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  1. dvinton, you would only need a 52 in front of the number if your phone card is from outside the country. And no Whatsapp number will appear unless: they call you first, or you have the number registered as a Contact on your phone.
  2. Well, there goes 95% of my shopping...
  3. From that article, quote: "However, researchers have found no definitive evidence of a link between MSG and these symptoms. Researchers acknowledge, though, that a small percentage of people may have short-term reactions to MSG. Symptoms are usually mild and don't require treatment. The only way to prevent a reaction is to avoid foods containing MSG." The reason those labels proudly proclaim is simply marketing and playing on the public's unfounded apprehension. Same reason they put the word "organic" on packages, even when they're not. But I would avoid it, too, if I had any symptoms.
  4. An excellent list. Some people complain of a bit of a head buzz, but I never have felt that.
  5. Wait a minute. I didn't know embalming fluid was a prevention! Is it kinda like bleach, only doesn't burn your throat?
  6. Sadly, not on this, not on chocolate bars, not on vaccinations, not on lake levels, not on fish, not on anything. Asking for advice, and then telling almost every responder that you know more than they do, is not a way forward.
  7. I did NOT change the topic: I simply challenged your assertion. EDIT: BUT NOW I SEE WHY YOUR RESPONSE. Obviously you didn't read beyond your own headline link. Every single paragraph in your link refers to these "debunkings" coming from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube referring without foundation to reports from right-wing, well-known loonies with degrees. And here you are once again, telling us "none of you will read it". Why should we when you can't be bothered to read your own links? And I am not wrong. But keep trying to bamboozle us. Know, however, that it doesn't work. Neither does your tactic of trying to make it personal. "Ad hominem"? "Lazy"? "BS"? I don't think you know what ad hominem means. If you do, then you are using it incorrectly.
  8. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube? Hardly sources to be considered knowledgeable. And even at that, they were focused on right-wing, well-known loonies with degrees. And anyone undermining official sources needs to have sources of their own, not just mudslinging garbage.
  9. Go ahead, show us all the scientists who have been censored.
  10. You guys are good. I don't see any Whatsapp link at the bottom of totalplay.com.mx. I DO see an AYUDA EN LINEA floating link though, that can be used to sign up. And an 800-330-1111 number to call. And what's wrong with the two numbers I provided?
  11. Unfortunately, these rules/laws are very poorly enforced, now much less than say 20 years ago. People are supposed to keep their own portion of a sidewalk repaired and well-looked-after, too, and I rarely see that now. Major tree alteration requires licencing, and yet I see people openly discussing how to avoid that. Three story houses are verboten in most township areas, and yet look what happens. Building on federal lakefront also illegal, and just look at all the construction, with trucks running late into the night. The list is endless.
  12. Please go and live somewhere that no one wears masks and no one gets vaccinated. I guarantee you it won't be for long.
  13. I can't quote you the code, but I can guarantee you windows that can see into a neighbour's are not allowed.
  14. You are kidding me, right? Half or more of the damn responses on any Covid thread here is from hollow-heads who deny this and any other vacccine fact.
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