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  1. I have no contract or installation fee (maybe because I got it early). For the promotion, I changed to 500/500 which replaced my double-speed promo (40 Mbps -> 80 Mbps) before I could activate it. Oh well -- the promo speeds were not as important to me as getting the fastest. Switch to 500 Mbps while I am in Mexico, switch to 40 Mbps when back in Canada, with just a single WhatsApp conversation. Currently, I'm going to be back in Canada shortly now that I am Pfizer-vaccinated (courtesy two side trip to USA), so I'll be testing the speed-downgrade shortly. TotalPlay can just press a button remotely to change your Internet speed!
  2. Actually, you can! Just indirectly. If you prefer to pay in cash -- you can pay the TotalPlay bill in cash via OXXO. (Or at Walmart). I decided I preferred to pay via my Canadian card via PayPal (which TotalPlay supports). If you have not yet, register for your "My TotalPlay" at https://mitotalplay.com.mx and you literally have a real half hundred ways to pay!
  3. Not exactly true. There's a roundabout way: You can use PayPal to pay via your foreigner credit card or debit card. TotalPlay also supports PayPal. I had no problem paying with my foreign credit card that way. Here's the payment methods in Chrome's Google-Translated English: Also, here's the flexibility of non-PayPal payment methods, for those wondering: Also my Canadian VISA Debit card works fine at all OXXO's, as an alternative to PayPal. There's so many ways to pay for TotalPlay. Things might be more inflexible at the Walmart booth. I ordered my installation appointment by WhatsApp (+ Google Translate) instead and paid cash to the installer in person for the first month. I never went to Walmart which might be demanding a MXN credit card for first month. There's other ways to order Total Play instead of Walmart. No Mexican credit card needed for Total Play! Instead of the walmart booth, try WhatsApp-ing the phone number on your Total Play flyer that you got. Or apply online at https://totalplay.com.mx/paquetes which probably will offer a choice of the same payment methods.
  4. Easier to do bill payment at any OXXO convenience store. Easy peasy. OXXO also works with my domestic credit card and VISA debit, or you can use cash. They also let you pay online shopping invoices too, there at the convenience store another way how you pay for Mexico’s Amazon (Mercado Libre). Once you get the hang of it, OXXO is easier than paying bills at a bank in your home country.
  5. UPDATE: Speed Upgrades Occasionally May Not be Instant (may take a few minutes) One warning, if you WhatsApp them to change the speed of your connection, it takes about 10-20 minutes for speedtests to "stabilize". I kept getting lots of 300/300 tests and 300/30 tests before it stabilized to 500/500 -- depending on the modem. If you have lower speeds like 40 megabit or 100 megabit, it will briefly "boost" to far beyond, e.g. 200-300 megabits per second for the first second, before bouncing backwards to the 40. It appears to be a software-based speed cap where the fiber is a fast bucket (500+ megabit native) and the plan you're paying for caps the speed of the fiber. The "boost" speed is useful for speeding up web page clicks though -- web pages seem to load roughly equally as fast between 100, 200, and 500 megabit. But sustained download speeds will require paying for the speed. I had to WhatsApp TotalPlay again when it lost symmetric feature (upload speeds went back to slower non-symmetric) but after some WhatApp attempts, it worked fine! During a longer-than-usual speed change -- make sure your WhatsApp is on an alternate Internet connection, just to be safe -- switch to WhatsApp on your phone with LTE=ON and WiFi=OFF if your desktop Internet disconnects (WhatsApp is very good for device switching). Then when TotalPlay reconnects, switch back to your desktop/laptop WhatsApp. But during initialization, especially if the Internet is offline for a few minutes (PON light blinking) while they upgarde your speed -- speedtest will be VERY wonky -- 500 megabits per second then declining to 10 megabits per second then bouncing back up to 100 megabits per second. But waiting about 20 minutes later, the modem configuration finished propagating and it normalized to symmetric speeds. Give the system time to transmit the new modem-speed configuration -- sometimes it takes a few minutes and you may have to say goodbye on WhatsApp to see how the modem speed normalizes after the call. I was able to get them to hold for 5 minutes while I repeated a few speed tests. Some of the less experienced tech support wasn't aware how long the speed-changes sometimes takes to propagate the system. If this happens, tell them the speedtests are strange (after the "instant" speed upgrade) and that you need 5 minutes to see the system stabilize. The speedtest will be random/confusing for the first few minutes after a speed shift.
  6. This gets more complicated if you have an “Inc.” (Corporation), earning into a Canadian biz account, only telecommuting to your existing Canadian office, not yet a resident, and some of your freelance workers are in your home country. Consult an attorney. Just the cash flow paid from your home country’s biz bank account, to your Mexican account may be taxable (what you pay yourself). But the taxes can be deducted away from your Canadian taxes. There is conflicting advice if you spend only from your Canadian account at Mexican ATMs or debit, etc. Things are murky here - I’ve heard many say you’re not subject to anything in a situation like mine when just visiting and no residence/RFC/etc yet, but when there’s a path to residency and many months a year, get things properly squared away. Consult a tax attorney to avoid the mousetraps. There are many hidden lines that trigger. A one week stay in a hotel telecommuting to your existing job, blending into a office in your MX apartment with your MX bank account year round. The red line occurs somewhere in between these two extremes, and you should know where the lines are.
  7. Even this iPhone/iPad user (me) has to use a Google Translate product in one form or another (the app). It’s more well-integrated on Android. Google automatic language translation has improved a lot over the years.
  8. There's also a less-well-known solution for SIM cards physically located far away from you... This post may not help you at this time. But it will help other people with the same problem. Web boards are read by hundreds or thousands of people! Via the Spanish-speaking Mexico chat robot, select 8 (Recharge), then it will ask you to visit couple of websites. Intentionally ignore that specific advice. When it asks you if it fixed your problem (in Spanish), tell it "No" (did not fix problem) and the chat robot will transfer you to a AT&T Mexico human who can refill for you! Be prepared to chat to a Spanish-speaking AT&T support, with Google Translate. Easier on a computer, so you can translate faster in two browser windows (facebook.com/messenger alongside a translate.google.com window side-by-side on a desktop computer) If somebody else has the phone running with the SIM chip, ask them to give you the 15-digit IMEI number (Settings -> General -> About -> Scroll Down -> IMEI). If the SIM chip not already inside a phone, tell your friend to photograph a zoomed photo of the SIM chip and send you the number or the photo (SIM chips has display 3 rows of 5 numbers printed on them -- that's the chip's 15 digit IMEI number) Armed with the IMEI number, it is now possible to refill a far-away SIM card not in your possession! So in this case, 3-country catch-22 is possible to solve: ...Somebody physically in Canada on a Canadian Internet connection ...can refill a distant AT&T Mexico SIM card ...that is physically located in United States in family member's phone. Or if you can't speak spanish, launch Google Chrome, and: 1. Start the chat first via facebook.com/attmx -> Message with a "hola" message. 2. Then immediately afterwards, go to facebook.com/messages to continue chatting in a bigger browser window. 3. Get a little help from the Google Chrome translator, by right clicking every message to translate them. The great thing about chats is you can be slow back-and-fourth. This buys you time to use Google Translate in the middle of a live Facebook Chat.
  9. Try facebook.com/attmx -> 💬Message Have this information handy: 1. Your MX phone number 2. Your IMEI number (number printed on surface of SIM card) TIP: Sometimes the numbers on the SIM chip are too tiny to read, just use your smartphone camera to magnify the numbers! If you can't write Spanish, use Google Translate as necessary to chat to them in Spanish I figured out a problem this way. My AT&T stopped working because I ran out of data allowance, but data started working again once the billing month rolled over. For your situation, it might theoretically be possible there is a monthly limit on number of roaming minutes / roaming texts while physically outside of Mexico. But I have not confirmed that part. I could refill extra data via "8. Recargas" on the AT&T Mexico Chat Robot at Facebook.
  10. I know dozens of new residents are having problems finding easier ways to pay bills! To other readers (Xeno / Cronopio / etc): You don't need an app to pay online! If apps are having problems, this is an additional method for new residents of Lake Chapala area: Instructions for New Residents 1. Get Physical Copy Of Telmex Bill (first-time only) If you have never done this before, get a physical copy of the Telmex bill. 2. Go to Telmex website in any web browser, desktop or mobile Google Chrome is preferred, because it has a language translator built in. Go to https://telmex.com and click the "Person" icon 3. Enable Language Translation If you're using Google Chrome, you can translate the page: 4. Register if you haven't yet If you do not have an online-payment account yet, register first! That's where your physical bill comes in handy. If Telmex is in your landlord's name, just make sure you get your landlord's permission to register to pay the bill online. 5. Log into your Telmex Page Use the password you registered the account with in step 4. "Forgot Password" is also a great way to reset your non-working password too, if you have access to the email. 6. Pay The Bill Now you can easily pay for the bill! 7. Payment Methods Accepted The next page doesn't translate successfully, but it's still easy to click: 8. Card Information Screen. Future Telmex bills become downloadable in PDF format. So you can save trees, too. Hope this helps!
  11. I am still learning Spanish but talk to a lot of Spanish-only people on WhatsApp. Recently, I used WhatsApp to get TotalPlay Internet installed (new Lake Chapala optical fiber ISP). I was able to pull it off with no phone calls. What's the easiest method of translating WhatsApp conversations as automatically as possible? Current Method: WhatsApp via Chrome Browser I use the phone, but it's faster to translate via desktop Chrome browser with https://web.whatsapp.com because Chrome has a built-in automatic translator. So I begin chat on the web-based version of WhatsApp. Spanish WhatsApp Chat in Google Chrome Many services can help me fix problems in Spanish: Activate Automatic Translator It is sometimes difficult to enable the automatic translator on https://web.whatsapp.com because WhatsApp replaces the right-click menu with its own custom menu. Also, the translate icon is missing from the browser bar at first! SOLUTION: If you right-click the EMPTY area near the top of the chat, then IT WORKS Then I use Chrome browser to force translation: 1. Right-click on the empty area at the top 2. Select "Translate to English" Now you can read your Spanish chats as if they were natively speaking to you in English. This works for the remainder of the chat session, as long as you do not close the browser window. English-Translated WhatsApp chat Sometimes New Messages Are Not Translated To fix this, 1. Click the Translate icon. 2. Then switch back and fourth (Click "Unknown" then click "English"). 3. That will refresh the whole WhatsApp screen into 100% English. My Method of Responding in Spanish: Copy+Paste from Google Translate Even though the chat "looks" like it's in English, the chat is still in Spanish -- the browser is simply automatically translating English to Spanish. So I have to type in Spanish back. I'm not good yet in Spanish (still learning), so I have to use Google Translate (translate.google.com) and use copy+paste to WhatsApp then hitting Enter to send my chat message. If you are still new to Google Translate, double check translation in both directions (click the ↔️ button two times) to make sure your original English isn't scrambled when translating back. This works very well most of the time for English-Spanish verification, as Google Translate has become very good with this language pair. When you paste into WhatsApp, your typing will be translated to English. However, if you do not start typing more text after your Copy+Paste, then hitting Enter on your pasted message will send the original Spanish to them. And they will be able to understand what you are trying to say. TIP: Use two browser windows side-by-side, one for Google Translate, and one for WhatsApp. So you don't have to switch tabs. That saves one step. Tips Wanted - Any Solutions for More Automatic Operation / Faster Responding in Spanish? I am computer literate and software developer -- but this is a new frontier for me, being my first snowbird year. I have researched and there are some third party software and browser extensions (Chrome Extensions), but I'm a little leery of installing too much third-party software -- so that's why I am asking you (Chapala Weboard audience), what's your favourite software for responding? Faster than switching between two windows, and faster than Copy+Paste? Do any of you have software that allows quicker responding to WhatsApp without copy and pastes? What's your favorite method of translating WhatsApp automatically faster with fewer steps? As I am still relatively new around here, I'd like to know what techniques for easier Spanish WhatsApp chatting you use while you're still new to Spanish.
  12. I registered my Telmex line at www.telmex.com which allows you to pay online. I have both Telmex and Totalplay installed at the same time for redundancy. The landlord pays Telmex and I pay for my Totalplay connection. Totalplay is a new ISP that became available in Ajijic this month. Totalplay is much faster though for me (500 megabits per second download, 500 megabits per second upload)
  13. Symmetric activated! I’ll enjoy this for a month. Will downgrade my speed (no speed change fee) when I return to Canada before coming back next falll. All upgrades were done 100% on WhatsApp, no phone calls or visits. Ok, I’m all done for now! Hope my journey helps other snowbirds obtain TotalPlay more easily!
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