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  1. men’s Size 11 Lowa Renegade Gortex hiking books maximum support and comfort. Great for hiking the mountains in Ajijic. Other climbing and hiking equipment. Boots $100 US. New and in perfect condition, shoe trees still in them! Bragg. 376 766 1155
  2. This beautiful table was hand made in San Miguel de Allende. We have used as a dining table (seats up to 10) and as a library table. $300 US. Mary Bragg 376 7661155
  3. Almost new in perfect condition; moving $30 US call Mary Bragg 376 766-1155
  4. If you know of anyone who is looking for good watch dogs but that are super family friendly please send them to me. Thank you
  5. Here are the photos; I didn’t know how to post but figured it out. Both dogs in good health
  6. Gorky Gonzalez set of six each dinner, salad, dessert and mug. $250 US. Green goblets free with purchase. Additional 2 dinner plates Catrina design, $50 for the two. All in perfect condition. Mary Bragg 376 766-1156
  7. Call Mary bragg 376 766-1155 set of 8 each dinner plates, pasta/soup bowls, and mouth blown red goblets. Moving and must sell 3 sets of dishes
  8. Here are our two beautiful dogs Pinta and Chula who we live so much.
  9. I will be moving and cannot take the dogs with me. Both dogs are neutered; one 5, the other 6 years old. I will take care of food and vet bills for life. Pinta and Chula are both lovable, sweet dogs who love people. 376 766-1155 only to a good home.
  10. Drills, saws, and much, much more. You could set up a full shop with this beautiful equipment. Husband unable to use any longer due to illness. Would like to sell all to one person if possible. Make offer for entire collection including custom cabinet to hold equipment Mary. 376 766 1155
  11. Vitrine Full of glassware, some in colors. Includes martini, margarita, highball, champagne, and wine glasses. Some European Range in price from $2.50-$10 US each many are in sets of 8, 12, or 16 Mary 376 766-1155
  12. 3 very good condition 2 drawer lateral file cabinets. 40 pendaflex file folders included 2 work very well as base for desk. $40 Us Each. Full box of legal file folders, new, unused. $10 US 1 tall, 4 drawer beige lateral file cabinet in ok condition. $45 U Mary. 376 766-1155
  13. Sorry the box flex and the rowing machine are both sold
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