With that said, we will be asking for patience as a project like this is going to take some time, as we do initial filming, find people that would like to be featured, and research material for the show. Also purchase newer equipment as it all didn't survive the trip hear. This will be fun experience and will be reaching out to all those that expressed interest in the next 2 weeks.
  17. Ok Update time. The direction of where this is starting to head is taking shape. It will be a half hour video to conform to broadcast standards so that it can also air on tv. It will be hosted by one Expat, one Local, so a balanced view of both sides of the experience can be explored. This probably will evolve as time goes on, but as for now we will be focusing on positive aspects and trying to make this a fun experience for everyone. The opener is done and can be viewed at
  18. Yes I understand the challenges, but I also understand the benefits as well. There will always be challenges and we have faced them since the beginning of time. Every civilization has either overcome or perished, that is the reality of life. So yes you can sit back and say change is not needed because things work for you, but its not up to you or me or anyone group to decide what's best for everyone else. Change is inevitable for growth to happen, Challenges will be overcome, and people will prosper. The rising tide lifts all boats, except those too tightly anchored in the past.
  19. Lol, that's funny. When I was going through school so many many years ago, I got a part time job at Best Buy, at that time it was still Future shop, I got into trouble because I was actually fixing the computers. They told me "we dont do that here, we just say you need to upgrade". Needless to say, I didn't last long as I didn't fit in their "culture" as they said. I still consider it a good experience as I knew I needed a strong background in computers for doing media, but I was surprised at how shady and cult like the atmosphere was. But the actual reason I was "let go" is the guys from corporate came in for a store inspection and one of them asked me what I thought about working there as a career, I said something with out thinking and walked away, but apparently I told him "the only future here is in the name" I dont remember even saying it as I was distracted, but needless to say, it didn't go over well. Dont get me wrong, I still buy stuff from Best Buy as a lot has changed since then, but I would never use their service center.
  20. I mainly use SSD's now. Mind you SSD is a broad term, and there are a variety of them, but they are cheap, fast and pretty reliable. But they do have their drawbacks in the amount of times it can read/write data. But over all fast. As far as experience goes, I would say advanced. more so than you will find in any PC repair shop.
  21. This is probably the truth, as much as I am hoping to blow the doors off other productions, and mostly my own, the chances of it actually making a difference are slim to none. Will it be fun? absolutely, will it be informative? as much as it can be, will it bring people by the droves? I doubt it very much. So for everyone that is concerned that a hoard of people will be inspired to move here, you can relax, it wont happen. Truth is at best, all it will do is help people already planning to come here anyway. Plus its not just about Chapala, as there are a lot of new developments in and around Guadalajara. But in the off chance that things go exceptionally well, then look at it this way, your property values will probable go through the roof.
  22. That is great there is local support, however if anyone does find themselves in this position, by all means seek out local help, but once files are extracted, hold onto the drive after. As doing media work, I can tell you that my computer needs far exceeds the average user and I go through hardware pretty quickly. Hard drives being one of them, so I have had to learn data extraction simply because of necessity. One thing I can tell you is that its rare a drive is damaged beyond repair and is often still good enough to be used as a backup storage device. But dont take my word for it as I will be more than willing to put my words to the test. If you do have this problem then absolutely take it to whom ever you trust, as supporting local businesses should always be supported. But once it done, make sure they give you your drive back. One reason is for data security. Then PM me and I will be more than happy to check if the drive is no longer viable for free. if it is, then I will mount it as an external drive so you can use it as a backup. If not then no harm no foul. We can then ensure the drive is degaussed and not future data is retrievable.
  23. ahh yes the infrastructure debate. it never gets old. Problem with this argument is this, Infrastructure is a problem for most countries and not just Mexico. Truth is that it has been bad, it is currently bad, and will probably continue to be bad. It was bad before most of us got here and has little to nothing to do with us being here, but it didn't stop those that use this argument from coming themselves. Hypocrisy anyone? I understand that having expats here will have its pros and cons, every situation does. Before I decided to come I heavily considered what my impact would be verses the benefits. because I always look before I leap and what I found out surprised me. One is the Mexican people have been overwhelming supportive in their reception and explained to me what happens when an expat moves to the neighborhood. Now this could just be this neighborhood, as I didn't explore this extensively. But this is the benefits I was told the locals receive. Primarily is local businesses thrive as expats bring a level of disposable income that is not usually found, Secondly, is safety and security of the area, which really surprised me and will be looking at it more in-depth later, but I am told that police presents in areas expats go get better response time and better coverage and it makes local residents feel safer. There is more and I will be covering them in future content as it is a top concern of mine in that we offer more pros than cons for the local residence. But if your intent is to detour other from experiencing life here because you might be inconvenienced in some way, then you need to ask yourself why its ok for you and not others? yes this is a rhetorical question as we all know the selfish only see things that benefit them and not others.
  24. Yes , to be honest, the videos that I have seen are on the boring side and not very descriptive. Thankfully that is something I have never had a problem with, in fact the best compliment I have ever received is when I was with the CFT, which was a TV show that ran for 4 years nationally in Canada and the US. The compliment was "wow I didn't know fishing competitions were so exciting" which I can say they are not. Watching people fish had to be the most boring thing I had ever experienced, so I had to learn how to make it exciting, which I did, because no matter the content, it needs to be entertaining, otherwise no one will watch it. Which is what I plan on doing, because if I am going to do it, then it should be a good and fun experience for everyone involved. Plus it needs to be informative and entertaining. That's why I just cant be some guy with a camera, because there is a lot more than just filming pretty pictures. I will be including vast amounts of research into the subjects and incorporating, the latest 3d animations, after effects graphics and design elements. combining areal and ground footage, interviews and commentators, and so on. The production level needs to be at the same standards as any other production on National TV. As that is what I am used to and will settle for nothing less. Some might see this as bragging, but its not, it a simple state of fact as I have pride in everything I do, so if I am going to do it then I am going to do it well. Plus it will be fun for everyone involved, it usually is.
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