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  1. NOTICE — It's automatic. No WhatsApp number is needed to add TotalPlay to your WhatsApp contacts automatically; The WhatsApp app supports automatic conversation starts launched from the iPhone web browser and the Android web browser. Though you can manually add a number if you wish via the newly-found WhatsApp number (which may or may not be universal). Do this once you've got an account number (e.g. by applying for an installation online first, or by WhatsApping a tech support individual, such as that number) First Time Only: Initiate first WhatsApp conversation with the tech support robot 1. Go to https://www.totalplay.com.mx/ in the web browser of any device (phone, PC, Mac) that also has WhatsApp installed. 2. Scroll down to the very bottom and tap/click the WhatsApp icon at the very bottom (next to social media icons). It is A VERY TINY LOGO ICON Or simply click this link: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?l=pt_br&phone=5215515798000&text=Hola%2C+Asistente+Virtual+Totalplay&lang=es 3. TotalPlay is automatically (permanently) added to WhatsApp 4. You will start aconversation by hitting Enter on a "Hola" message, creating a chat history in your WhatsApp that you can go back to anytime in the future. 5. Your first conversation will have a prompt for a 10 digit account number (spanish "10 digitos") 6. Type a reply with just ten numbers and no words. 7. You gain access to the tech support robot. This is just one-time steps; you don't need to repeat the above steps once you've done this already. Every Time: Talk to the WhatsApp tech support robot to get a human chatting to you Say "Hola" to the TotalPlay chat in your WhatsApp to wake up the tech support robot which will prompt you with some menus. Can be by PC or by phone Go through menu item 3,4,1,1,2 to get a human. 3. "Ayuda técnica 👨‍" = get technical support 4. "Otro tipo de ayuda 👨‍" = other problem 1. "Si" = are you home / ¿domicilo? 1. "Si" = do you have a failure / ¿falla? 2. "No" = Problem solved by resetting modem? / ¿Problema resuelto reiniciando el módem? Now you're talking to a human instead of a robot! Occasionally, it skips some steps (doing only step 1 and 5).
  2. Your method works fine. But there's two methods of WhatsApp to TotalPlay: 1. Direct WhatsApp to installation TotalPlay technician (one person), has phone number 2. Central WhatsApp to centralized TotalPlay support (central office), skips phone number If you don't have both, then make sure you've got the central one too. For centralized WhatsApp to centralized TotalPlay support (required for doing things like instant speed changes and price changes) -- It’s a tiny WhatsApp icon at bottom of all Totalplay.com.mx pages. After a one-time click, you can continue using ANY WhatsApp apps, whether phone or computer. Here is a screenshot: However, I can save some forum members some steps: I right-clicked on the icon at totalplay, and selected "Copy Link", and have pasted the automatic WhatsApp link here: Automatically Start WhatsApp Chat With TotalPlay https://api.whatsapp.com/send?l=pt_br&phone=5215515798000&text=Hola%2C+Asistente+Virtual+Totalplay&lang=es You need WhatsApp installed on the same device you're viewing chapala.com with, in order for the above icon/link to work. I use this central TotalPlay robot that I use for instant speed changes (switching between the common $579 plan and the luxury ultrafast $2299 plan). Or even renting the luxury faster Internet plan for just 2 days or 7 days (TotalPlay lets you do temporary speed upgrades!) No WhatsApp phone number needed for this particular WhatsApp robot that I use for post-installation stuff like the speed/price changes. (I tested these instructions and you don't need a computer; you can do this from Safari browser on iPhone)
  3. It’s a one time action. After clicking and initiating first message, you can resume the conversation in the regular WhatsApp only on the phone. You can do it in the Safari browser of your iPhone, or the Chrome browser of your Samsung Galaxy or Android phone. These browsers will automatically launch WhatsApp everytime you tap a WhatsApp link (icon) on Mexican websites!
  4. Testing video chats two FTTH connections (one in Canada, one in Mexico) - TotalPlay 500/500 in Mexico - Bell Gigabit Fibe 940/750 in Canada I can confirm this produces cinema studio quality video chat, if you’ve got over 100 megabits per second in both directions in both countries. Television studio quality video chatting works great between Bell Canada Gigabit Fibe and Mexico TotalPlay! There’s enough bandwidth for true 4K 60fps video chatting (if you choose the right apps). I just did a test, because my spouse is still in Mexico while I’m back in Canada, and I can transfer hundreds of megabits per second house-to-house in both directions. It’s pretty much TV studio quality bandwidth between my homes! It’s a hoot to see my face better-than-Netflix-quality in FaceTime chat (From a 2020s iPhone (in Mexico from my TotalPlay) to another 2020s iPhone (in Canada on any Bell Gigabit FTTH), creates perfectly smooth 30fps chat with cinema-quality FaceTime!!! !!! Assuming your iDevice is 2020s or newer with the latest iOS. If you have 2020-and-newer smartphones on both ends in both countries running off 11ac WiFi, it’s quite easy to get studio-quality video chatting — e.g. FaceTime-to-FaceTime will do true 1080p video now. And some 4K video chatting apps has come out too. Cinema quality video chatting doesn’t work (yet) from Facebook Video. But FaceTime from a 2020s iPhone in both countries on their FTTH’s produce cinema quality FaceTime! (Recent phones, latest iOS) You can even AirPlay the FaceTime onto a 2nd TV for a big screen FaceTime, and the quality is still better than Netflix quality. No pixels, no smearing, no blocks, no compression look, just perfect looking frame rate with perfectly sharp video. (FTTH on both sides, latest phones, choosing the right video chat apps, 11ac WiFI)
  5. This may not be TotalPlay’s fault. It is possible that Telmex (and Telcel, a subsidiary of Telmex) is playing dirty sheninigians making it difficult for Telmex lines to call Totalplay. Telmex might be scared of losing business to TotalPlay, and may have conveniently “let” this Telcel calling defect happen. Telmex may theoretically be doing this to buy time to try to keep you while upgrading your speeds to fiber, they seem to be upgrading more parts of Ajijic to fiber. For ordering TotalPlay, the best thing to do is to order the install at the online website and discuss the installation through WhatsApp. There’s two main ways to avoid the phone call thing: - Order online and/or by WhatsApp - Order by texting the # on your TotalPlay advertisement flyer Once you’ve ordered online (or by texting), get the account number you’ve been assigned for your pending install, then register it through TotalPlay WhatsApp through these instructions and you can get progress reports / reschedule install appts / change speeds / etc thereafter. The same account number can also be registered via mitotalplay.com.mx too (the online payment portal) for a good buffet of online payment choices including foreigner-friendly PayPal. I never made a telephone call, ever, to TotalPlay (I executed installation via WhatsApp) P.S. I am keeping my Bell GIgabit Fibe in Canada. I can do HD and 4K video chatting between Canada and Mexico now (newest iPhones have 4K video, and a 3rd party app can turn iPhones into a webcam for WIndows laptops. Or you can AirPlay/Chromecast your video calling to a TV). FTTH on both ends in both countries is a gamechanger. Yes, it means I‘m paying for FTTH on both ends but it’s quite handy for my work too.
  6. I don’t bring TotalPlay to Canada. I am renting the house all year even though I only live there half of the time. I’m keeping TotalPlay activated. Just simply: (A) switching to the luxury $2299 peso plan (500/500) whenever I live in Mexico (B) switching to the basic $579 peso plan (40/4) when away from the Mexico place. This helps my Mexico guests (friends, etc) to keep WiFi Internet access whenever we’re not in Mexico to use our TotalPlay connection. It takes only 15 minutes to switch speeds via a WhatsApp chat with TotalPlay. On their end, they just press a button to change my fiber speed and price darn nearly instantly. No technician needs to visit. I have already successfully downshifted my speed to the cheap plan, and already back in Canada at the moment, with others using WiFi merrily at still-decent 40 Mbps speeds while I am away. Try that with any other Mexico ISP! You can’t switch speeds that easily & instantly as with TotalPlay!
  7. I have no contract or installation fee (maybe because I got it early). For the promotion, I changed to 500/500 which replaced my double-speed promo (40 Mbps -> 80 Mbps) before I could activate it. Oh well -- the promo speeds were not as important to me as getting the fastest. Switch to 500 Mbps while I am in Mexico, switch to 40 Mbps when back in Canada, with just a single WhatsApp conversation. Currently, I'm going to be back in Canada shortly now that I am Pfizer-vaccinated (courtesy two side trip to USA), so I'll be testing the speed-downgrade shortly. TotalPlay can just press a button remotely to change your Internet speed!
  8. Actually, you can! Just indirectly. If you prefer to pay in cash -- you can pay the TotalPlay bill in cash via OXXO. (Or at Walmart). I decided I preferred to pay via my Canadian card via PayPal (which TotalPlay supports). If you have not yet, register for your "My TotalPlay" at https://mitotalplay.com.mx and you literally have a real half hundred ways to pay!
  9. Not exactly true. There's a roundabout way: You can use PayPal to pay via your foreigner credit card or debit card. TotalPlay also supports PayPal. I had no problem paying with my foreign credit card that way. Here's the payment methods in Chrome's Google-Translated English: Also, here's the flexibility of non-PayPal payment methods, for those wondering: Also my Canadian VISA Debit card works fine at all OXXO's, as an alternative to PayPal. There's so many ways to pay for TotalPlay. Things might be more inflexible at the Walmart booth. I ordered my installation appointment by WhatsApp (+ Google Translate) instead and paid cash to the installer in person for the first month. I never went to Walmart which might be demanding a MXN credit card for first month. There's other ways to order Total Play instead of Walmart. No Mexican credit card needed for Total Play! Instead of the walmart booth, try WhatsApp-ing the phone number on your Total Play flyer that you got. Or apply online at https://totalplay.com.mx/paquetes which probably will offer a choice of the same payment methods.
  10. Easier to do bill payment at any OXXO convenience store. Easy peasy. OXXO also works with my domestic credit card and VISA debit, or you can use cash. They also let you pay online shopping invoices too, there at the convenience store another way how you pay for Mexico’s Amazon (Mercado Libre). Once you get the hang of it, OXXO is easier than paying bills at a bank in your home country.
  11. UPDATE: Speed Upgrades Occasionally May Not be Instant (may take a few minutes) One warning, if you WhatsApp them to change the speed of your connection, it takes about 10-20 minutes for speedtests to "stabilize". I kept getting lots of 300/300 tests and 300/30 tests before it stabilized to 500/500 -- depending on the modem. If you have lower speeds like 40 megabit or 100 megabit, it will briefly "boost" to far beyond, e.g. 200-300 megabits per second for the first second, before bouncing backwards to the 40. It appears to be a software-based speed cap where the fiber is a fast bucket (500+ megabit native) and the plan you're paying for caps the speed of the fiber. The "boost" speed is useful for speeding up web page clicks though -- web pages seem to load roughly equally as fast between 100, 200, and 500 megabit. But sustained download speeds will require paying for the speed. I had to WhatsApp TotalPlay again when it lost symmetric feature (upload speeds went back to slower non-symmetric) but after some WhatApp attempts, it worked fine! During a longer-than-usual speed change -- make sure your WhatsApp is on an alternate Internet connection, just to be safe -- switch to WhatsApp on your phone with LTE=ON and WiFi=OFF if your desktop Internet disconnects (WhatsApp is very good for device switching). Then when TotalPlay reconnects, switch back to your desktop/laptop WhatsApp. But during initialization, especially if the Internet is offline for a few minutes (PON light blinking) while they upgarde your speed -- speedtest will be VERY wonky -- 500 megabits per second then declining to 10 megabits per second then bouncing back up to 100 megabits per second. But waiting about 20 minutes later, the modem configuration finished propagating and it normalized to symmetric speeds. Give the system time to transmit the new modem-speed configuration -- sometimes it takes a few minutes and you may have to say goodbye on WhatsApp to see how the modem speed normalizes after the call. I was able to get them to hold for 5 minutes while I repeated a few speed tests. Some of the less experienced tech support wasn't aware how long the speed-changes sometimes takes to propagate the system. If this happens, tell them the speedtests are strange (after the "instant" speed upgrade) and that you need 5 minutes to see the system stabilize. The speedtest will be random/confusing for the first few minutes after a speed shift.
  12. This gets more complicated if you have an “Inc.” (Corporation), earning into a Canadian biz account, only telecommuting to your existing Canadian office, not yet a resident, and some of your freelance workers are in your home country. Consult an attorney. Just the cash flow paid from your home country’s biz bank account, to your Mexican account may be taxable (what you pay yourself). But the taxes can be deducted away from your Canadian taxes. There is conflicting advice if you spend only from your Canadian account at Mexican ATMs or debit, etc. Things are murky here - I’ve heard many say you’re not subject to anything in a situation like mine when just visiting and no residence/RFC/etc yet, but when there’s a path to residency and many months a year, get things properly squared away. Consult a tax attorney to avoid the mousetraps. There are many hidden lines that trigger. A one week stay in a hotel telecommuting to your existing job, blending into a office in your MX apartment with your MX bank account year round. The red line occurs somewhere in between these two extremes, and you should know where the lines are.
  13. Even this iPhone/iPad user (me) has to use a Google Translate product in one form or another (the app). It’s more well-integrated on Android. Google automatic language translation has improved a lot over the years.
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