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  1. Protección Civil has announced Hwy. 80 from La Huerta will be open 24 hours / day until Jan. 2 Hwy 80
  2. Currently open from La Huerta to Melaque at night (7pm - 7am) some longer hours on weekends. Detour is La Huerta - Villa Purificación - Perula. For more info contact Protección Civil y Bombero de Jalisco on facebook .
  3. Hwy 80 has been closed from La Huerta to Melaque for a few months to repair landslide damage.
  4. The time frame for the test (1 Day) could be problematic. I have flown into the USA multiple times since they required the 72 hour antigen test; the people at the airline check in have been rigid on the 72 hour timestamp of the test result. So does 1 day become 30 hours if you are tested the day before at 10 am for a next day 4 pm flight ? I suspect this will be at the discretion of the airline agent.
  5. Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico, which operates most west coast airports (PVR - GDL - ZLO) has announced they will we providing covid tests at their major airports for a fee - Airport covid tests
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