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  1. All the Lantanas in my north Texas area are either annual or perennial. Many of them could be evergreen in Lakeside. This is the "New Gold" Lantana in my front yard. https://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/59488 Only grow up to two feet high, but can spread easily to 6 feet wide. How big is your yard? Drought tolerant. Love full sun. Not picky about soil. No pest problem. Easy to propagate by cutting.
  2. Thanks for the information and responses. I appreciate it.
  3. I did. It’s a Facebook link, and I don’t use it. I thought I’d be glad to share if I do know the price of propane. Forgot that everyone was once a newbie?!
  4. I just want to understand what’s the propane price down there. Not really into buying right away.
  5. I’d like to know too, if anyone is kind enough to share. You do buy propane, don’t you? That’s the real price.
  6. I’m interested, Jreboll. Please give us some examples of what we can do, like what Ferret did.
  7. I was reading the post, Traffic conditions at Lakeside, and came across people mentioning about the moderator with other ids. As a Moderator or Administrator, please reveal publicly what other ids you’re using.
  8. For your reference. This new video on health insurance in Mexico.
  9. Welcome, the weather is nice. Besides that, dogs bark, roosters crow, like anywhere else.
  10. No kids, no pool, gas for heating and water heater, so we use little electricity, except summer. So I never paid much attention to solar in TX. Lakeside area seems to be different in many ways. Solar got my attention again. How do I know solar is much more popular here? I did a search on the multiple listings with “SOLAR” keyword. https://www.chapalamls.net/search-properties#listings I got 103 results! : ) Out of a total of 457 residential properties on the market now, it’s 22.5%. That means if you have neighbors right around you, there’s one with solar, a
  11. Thanks everyone. Very educational. Good conversation.
  12. I also is wondering that is it b/c cheaper to have a solar installed in Lakeside? People in my TX neighborhood “saying” that it takes decades to get the money back from solar.
  13. Here in north Texas, the average rate is about 9 ¢/kWh. In the summer, home electricity bills can easily be $hundreds.
  14. It looks like to me that Mexico (or just Lakeside?!) is more adapting to solar than in Texas where I live, in general. Why is that, if you/anyone know?
  15. Please give us a simple online demo first. And then we can go from there. One realistic question. If you will “host” information, what if you suddenly become “inactive”? : ) Wikipedia is tried-n-true and non-profit. It’s already there technologically. We contribute our knowledge there and build upon it. All the social noise will be in the background. I found this Wikivoyage, branch of Wikipedia. https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Ajijic https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Chapala Foundation is there, just need (lots of) work. It won’t cover everything, but it can co
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