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  1. Its going as well as I should have expected, but I will take some of the responsibility, as I am trying to wear more hats than I should, Taking on roles that I normally dont get involved with. I went from super bored to extremely busy and though I could try and respond to this site and keep everyone updated. But that is mistake one, as I only have time to scan the post and not really respond properly. Second is I should know not to engage negative post. But your advise is a good reminder that I need to focus on where it counts. So I am going to take it and say thanks as I should have done it sooner. As not having a crew to rely on is making me appreciate what many of them have done. As far as promoting the area, lets just say its not as high on the agenda as it was before, as it may have been well intended but not well received.
  2. I tried to do something that would have a positive impact and give back, as I planed to feature the area and give good exposure to local business for free. I also hoped that it would be a pleasant experience for those involved. I didn't ask for money or anything other than maybe advice or feed back, but like the old saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished.
  3. Ok, well lets put our cards on the table, as I generally am filming everyday so i am not as free as some of you. But for those that keep questioning my experience, well its pretty good, along with 5 different awards, my work has been widely acknowledged, including meet and greets with the Priminister of Canada. So here are the pics to ponder, One From the MMA, One with Viva Fria, and the last is with the priminister. This is just a snippet, but now lets see what you guys have.
  4. I was told that this was important to let people feel involved, gain feed back and such as it was important to gage reactions, but every show I was on someone else did this step. Truthfully I had to admit when they gave us the data we tried to use it, but overall they also told me that dealing with the public is not something that most of them wanted to deal with. As for not knowing what a video engineer does, many of those guys wore may hats, but I had little involvement with them, they had nothing to do with my job. In Fact, outside of productions that were unionized, we didn't have them, so it left me wondering if they were really that needed, as most videographers take care of their own equipment. But here is the thing, feedback maybe an important step, but this site seems to be full of people over estimating their worth or have nothing better to do than take away from what others try to do. Because seriously outside of criticizing, you still haven't told us what exactly makes you an expert. But it just goes to show, people are all too willing to give criticism but unwilling to take it. So I am almost done the first episode and the help from this site has been pretty much from one or two people, the rest is just negative people spreading their own discontent on the world. So maybe its time to rethink if it is a helpful thing or not. Its a shame but not surprising.
  5. Well gringohombre if the subject matter is boring you, nothing is keeping you here. You are free to wonder other conversations and spread your wisdom there. AlanMexicalli, These "incoherant thoughts" are part of the feed back process. The idea is to try and explain the premise and hopefully get constructive comments to see if it resonates with people. Also, nothing personal, but I have been to way too many production meetings and not once was a video engineer involved. We had plenty of them on staff but were never included in the creative process. truth be told I had never asked what it was that you guys did, I just assumed it was color correction. Mostly because the unions had requirements that there were so many people, that half of them I still have no idea what they did.
  6. ok it seems that you are open to criticize others, well lets reverse these role, what is it that you have done that is beyond approach? Which shows did you produce that gives you so much credibility?
  7. Well one you might be a video engineer, which is great, but making a video technically correct, doesn't make it interesting, secondly I am going by many factors including how many times the video is watched, if it doesn't have a good amount of views, it has a problem. Video is an art and a science. lastly I didn't just focus on videos of Expats, I look at related material too, as that is how you determine demand for the content. If there is no potential then there is no point. There probably a ton of people out there making videos, so no I would not have seen them all, I just dont have that much patience or time. So I have faced a lot of skepticism but every show I worked on was successful, even when every one said it wouldn't. So to call it "total bunk" as a video engineer lacks validity as I was both the director or producer of the shows I worked on so it would have given me a better perspective on what works and doesn't.
  8. But maybe I should explain why I will do something different, as near the end of my days with the networks, I was mostly just teaching others on Filming and editing. The writing was on the wall as the networks felt I was too old, to expensive, and not politically correct enough to want to spread the message they wanted. Which I was actually fine with me as I really didn't see the need to inject topics like gender identity into shows that had nothing to do with that and making shows for the sake of exploiting topics like that wasn't something I was interested in anyway. But any way the story I told them was this. Years ago I was asked to sit in on a meeting for a new show that was being proposed, It was a sports fishing show that had made several pilots and no network would pick the show up. The premise was good but the networks didn't think it had what it needed to draw an audience. It had the same problem a lot of show maker hopefuls were making. That was they were making a show that appealed to them. So they hired people that were sport fishing enthusiasts. This might make sense on paper, but not in reality, as they focused to much on thing that made sense to them, but not to the average viewer. The show was also very boring if you were not a diehard fan. Unfortunately, this is still the biggest problem with the majority of Youtubers. They think what appeals to them appeals to everyone and end up with a very small and very niche audience. This is where I differ, as I realize the majority of the people dont really care what I like or think personally. They are more concerned about thing they can relate to and maybe see themselves doing or would like to thing they can do. So I have learn shows need to step outside of themselves and see what will appeal to the largest audience and attract people that may not be enthusiasts but are some what interested. Long story short, I agreed to help produce the pilot for the fishing show and it was picked up by 3 networks right away and ended up getting full reign of the show for 4 years. It was later bought out by another network and I was replaced as they though someone younger would make it better. It was cancelled after 2 episodes. There was more to this story but I wont get into many details, as the main take away is that I learned a lot about what a show needs to be successful and hope that experience will come through now.
  9. I would like to say this isn't the case but people watch what they either can relate to directly or see themselves doing. Which is why I think what I will be doing will be different than what is already on you tube, as There ae some that have very good production value and are informative, But are pretty much like the videos I see about computers. As I am not sure who they make the videos for? As the computers they show are way over priced and they all seem to go one about the RGB lights. I like computers, but I could care a less what lights are blinking and I doubt very much I would buy a computer in the $10k range. I just want one that works. Same with the videos about living in Mexico, as CNBC has one that is really well produced but it focuses on people that few can relate to, such as a high level lawyer that says she retired at 39. Others that have good production value focus on the cost of living, which is good, but its a small sampling and really doesn't explore what its like living here. The ones that try and do, have very low production value, filmed with an iPhone or something, and are mostly talking heads that become pretty much say the same and get boring pretty fast. Its like they are making a video for the sake of making a video. No real storytelling or relatable material. Now I wont go too deep on what I am planning as I firmly believe in the adage "under promise and over deliver" but I plan on bring both together and making it fun. That is story telling and production value.
  10. This was the original intent and I thank you for seeing it as that, but yes, I have gotten so much negative feed back that I am working with other groups that are more receptive. I wanted to promote this area and give it much needed and free advertising as I am sure it would have help a lot of locals. But one cant help being discouraged as the only feed back is from those that see it as some kind of threat to themselves. Here is the fact, if I go after advertising dollars and at some point I may if it does well enough, Those dollars will be coming from Canada and the US, as that where it will be shown. Plus if it goes on You Tube, They decide who the advertisers are. So who ever I feature will get free advertising.
  11. Hmm. I was starting to wonder , So thanks, as I was curious to find out if it was a thing, but I am also pretty sure it was not something that would actually relate to what I am doing. But things are coming along nicely, I have found a host that is an American/Mexican that has a military background and does well on camera. Also I think I have a compromise for all those concerned about more Canadians coming, as I have been talking to a developer in the southern area of Guadalajara that is more than open to having people buy there houses. The area is modern and nice, so I will let the people on this site that are so against having new comers, explain why the owners of this site (which is a realty company) dont need more Canadians buying their properties. Besides who would want free advertising anyway. Right? Also, I am changing up the filming schedule because the new host is not from the Chapala area and has limited time, so it will be a couple of months before we can get back.
  12. Yep, but this is where it will diverge from what's available, mainly the majority are just trying to sell something, or just make money in some way. I am not looking for fame or fortune or likes on youtube. The fact is I have been here for almost 2 years, most of my days had been under covid, so there has been a lot of doing nothing and I now realize for a person like me, doing nothing is the hardest thing I have ever done. So when I though, ok what the hell do I want to do with my time, this was suggested to me. First I thought, who the hell would watch it, but after watching a ton of videos on YouTube, Ok this does interest people. But The production value left a lot to be desired. The storylines are shallow and none go into great depth of what its actually like living here as an expat. So I figured why not, I have the experience and the equipment and the time. It was either that or get sucked into working with a friend that wants to do construction, I think? not really sure as most of the time I was talking to him he was trying to convince me that $20,000 pesos a month is good money. I am sure it is, but didn't have the heart to tell him that even though I was bored, I wasn't that bored. Plus, I am not sure I want to get this show beholden to any financial interests as that heavily influences what the show becomes about. As the last show I did under the Bell Canada media umbrella was nothing but towing the company line and it sucked the life out of the project. This will be my show where I am free to do what I want free from corporate interests. So if it works then great, if not, all good too.
  13. Ok great thanks, I googled it and got nothing, so it must be a local thing.
  14. Just a heads up, as here is the main reason for the show. I am less than 10 years to retirement, the last 5 years have had me wondering what retirement even going to be like or if it was even possible. To say it kept me up nights would be an understatement. everyone that I spoke with back home had the same concerns, as retirement in Canada is a problem for a lot of people. I got lucky in that I am married to a Mexican woman, before this I had no idea what Mexico was like and that life here was so affordable. Since getting here, my biggest worry is now gone, as retiring in Canada with my income was at best, a string of compromises, at worst, wishful thinking. Mexico has given my a chance to not only retire in comfort, but also lead a life I wanted and to travel more. Plus I can even retire early. As I have already entered into what can be considered semiretirement. People in Canada (maybe in the US) are desperate for retirement options and if I can show them that Mexico can solve a lot of their concerns, then why not. It is a solution that works for me and will work for a lot of other people. This is my audience, I think I can share my experiences, show them what life here is like and what they can expect if they decide its the right solution for them. This is the main premise of the show and it will appeal to thousands if not millions, as it will give them an understanding of what it will be like to retire here. Many may choose it, many wont, but a lot will watch. Which is the very reason people make videos.
  15. "It's about respect and understanding and it is very much a two way street". I couldn't agree with this more, look I know that I am new here and I am doing my best to respect everyone and dont even mind valid criticism. So I know everyone is not onboard with this idea and have had a couple people accuse me of fishin or some thing called a border promo, still not sure what that is. But I am trying to do something that could prove to be useful or at least entertaining. So look, I have no idea what has happen here before and am no stranger of being accused of something that I have no intention of doing. Because I took time off and worked in the family construction company, trust me, everyone thinks contractors are trying to rip them off. But I did well because when people meet me they realized that one, I simply dont care enough to lie to anyone, secondly, I am way too honest, if I want to make money on something I would tell you. Point blank. So if you think this is an effort to do something that's fine, but hit and run accusations are low, so if you think something is up, then ask me, I will tell you. But at least tell me what it is you think I am doing, because I am pretty sure you are way off.
  16. I would like to think people are people regardless, but unfortunately I am overly nieve. Truth is the best content is when you can speak from experience or simply stick with what you know. There is so much to the culture here and it is fascinating, but as far as a show goes, I am not sure people would care, as there are plenty of documentaries all ready and I am not familiar enough with the subject mater to speak on it.
  17. I have to admit, I like the conversation about understanding the Mexican people as its great but I am not sure how I can frame this into the context of the show, as the primary theme is what its like to be an expat here and where to go and what to do to make the experience better. So I like the content, but how would I go about relating it to the material, because I dont want to just drone on with talking heads, telling people how the Mexicans are, as that would be kind of boring, so I would need a visual storytelling aspect. Not in a documentary style either as the intent is to make this a fun and relatable.
  18. Ok my experience with the term seems to be very different than everyone else. As I have to admit my Spanish is weak so I rely on my wife a lot, I am not sure of the origins, but I can tell you that my wife kept telling me she was going to buy a t-shirt for me that said, "no soy gringo". Because she didn't want people thinking I was American. Also, her family was sensitive about the term and only when I joked about it with her mom, did they loosen up about it. When we took Ubers, it was often asked if I was American, which the wife quickly responded, no, no, es Canadian. Which for some reason sparked an immediate change in tone from the driver. From what I am told, there is a lot to this, but stems mostly by how they are being shown in the media and because of how the Americans like to flaunt their wealth. But its just not Americans, Cubans are not very well liked either. Not sure exactly why, but both my wife and my neighbor, who is Mexican born but lived in the States mostly, But have the same reaction when Cubans are mentioned. I have been to a lot of Countries and there seems to be a trend where they have one nationality that is some what hated. Ukraine was the Russians, China was the Africans, and the Koreans, I think they hated everyone. Mind you the Koreans were very blunt about everything, in fact they told my ex that she was too fat to shop at their store. But I am making a concerted effort here as I have to admit my original understanding of Mexico was from the media and they didn't paint a good picture. So far it has been an eye opening experience and an underlying reason I want to do the show. Because the Mexican people have surprised me in so many ways and it has made me relook at the way that I as a Canadian have added to the world and that I have a lot to learn to be a better person. It has given me a good tag line for the show though in that "Nature makes things beautiful, But people make it interesting"
  19. That's pretty close to what my wife tells me. I am learning a lot as I am the only Caucasian around, everyone where I am is Mexican, great people, but very few speak English, not that that's a bad thing, but I think its 1 of the 2 reason I use this board, 1 to get advice, which isn't working out that well, the other being, I can talk in English, which is rare.
  20. exactly or at least be funny. As I think he thinks he is being witty, but it just comes off as derogatory and condescending.
  21. Yes my wife's family is Mexican, so we joke about it often, But it has also come to mean more depending on the person, we as Canadians were not included before as we had a reputation of being polite. Unfortunately that reputation is slowly being erased by many people coming and acting like gringo's. Meaning those that flaunt their wealth or act like they are better. I joke with her mom and say I am her favorite gringo, as they would not consider me one. but I also have to walk a fine line as it easy to come off as entitled simply because there is a big difference in what people are paid here, so I try and be mindful of what I say. I do my best to learn as I go along as my preconception of Mexico before moving here were way off. But marring a Mexican woman, well I am getting a crash course if I want it or not. But I think there is a lot of things to learn, foremost is respect, as I try and respect everyone. They wont use the term gringo if they feel respected. This is our biggest problem, respect here seems almost nonexistent, if you dont respect people here than I cant imagine it changes much when you go out into public. If it does change, well then, that just shows what kind of person you are. But if people act the same way in public as they do here, then we deserve the title of gringo.
  22. Given the credentials you have given, maybe I am expecting to much from you as this isn't really witty or creative, plus I get it , this subject is not your thing, but seriously, if you have no advice or constructive criticism, then why waste everyone's time with these derogatory comments. It adds nothing to the conversation and says that instead of doing something of value, you would rather just devalue what others are doing, so I have to ask why? Is this a mean kids thing, in that you think it will make you more popular with the people here that have nothing to offer other than their mean spiritedness? I mean seriously people, This site has a bad enough reputation for ill natured people, so you dont need to go that far out of your way to ruin the experience of people just because you have nothing better to do. Plus its no wonder they call us gringos here, as this site just showcases how entitled and self-serving we are as a people.
  23. Plus I think I need to lay a little truth on you guys that think I am here just to do some kind of hustle. I honestly could not care a less if this makes money or not, as this is what I love to do and would do it regardless. Secondly, the money that could be made here would be a small fraction of what I make back at home. So it is way easier for me to fly home, make money, then come here and enjoy it by doing something I love to do. So yes, it would be nice to think that one could make a living here, but lets be serious, the local economy here simply could not support the wages that Canadians and Americans are used too. Thirdly, it would be nice to recoup the money I spend, but that is also not a requirement, because even though I want to buy things that would add to the production value or make it easier, I also know that I should already have enough. Lastly I think people need to get over themselves, as Chapala is nice, but being there doesn't make you anymore important than anyone else. So if you are just thinking someone is here just to grift you or take what you have, just relax and settle down, I do well enough on my own and just here trying to make the most of the experience, which for the first time is getting to do a show without having to worry about funding. So chill people, if someone asks for your advice, then just give it, dont give into these paranoid beliefs that everyone is just out to get your money or dogpile just so you can pretend that you are some how a better person.
  24. Also I should note, that the Lake Chapala area might be featured, but there is a lot more to being in Mexico than just this area.
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