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  1. Awesome. One question, when it comes to providing my husband's birth certificate, how recent must the copy be? I know that when I applied for my INE they gave me a hard time because my copy was 6 months old. We would have to have his mailed from Virginia and I want to make sure it meets the dates requirements. Thanks

  2. Hi! My husband and I recently moved to Guadalajara from Los Angeles, CA. We bought a house here in 2018 and came in March for a week long vacation. At the end of our trip the quarantine began and we decided to stay. That was over six months ago! 


    A little background: I am a dual citizen of mexican decent. My husband is US born and we married in LA five years ago. Also, we are both men. Currently I am retired and my husband works remotely for a large university in LA. 


    Does anyone have any experience dealing with visas and gay marriage in Mexico? Since my husband has overstayed his visa, how does he go about applying for a new one? And also, is it easier to get re married in Mexico or try to get our American marriage recognized here?


    Any help would be appreciated!

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