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  1. You obviously have no concept of the definition of the word. But far worse than that lack of knowledge: you are trying to make a thread concerning displaced people into a political discussion of economic and social organization.
  2. This will never happen. Just because privileged white people have few reasons to leave their lives, is no reason to assume everyone else is the same. Just ask someone from Wisconsin, when they complain about the deadly winters, "Why don't you leave?" Ever read or watch about the Tren de la Muerte moving immigrants and refugees through Mexico, and how that works? If you did, you'd have an answer to that ridiculous notion about people being "funded".
  3. Other reports indicate that the definition of "voluntarily" needs to be taken with a very large grain of salt.
  4. You are NOT the Comeback Kid, not by a longshot.... and this fetish of yours with me being someone else is tired. Instead of spending all your spare time being a mushy dill pickle lover and **it disturber, move on. No one cares.
  5. Too little, too late. Weak comeback. Chillin 1, Pedro zip.
  6. Learn some originality. Also, try to compare what's about to come out of your mouth with the topic at hand. Oh, wait, that's part of learning to comprehend.
  7. The only way I can see getting a cold plate of nachos, which by its very nature is broiled, is having it sit too long before coming out of the kitchen. Former restaurant owners and chefs who frequent this board would know who's to blame in a good restaurant NOB. Here, who knows. My guess is here, there is often nothing and no one between the cook and the waiter to announce ready dishes except maybe a countertop bell. Which to me suggests the waiter is at fault. But, who knows.
  8. I think most locals, especially in business, are used to expats mangling the language. Every little bit of new info helps, right? I certainly don't go all hairy when a Mexican mangles English, and neither do they. So, lakeside7, as usual your question is a cheap shot.
  9. Did you even read that post to which you refer? No, obviously not.
  10. I believe it is like walkway, based on the verb andar. But that could be too strict; maybe promenade? Maybe hangout?
  11. I have unblocked you. My apologies. It was just too out-of-context and seemed so acd.
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