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  1. if you are questioning that those CAT scans are from google, you can always ask Dr. Bea in Chula Vista. She is my friend that I stayed with when I came get get the implants done. She is the one that told me to go to Dr. Candy. She feels just awful about making that recommendation to me.
  2. No I'm not! My perodontist here in Housotn took these screen shots of the implants that Dr. Candy placed. I'm done debating you. You're a moron.
  3. Gringo obviosuly has anger issues and wants to attack me. He's an :(). Gringo, I hope you still keep goig to Candy and gets some implants from her while you're at it! Why would I want to attack an innocent dentist? There would be nothing in it for me. I'm posting for two reasons. 1. She refused to give me my money back. 2. She turned around and is blaming me for it.
  4. you obviously do NOT know how to read a CAT scan. If you did, you would be able to see that my scan is NOT these photos.
  5. This is from a CAT scan - the dentist took these screen shots and gave them to me because I requested them. They are not regular x-rays.
  6. Sorry, it's NOT from google. It's from a CAT scan that I had. Give me the google link that you think I stole. You're crazy.
  7. Google? haha...no that is my own mouth! Give me your email and I'll send you all the scans my perodontist made. I had to change the format from TIN to JPEG in order to upload it here.
  8. I know you think this is fake. I will attach the letter my perodontist wrote. I blocked out my last name. However, if Dr. Candy reads this she will know exactly who I am! I don't care. I'm coming after her once I get it all fixed and have my total bill.
  9. Hi There, I'm not FAKE and this is NOT FAKE NEWS! I saw Dr. Candy Sept 2020 for the implants. Oct they were removed as they were placed outside the bone, and it infected my jaw. I no longer live in Ajijic, but I was there for about 2 yrs from 2010 to 2012.
  10. Thanks! I actually used to live in Ajijic and moved back to TX in 2012 after all the horrid kidnappings and murders. I deleted my original account when I left. I still have friends there that I visit occasionally. I decided to go back to get the dental work done there becuase I don't have dental insurance. I should have stayed home and hired the best and most experienced dentist I could find!
  11. This is a screen shot of the implants I got from Dr. Candy. It's obvious they were placed outside the bone. I almost lost my jaw from this as it created a massive infection. I lost an adjacent tooth. I had to have them surgically removed and to fix the mess she made will cost me about $20k USD. Anyone know of a good malpractice atty. in Jalisco that you could recommend? She refuses to even reimburse me for the mal-placed implants let alone the cost to remove them and fix the damage! I woudn't recomend her. She is now blaming me for this mess!
  12. I had two front lower teeth implants done by Dr. Candy just a few weeks ago (I came in from houston to have it done). It was the worst experience in my life. AFterwards, I was in extreme pain, and the salivary glands became very swollen. AFter two weeks, still in pain, emailed and called her office a few times. She did not reply. I had to make an emergency visit to a periodontist. He took a CT scan and said this about her work: 1. She obviously never should have done the implants in the first place, that I did not have sufficient bone. 2. She placed them in crooked. 3. The size
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