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  1. I'm in Tulum Q. Roo but found such great information here on Chapala that I decided to post. Seems like you have an awesome community with tons of knowledge.. So @Northtek I appreciate the offer, but not sure if that's a real possibility. Currently talking with the last solar installer who did some work recently. Hopefully I can get them to come back and inspect things and get the issues resolved.
  2. Gotcha.. thanks for confirming. I'm asking via this Forum as I have stopped relying on what any of the Solar installers have told me. I appreciate all the help provided here! So looks like I have a ton of equipment doing very little.. well, I think it's only topping off my batteries so a really expensive battery charging system. Not what I asked for. If anyone knows of a trustworthy solar company that installs and services equipment in Tulum Q. Roo.. Please let me know.
  3. I know this topic has been covered here already, I've been reading through some great discussions regarding Solar PV setup and usage in Mexico. I want to be 100% sure regarding my understanding of my CFE bill. I have a large solar array (5kw system - 20 panels @ 250watts each) with inverter (outback) and battery backup. Unfortunately I've been unable to get anyone reliable to setup and care for the system to ensure it's producing and topping off batteries and putting power back into the grid. Our goal has always been to use a little power from CFE as possible and be as close to "net neutr
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