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  1. It’s 9:40 pm and we have had to close all of our windows on an otherwise very pleasant evening. Even so, the outrageous noise coming from the dog shelter has forced us to increase our tv volume to levels heretofore unseen, just to hear it. It is madness. For two hours earlier this evening the dogs were barking uncontrollably. There was an hour of relative silence, probably due to exhaustion on the part of the canines, but they have regrouped and are AGAIN completely out of control As has been previously stated, this shelter should never have been allowed in a populated residential neighborhood, and it must be relocated.
  2. 10 o’clock. The dogs were quiet for most of the last hour (thank heaven for small favors), but are amped up again now. 20 minutes non-stop so far. Someone posted on this thread that they are loud only at feeding time. This is blatantly untrue. They bark at all hours, day and night, with seemingly no provocation. Feeding time creates a frenzy that is worse than other times, but the noise occurs at any and all hours of the day and night.
  3. It is 8 PM on Sunday. The dogs have been barking incessantly for three hours, non-stop. They barked most of the night, waking us at 2 AM, 3 AM, 5 AM and 7 AM. The situation is out of control, as are the dogs. It is NOT just at feeding time, it is ALL THE TIME. We can see the cages from our yard. A dog shelter should NEVER have been approved in the middle of a heavily populated residential neighborhood. This travesty must end. A solution must be found, and the solution is to move the shelter to a non-residential location.
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