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  1. Glad to see some posts on gardening. Thanks. In this wonderful climate, it should be a paradise for gardeners. I’m going to learn something different when I move down there.
  2. We’re thinking of bringing electric bicycles to the Lakeside area. Anything we should know before doing it? Is it treated as a bicycle or a motorbike there? Please share your experiences. Thanks.
  3. Agree. I installed a Mesh Wi-Fi router in my Texas house. We felt the difference right away. And we only bought a low end cheap one at US$100 from my US Walmart. I believe any brand/kind would work fine. Not sure about concrete walls though. Mesh Wi-Fi router is a new kind of technology. Its price has been coming down. Highly recommend replacing one for your old router.
  4. Hundreds, yes hundreds, of them stopped by my Plano, Texas butterfly garden one month ago.
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