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  1. He had a chocolate something-or-other under the counter that he scanned in and popped back out of sight, I presume. And I ended up with a 48p charge on my bill for something I didn't buy. You've seen open boxes of pop tarts, half empty bottles of coke, and various other items tucked away on the wrong shelves of grocery stores. That's employee skimming; this is just a different way to do it.
  2. That's why I asked, because we are in Chapala, and I would assume he'd mention his location, not just the whole country. And of course the shots are different in different places at different times.
  3. I assume Mexicon is a typo? Neither I nor my friends have gotten any notification in the Chapala area.
  4. I looked it up: all cars/trucks built after 1982 have a lot of VINS in various places. Firewall of the vehicle Radiator Support Bracket Dash by windshield Left hand inner wheel arch Steering column Guarantee & Maintenance Book Machined Pad on front of engine Drivers door or post on passenger side Component parts -e.g.- engine, frame, trunk, quarter panels, etc. Later model years most common locations of the VIN: Left instrumentation panel Dash plate by window Drivers door or post Firewall http://kerrywilsoninsurance.com/vin-facts/
  5. I agree, Natasha. A simple comment about an occurrence at WalMart. But now you have been schooled in oh so many ways, and flattened with the suggestion that you have indicted all of Mexico as a paranoid expat, with your comment.
  6. How about steak tartare (raw ground beef or horse) often served with a raw egg on top?
  7. I don't think our WalMart is quite up to snuff with the US inventory system. If it is then there are still managers putting their mitts on things, because there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of items that are not replenished as they should be. You can go to Soriana and find plenty of what you can't find "today" at WalMart, so I don't believe it's a stocking/delivery issue with providers. And there does seem to be a spate of cashier "thefts" right now. I actually had one scan something he had hidden, into my list. But when you are buying 30 or 40 items, and have to bag your own away from th
  8. I think the deal here may be that there is a series of coins, that all look different. Because I already got a few some weeks back, and they don't look like the photo... plus obviously put into circulation before the OP's post.
  9. You don't comprehend very well, I guess. ALL in response to assinine attacks on me. I don't attack, but I have no problem retaliating against lunacy. But I am done with your infantile crusade.
  10. Here is my original post in this thread, which absolutely offered information and value. It's the last sentence, MY OPINION ONLY, which a select and churlish group of you took personally... which means I hit a nerve, because you couldn't take the truth. And I stand by my last sentence. If you don't get a shot when offered, you are part of the overall problem. "It is not trash. 50% IS better than nothing by a long shot. It's not like I was offered a choice of vaccine types. For now, I am happy to have been offered something. And keep in mind this was not an established fact when the sho
  11. Look who's trolling. But thanks for making the effort.
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