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  1. If you supply a bottle you think you would like me to turn onto a cool double light, with an inside multicolored light and a regular top light with shade, give me a call. Keep the cap and do not scratch up the label, and I will give you a reasonable quote based upon capacity. 1 litre around 1000-1200 pesos. 1 year guarantee. All connections soldered for long life and includes an inline switch to turn the whole lamp off as well as a socket switch for the upper. Strain relief, shrink tubing, whole 9 yards. Harp or clasp shade and bulb included. 500 extra for hand made shade of any fabric you sup
  2. I hope that getting mine stolen is an emergency, as my green card and driver's licence went with it.
  3. I applied for Canadian citizenship, both parents being born there. August 23, 2019 I received a call from the Consulate in Guadalajara from a woman who said "John, you are now a Canadian" after waiting about 16 months, when told 8 was average. I paid my money and took pictures and because the certificate never made it to Michigan to get sent to me down here in Mexico, I added a local address, the Ishop. Then I got an email stating it got lost and I must reapply. As my Fathers birth certificate was used. How and why can I reapply? Why? They are closed in Guad now. I am on a small pension.
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