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  1. "Northtek is clearly a border promotion kinda guy" Ok, seriously, what is a border promo?
  2. That's fair enough, as I am sure my motives will be criticized, as everyone will see things with a different perspective than mine. I will have conflicting ideas, as unfortunately it is part of my particular creative prosses. I will often second guess myself. But with that, the primary message is an expat experience, what to do and where to go to make the most of it. As far as a fish expedition, not sure what you think I am fishin for, because outside of advise, there is nothing here to be had. The truck is one area I will admit perplexes me, But all good now, as I found a solution anyway. so the concern is no longer there. I was hoping for advice, but as usual, there was none to be had. Just more of the same, people offering criticism but no actual advise. But let me again clarify about funding, I have no intentions of looking for funding here. Also I have no idea what a "border promo" anyone care to explain? Truthfully I have been chomping at the bit hoping to get things done, but I am finding out that in Mexico, there is a different way things are done, so it may seem as a hem and haw thing going on, but I can assure you that I am experiencing frustration as well as life here simply follows its own rules and I am learning to deal with it too.
  3. Also, need some advice, as getting around is becoming a problem as I was using the wife's parents SUV, but its not always available. So I am thinking it would be better to bring my truck in from Canada as its and F150 Sport and better than what I can get here as its still like new. I have been told this is a bad idea because it is a nice truck, but after looking around to buy something here, I am thinking it would be cheaper just to bring it. Any thoughts, also what's it like crossing the border into Mexico?
  4. Yes I am planning on hitting all the pyramids, as I am fascinated with them and not sure why but inexplicably drawn to them, same thing as Sedona Arizona. But I will look for Lagos de Moreno as it sounds interesting. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Aw hell dawg, should have said that in the first place. One, I have no problem with you tooting, but also with that skill set, I expect your insults to be more creative from now on.
  6. Hey Gringohombre you should really consider a career in creative writing, These "Go away", "leave us alone", and now "just do it already" are real gems, Pulitzers stuff. Not sure why you are wasting all this talent here, as twitter really needs this gold. Anyway, yes, I am "doing it already", I was hoping to find a proper host, as this is the only area I am defiantly weak at, wrong side of the camera for me. But unfortunately, this is what's holding up the bus, so may have to go in a different direction. But I digress as the question I was here to ask it this, do most people just stay in the area or are their favorite places people like to go for like day trips or something?
  7. Well That would defiantly put you out of play, But the main purpose of the drones is not to just take pretty picture, but more so to help with the story telling. Normally I wouldn't even consider them as they are not needed for most projects, but after seeing all the historic buildings, I started thinking it would be nice to get better shots that only a drone can do. Truth be told, I probably wouldn't have been able to justify the cost on this project, But I have 2 clients that want to do videos promoting their green energy companies in Canada, one a geothermal and the other is Solar and wind powered charging stations for cars. Both of which would be hard to film from the ground. I am sure go solar will understand this. Which is probably how I will be funding this project, as shooting commercials for Canadian and US markets is still a good way to earn a living. God knows I have done enough of them. But I will admit the idea if having the drones is exciting, maybe not practical, but sometimes you just have to feel the kid inside.
  8. This is why I am careful, just found out I got a copyright claim on a video for the audio, thankfully it was just a test video so it didn't count as a strike against the channel, but it was tagged as ineligible for Monetization by YouTube. I used a soundtrack that I purchased and have the license for use off a stock site. But this shows how sleezy some people are, they sell to stock sites then launch copyright claims to hijack any monetization when its used. "Even though you're not in the YouTube Partner Program, ads may be showing on your video. The revenue from these ads is being used to pay the artists and copyright owners for permission to use their content." So now I have to make a counter claim and show the license, plus take down the content so this guy doesn't profit as it could take months to sort out. This happens way too often and just goes to show people will do anything for money. Luckily this wasn't a video that was intended to be monetized as my channel is not set up for that but I can imagine the frustration of content creators that rely on the income, only to be ripped off by these creeps. Plus one day I would like to have it monetized, but would like not to have to worry about people like this.
  9. Yes there is a grey area here, as I have to be honest with myself, as this could end up being just a very expensive hobby. But that is a risk we all take starting something new. Truth be told, I have a feeling that I am going overboard on this project, as 5 camera shoots is probably not needed. But that's how I was trained, as most productions I have been on have been live productions and old habits dont go away. Plus I have to admit, I hate reshoots, so the more backups the better, as equipment failures are way to common, nothing sucks more than getting the perfect shot only to find out in editing that a file was corrupted or audio had to much noise. I do realize the chances of this becoming financially viable is close to winning the lottery, but its fun, so what the hell.
  10. Thanks, I have to admit I am fascinated by the history and architecture here, it brings out my geeky side. Last time I got this interested was in Ukraine as some of the building there were 400-500 years old, but I cant wait to get to the pyramids here. Not sure why I am so drawn to them, but it will be fun checking them out.
  11. Yes I was aware there were some regulations, but that was helpful as I was given some information, nothing as through as this though. I was planning on using a local drone operator, but after reading that, I may need to reconsider. As the person I planed on using assured me that he had everything required, but I am starting to wonder. I will defiantly need the drones as they will get the best footage, but drones are not cheap, so I will look into this further. Thanks for the heads up as I think my excitement for the drones and footage got ahead of my thinking. Also yes, I hate to think I am up tight about following rules, but because I am hosting some of the videos on YouTube, I have to be extra careful.
  12. Yes I didn't realize how muddy the water can get. Plus I was also pleasantly surprised by the historic buildings and other points of interest. There is a lot to be explored and I think I may need to cover this across several videos with better drones. As I have two new 4k drones ordered and will be picking up when I return to Canada in a couple of weeks. So I think I will highlight it for now, but get more in-depth later on when I can do the area justice. I am having a hard time finding certain info out as it all so far has been pretty generic. So if any one has so info on the following questions, I would greatly appreciate the info. 1. What is the current population of expats in each of the towns? 2. The church in Chapala seems very old, any idea when it was built? 3. The meaning behind the slogan under the Chapala sign that reads " Es amor, Cultura, Familia, Tradition,..."? 4. Any areas of interest that are must sees?
  13. Ok it seems like I picked a bad day to film in Chapala as yesterday the water was almost a mud brown. Got some good footage, but it being a lakeside community, it would probably be better when you can show the water. So if anyone knows when its best to film when the water is not as dirty, please let me know.
  14. 'What you're fretting about has nothing to do with hiring locals to do your music" As a matter of fact yes, bands or musicians were the worst to deal with after the fact, even when you pay them what they had asked for, they come back after the show airs and ask for more money or royalties. I have had a couple bad experiences mostly with on shows I worked on so I wasn't the one getting sued but it was a bad enough experiences to say thanks but no thanks. So I get what you are saying, but people are crazy and its not worth the aggravation. Plus music and soundtracks are so easy to buy online royalty free, there is no reason to try and deal with peoples egos and greed. As far as the "high station" not really sure what you mean, but if you can tell me which show, I can let you know what I did for them. Generally I am listed as post production, Except the CFT, where I was listed in the credits as Producer/director. Occasionally as Videographer, but only because I was able to film in 6 plus foot waves without getting sea sick. Apparently that is a big problem for a lot of videographers, so I was trained simply because of that, and I dont have an issue with heights, otherwise I would have never filmed.
  15. Not sure how I missed this comment but yes, regulations on copyright material. Using local talent is great in theory until you find yourself on the wrong end of a copywrite claim. All music I use has to have a Licensed certificate of use, otherwise anyone can claim ownership, once a claim is made, regardless of if it is true or not, the video is removed. Nothing sucks more than spending months to produce content then having it removed because of someone thinking its to close to their song or some one deciding that a video is too popular and then deciding after the fact they should have been paid more. So no I dont just make this stuff up. This happens all the time, especially on You Tube, there are actual trolls that seek out content to claim as there own to try and get you tube to redirect earnings to them. So everything is documented and licensed.
  16. Fair enough, my apologies as it was intended to be more as humor, but I think it strayed a little to close to factual. I would call it covid fatigue but I think its closer to B.S. fatigue, as I cant tell you how frustrating it is when you are standing there seeing something then seeing it later reported on the news as something completely different than what you just experience. Then having the same BS constantly being repeated online over and over again. But the reality is I have no idea why I strayed into this conversation thinking a middle of the road perspective would be a good idea. But live and learn. From now on I think I will stick to things that are a lot more fun. Not that I am concerned with being popular, I have just realized that the closer you get to the truth, the more you anger both sides. Truth is starting to be like compromises, as the most effective compromises are when both sides walk away with a solution they dont like but can live with. Except people wont compromise on their version of the truth.
  17. Starting to think the plastic bag would be preferable to most of this thread, but I was wondering what will people talk about now that everyone is starting to drop the mask mandates, then I realized they will just become experts overnight in some other area, maybe foreign affairs, War in Ukraine, or maybe climate change? Mind you the traffic is probably good for this site, as everyone seems to thrive on controversy
  18. Most tourist towns are this way, ever been to Niagara falls? But where I am is defiantly not a tourist area, in fact since I have been here, I have only have seen one other non-local and I think they were just passing through. But yes they have been very welcoming where I am. if its for some type of benefit, not sure, but now a days, most people are only looking to get something. its become the norm not the exception. But what ever the reason, it is nice when they make an effort.
  19. Thanks everyone, I have made a list of all the suggestions and will give it to the group that runs the area. Where I am is 100% locals and I am the only foreigner here, so I have still a lot to learn about the way things are done here.
  20. "especially this time of year when the snow-birds are returning and dumping off their winter dogs" That is absolutely horrible, what kind of person has such a callous attitude toward animals?
  21. no idea, I haven't been here long enough and its the locals dealing with the situation so I am not sure how things are done here. This is the first time I have had a pet and dont know much.
  22. Ok sorry I couldn't let that pass without comment. One I never claimed superior knowledge, I was just conveying what I was told by experts in the field. secondly, to claim you have more knowledge than anyone else is ridiculous, as you have no idea what knowledge others have. Thirdly, it obvious that you are making masks and with that probably selling them so any comment you make is tainted by the simple fact that it benefits you financially. Also the manufacture of N95 Masks is a complicated process with clean rooms and sterilized equipment that cost millions of dollars and no where in the process a seamstress was found. Because if 3M could make these makes by hiring a seamstress, they would, but they haven't because they cant be made by a seamstress. Lastly if you categorize your mask as a cloth mask then it is you that is lumping yourself in a generic category. If that offends you then say you dont make cloth masks and say you make a hybrid ones. So it not that I have a problem with reading comprehension, its more that you feel your livelihood is threatened so you are taking things personally.
  23. One of the things that surprised me the most coming here are the amount of dogs without homes. I am not sure why this is, but today I found out that three of the dogs that live in the park close to me are probably destined to be put down because they simply dont have a home. I never had a pet as I traveled to much in the past, but every day I would pass this new litter of puppy's and could not help myself and adopted one of them. Unfortunately today I heard the local residents want to call animal control and get ride of them, aka, put them down. So as a last ditch effort, I am here asking that if anyone has room for one of the last three, please let me know, as I would hate to see these beautiful animals lose their life.
  24. Also I wont be responding in this thread any more as some people here seem to just want to argue and not actually have a clear and responsible debate. So dont consider my lack of response as admission of being right or wrong, I just have better things to do with my time than entertain the idea that the self proclaimed experts here actually know what they are talking about. So good luck and peace out.
  25. Here is one thing I should say, its not a fact or any thing, this is just my personal belief. We as foreigners here in Mexico are expected to follow all local laws, guidelines, and recommendations. More so then if we were back at home. As the Mexican people have gone out of their way to welcome us and share their country, the least we can do is show respect as much as possible. Including Covid policies and regulations, as we need to follow them and save the protesting for back home.
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