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  1. I looked for years; never saw it here. Online is your best bet. But you might have to try a couple of brands. I have some that cost a lot and has no taste.
  2. There is always a long lineup, 3 hours before. Two hours before, all the early birds have checked in, and the lineup is much, much shorter.
  3. The owners do not know themselves. It is a tough go.
  4. And Victoria has a Mediterranean climate, largely due to the Pacific. However, due to location, Vancouver has twice the rain, and I recall a story about a football player who begged to be transferred to another team because of the dreary weather. So this "ASF" factor played heavily there.
  5. Very familiar with the whys of spicy food in India and similar food cultures, in particular using the heat to combat the heat. What I was getting at was a response to Gringal's "On the "hot and spicy" issue, the flavor of the dish itself does not depend on the level of heat." I used Mexican food as an example, but the very same holds true for Indian food: without the pepper, there would be no flavor. Every pepper has a unique flavor, and so one cannot separate the flavor of the dish from the level of heat in many instances. And ironically, most recipes for Indian food found via Google just ca
  6. From everything I've been able to find, there are green chilis and red, throughout India, and cooks buy whatever is local, either dark or light. And I just haven't seen recipes that call for a particular type, although there are certainly many kinds (http://www.clovegarden.com/ingred/cp_indiz.html) Perhaps professional chefs have created recipes calling for specifics, but as chilis are a "new world" food, I am curious what India used for heat before they were introduced, apart from Cayennes.
  7. I can only agree in part, Gringal. Many flavours depend entirely on what peppers/chils are employed. Of the dozens, perhaps hundreds, of salsas made here in Mexico, almost all of them rely directly on the base chili for their flavour. One cannot separate the heat from the flavour. Adobe sauce, made from chilis, is a favorite for chipotles. I am no Indian food expert, but generally recipes seem to call for chili, without specifying the type, so you may be correct from that point of view.
  8. I have read about a number of restaurants in New York City that converted to all takeout, found a niche, and are doing well keeping people employed. But it takes massive, concerted, dedicated effort.
  9. Thanks for the research and the update to this little puzzle. Good to know. And where is/was the Hotel Anita, do you know?
  10. It would take a Photoshop expert to do a variegated depth of field blur like that and not make some mistakes. The pants are flaring in the wind; so is the hair. And those feet do not look like they are touching the ground. So the question is, why bother?
  11. Probably her school. That quote is from someone affiliated with the show.
  12. “Sweathogs” was appropriated by Vinnie Barbarino, Horshack, Epstein, and Freddie as the de facto name of their harmless inner-city gang at James Buchanan High School in Brooklyn. The name had long been used in the school by teachers and staff for the juvenile delinquents who were enrolled in remedial classes.
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