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  1. If you are in Mex now on Temporal, do you have to go back to Canada to apply for your Permanente?
  2. good news update. TD Canada credited the money back to my account already! thx again ferret, calling that number on the back of the card is the thing to do.
  3. Thank you so much Ferret for your advice. I just called the number on the back of my Canadian ATM card and put in a claim. I'll let you know how I make out. Cheers, Scott
  4. Just to add to my woes, I tried to take 10,000 pesos out of the BBVA machine in the Ajijic square yesterday machine and after putting my card in and entering the amount the machine just said processing, processing, processing and making the sound of counting money for quite awhile but no cash came out. It finally gave me back my card but no cash or receipt. When I checked my Canadian account yesterday the Canadian equivalent had been withdrawn! I'll be down at BBVA first thing Monday morning to see if they'll give me my cash. Has this ever happened to anyone else? By the way, when I went by those machines later in the evening someone had put a handwritten sign on that machine saying it was not working.
  5. Thanks John. What is the best way to send money from Canada to a Mexican bank account? That is, lowest fees and best exchange rate?
  6. No. I am aware of that screen at bank machines. That option did not even show up. It was just their way or the highway. I'll find another bank machine tomorrow.
  7. Fri. Oct. 23, 2020. I just got hosed! The Scotiabank bank machine near Walmart in Ajijic charged me a 12% markup (on the exchange rate) plus a 100 peso fee. I was using a Canadian bank card (TD debit card) and I withdrew 10,000 pesos. C$712.23 (Canadian dollars) was withdrawn from my TD checking account when I went home and checked online. I also checked the exchange on XE.com for Canadian dollars to Mexican pesos and it was 15.89 pesos per Canadian dollar. Using this exchange rate, 10,000 pesos should cost C$629.33 if there were no fees or exchange rate markup. So, I ended up paying C$82.90 to withdraw 10,000 pesos. This is insane!!! Before using the Scotiabank machine I tried the CI bank first but it was out of money (it's Friday morning now). Then, at the Citibank machine in Walmart I tried to withdraw 10,000 pesos and it wouldn't let me withdraw any money, then I tried 8,000 pesos and again it wouldn't let me again. I can't remember now what the message was why not. I will try the HSBC machines tomorrow. Hopefully the exchange rate markup will be less. Don't be fooled, it's not the bank fees that kill you it's the crappy exchange rate they give you or as the bank machine says the "markup".
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