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  1. Are you saying all "these people" have direct access to the insurance that covers this kind of major expense? And that the main requirement is to only have a minimum income? Wow, that's a new one on me.
  2. That's hilarious. You need a new helper.
  3. Yep. Everything that I say negative about your egomaniacal comments has a valid use.
  4. There are several private offices on the site, that are not part of the hospital.
  5. Mosquito screens are for mosquitos. Yes, you can get heavier screens from any window/door guy around here, but if your mosquito screening isn't stopping them, then there's something wrong there. There is a guy on the north side of the carretera in San Antonio.
  6. If you want to argue semantics, which I am not, because all I asked was your definition, then get the terminology correct, at least. And now you are just nitpicking. End of conversation for me. Those who came here looking for answers have no further need for this discussion either.
  7. That's not the source; that's the receiver. No, I don't. Because I don't mess with any of that crap anymore. I have boxes of useless Android devices. I have Roku, Chrome TV, Firestick. I don't play jailkeeper with any of them. I hired Rich to set up his version of Firestick, which saved me endless hours of research and work, and I don't use it much anymore either. These rigged user devices are so far from being average-Joe friendly, and I don't care anymore. So futzing with Real-Debrid for it's purpose doesn't interest me.
  8. That's okay. Happy is the one expert we can all count on, over everybody else. Because he play hockey and was a member of municipal gov't somewhere decades ago. I'm surprised there's no photo posted yet of his operation. It'd be nice, though, if he would change his disgusting moniker.
  9. I assumed you had not because if you did, I don't think you would be arguing with him. I've seen the same streaming difficulties with those services, and many others, and I have mega speed, so I just gave up on them. Now, maybe he hasn't told us what his speed is, and maybe that would help to understand. I still don't understand what you mean by "resolution capabilities of the source device". What source "device"? And if you don't have a Firestick that can handle 4K, then you ain't gettin' 4K. It has everything to do with what type of Firestick it is, a consideration long before Internet speed.
  10. You have another story somewhere? The article says "all adult foreigners". Period. I think this is a pretty important distinction.
  11. I said "most", but you are picking and choosing now. Have you used Tea or Morpheus? Probably not. So let's stick to what he was referring to. Add my comment to that, and that's all that needs to be said.
  12. No longer an option as of NOVEMBER. Proof of vaccination required to fly in. According to the Guad Reporter: "All adult foreigners". Edited: I had the wrong month. Duh.
  13. I concur with most of what you are saying, but Amazon telling you that a newer product is better is simply good marketing. Telling you that there is no need to spend more money to upgrade, because it will upgrade anyway, would be pretty counter-productive.
  14. Maybe Amazon is calling it "Amazon ethernet adapter for Amazon Fire TV devices", but that's a marketing gimmick. They source millions of products in massive amounts and put their name on it. This just happens to be one of them. It works to do that and people who would not know otherwise are happy, and there is nothing wrong with that. But if it was really designed for Fire products, it wouldn't be, as All Day points out, 10/100 Mbps. Just read the reviews. https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Ethernet-Adapter-Fire-Devices/dp/B074TC662N?tag=detailedview-20#customerReviews
  15. Getting even deeper into the weeds. First, Natasha and everyone, Amazon says "you must have WiFi" simply because there is no ethernet port on the device. Period. They do not have an ethernet adapter designed for Firesticks: any adapter will do, if that is what is wanted. I see no instance where ethernet would be slower than WiFi, although there are always extenuating circumstances. Technically speaking, ethernet is always better. A 100 Mbps speed cap from either a modem, or based on the Cat5 cable in use, can be a problem. But if you are only paying for 40 Mbps, then you are never going to reach the theoretical broadband limit of 100 Mbps anyway, so it makes no difference in theory. However, I agree with All Day: the more the merrier. He is also correct in that one port on all iLox boxes is capped at 100 Mbps for some $%&/()ic reason. But the documentation does not say that, or which one... and there are boxes with 2 ports and with 4 ports. And he is correct again: Firesticks, even the older versions, all receive automatic or soon-to-be-scheduled updates to the latest software. I cannot find any information that says the 4K model cannot receive the 2021 update. https://troypoint.com/update-firestick/
  16. Try the supplements tiendita inside WalMart; they have 500 mg chewables. Much more costly (best price at Farm Simi) are effervescent wafers, also 500mg.
  17. "I know you are but what am I" strikes again.
  18. Deep in the weeds here. (HDMI WiFi is not a thing with Firestick. It's a special and not cheap adapter used for a different reason.) You plug the Firestick into the HDMI port on your TV, and connect the Firestick via WiFi (unless you have an ethernet adapter, of course). If you can use ethernet, it's always going to be better. However, if your Firestick works just fine using WiFi, then that's all you need to care about. As Tels says, having cables run is a different story that many folks don't want, and that's why the Firesticks don't come with ethernet. However, typical of US companies that use Internet for their services, the assumption is that the lowest common denominator user has excellent and broad WiFi. Which many users don't yet. Especially in places like this.
  19. For years, Telmex has been "saving money" by only including Cat5 cable with their modems. That may have changed. Regardless, I think the point here now for me is to try and determine why Rich would say that.
  20. That could easily be the case. And the cable itself must be able to sustain high speeds. Even though Category 5 is rated for 100, which is more than enough for most people, a higher-rated cable like Category 6 simply allows more bandwidth through. It could also be that the Firestick hardware is poor at the receving end.
  21. So Rich said WiFi works better with Firesticks than does ethernet. Not in general. But I would really like to know upon what he bases that comment. He's no dummy. I suspect a misinterpretation, or an "easy answer" on his part to get out of a lengthy technical explanation. A strict interpretation of Natasha's post is that he actually meant don't use that ethernet cable, perhaps damaged.
  22. By air. Land and sea, no test required. Why? "Too hard to control". Stupid.
  23. Does Luis work for them? Is he an installer? Or one of the commissioned salespeople?
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