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  1. good to know. This is so helpful. Colder than what I expected and what the charts say.
  2. Wow thank you so much! A friend told me there is someone on chapala.com who lives also in Chiapas so great you responded so I dont have to track you down. Yes, would like contact with driver/ guides. We are 4 single women. Booked at Casa Familia . The weather says 75 during the day but I know it gets cold at night. The hotel has real heaters in the wall. But you are saying cold during the day too? I have a place in El Dorado but I live in San Diego but visit Ajijic a few times a year, in between renters. Arlena alh92103@gmail.com
  3. Planning a trip to Chiapas Jan 31 for 8 days. Picked it because it seemed relatively safer than other destinations. Many outdoor activities and Im sure outdoor restaurants as I remember from several years back. Are we crazy? Of course we're vaccinated and boosted and wear masks but trying to get a feel for omicron there. Since very little English spoken there looking for private driver/guide.
  4. Im trying to reach Rich Richie to reset my Firestick at my house. Has been working fine but now messed up. Anyone have a phone no or email? Not getting through on what's app.
  5. Another tip. Book in pesos, saves a few dollars.
  6. I doubt most of us will have a choice. First of all the J and J (Jansenn) is a 1 shot vaccine. The 2 shot ones are intended to be given in pairs to create immunity. I learned via someone who works on vaccines in Switzerland that Pfiizer and Moderna (the 2 2 dose vaccines) have a platform that might be broader reaching and vaccinate against more varieties of Co-vid and boosters can be given. Not so with the one shot versions. This is second hand information from a trusted person.
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