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  1. Thanks Mainecoons for the heads up, as I understand we don't need to open any cans of worms. Plus there is a lot about Mexico that is misreported in the news and I have learned a lot about the Mexican people. So I have no problem sticking with topics just about Mexico. I will find another place to express my support for the Americans. If anyone knows a good place, let me know, because it seems everyone is so eager to hate other than support. I think its time we changed the narrative to a more positive one, the only way to do that is to speak out with support for each other.
  2. Understandable, as I wouldn't want to peruse it as a political issue, as it already has been described as an ideology. Being woke is a completely different argument. But I honestly am tired of the media and people dumping on the Americans as a people. As a Canadian, I have always stood proudly with the Americans as we share not only history, but common values. The truth is the American people have a lot to be proud of and history is a testament to their accomplishments. So here are a few things that I know to be true, regardless of what the media will say. 1. Charity - Believe i
  3. I know this has nothing to do with climate change, but it would be great to carry on this discussion, even if its in a different thread, as this is something that is front and center of todays issues that will greatly impact everyone around the globe, including right here. Because what is happening in the US right now is a turning point for the whole world and will have a greater impact on all of us, even more so than climate change.
  4. oh, fun fact, on the average, a cruse ship burns 1 gallon of diesel every inch. Plus my F150 gets an average if 12L per 100 kilometers and my friends Cadillac of the same year burns through 17L per 100 Kilometers. Go figure. and no my truck is not Eco boost, its a standard V8.
  5. Lol This is a lively thread, but is also nice to see the various view points. The problem with sources is this, you can get 6 scientist to agree with anything, but you can also find 6 others that will prove it false. The biggest problem isn't what they agree on or disagree on, its actually what they are not even allowed to talk about. For example, and I remember this clearly, the media attacked anyone that drove an SUV or trucks as horrible people, because "don't they know what they do to the environment" mean while 1 cargo container produces the same air pollution as 50 million cars at o
  6. Lol, nice to see a little sense of humor. but this is a subject I have a lot of interest in as I have worked with a lot of companies with both wind and solar back in Canada. Most were industrial projects, but the occasional home use project did come up. Unfortunately, back home, the market and conditions for alt energy are not as favorable as they are here, which has landed me more on the skeptical side. As I am a big fan of the technology, but there, Total cost of ownership was a conversation that was frowned upon. Plus business practices bordered on unethical. Also they seemed to have a
  7. Hi Rick, sorry I didn't see your reply. So hopefully you see mine. Originally the in home service was intended for local residence that needed help and was to be offered as a free service as commercial service was already provided. As the intent was not to make money as local services are already cheap enough and was more of an advisory service than anything else. The purpose behind offering this as a free service was to be able to see where things stand here as far as technology is concerned. The best way to do that is to see first hand and talk to people in the area. Unfortunaly,
  8. lol is that a polite way of saying what happens if I get hit by a bus? simple answer is this, All crucial data will be provided automatically from reputable sources and compiled into a database, extracted by api's that will be made available to this site and the beta. Everything will be automated, So if I do get hit by a bus, lol, it will keep working.
  9. fare enough enough. as to be honest I am having trouble following the thread myself and I have deviated greatly away from the original topic. Will create a new thread for collaboration with those interested, as currency exchange has a bigger impact than i expected and would like input as to how it should be displayed.
  10. Again, not expecting, just asking if available. There is a difference. Also you might want to read what I wrote a little closer, as I never implied people should stay at home to find things out, I am saying that it would be preferable if they were better educated before they go out and explore.
  11. I believe I was mistaken on the part of this being based on Democracy as it seems its actually based on political and economic divisions. Sources are as follows: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_World#:~:text=The United States%2C Canada%2C Japan,represented the "Second World".&text=Some countries in the Communist,regarded as "Third World". https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2015/01/04/372684438/if-you-shouldnt-call-it-the-third-world-what-should-you-call-it My wife and I discuss this often as she keeps saying Mexico is a third world country because its poor. So I a
  12. Not sure about this, as anytime we take the approach that its on everyone to figure things out on their own, is in my opinion, short sighted. For one, my wife is Mexican and has lived in this area all her life, so she does a great job of helping me learn Spanish and local customs. I also enjoy talking to friends and neighbors and get their recommendations. But they and my wife are not experts on everything and are often surprised at the things I find when I go out and try and discover things. As at heart, I am an explorer type, but I also recognize that this leaves me open to taking risks
  13. Ok so here is the compromise, as there has been great feedback and constructive criticism given. I think the best approach is this. We will develop a plugin that is compatible with this site and provide it for free to this site if they would like to use it. It will contain simplified information on the following: Covid Information or status, currently we are in the red zone Weather warnings and current weather Currency exchange rates Border Status Travel warnings Power outage warnings This will be a simplified plugin that will only provide crucial information. If there
  14. I think so but each area will be different, just as New York City has more cases than Winslow Arizona. Bigger cities have more problems. That doesn’t mean that just because Big cities are bad the whole country is bad. Remember, the media loves bad news as it sells better. But our area seems good so we should be thankful that it is.
  15. Well if you go by each region with the numbers report through the WHO and other sites then adjust for under reporting claims. Then compare to other countries with reputable reporting. It comes close. but if you just go by national reporting it’s scary. But just look at your regional report
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