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  1. Don't they get special funds for being a Publico MΓ‘gico?
  2. How silly of course you SNORK it instead of eating it?
  3. Your tax pesos at work? πŸ˜†
  4. Where do you pay for the inspection? Come with the payment made in a timely manner. Verification centers do not accept payments.
  5. No just survival of the smartest.
  6. I pay from my online Intercam acct. Same with telmex and telcel. I got tired of their BS.
  7. OK take 4x4 out of the equation. Just a good hatchback or suv. Really need something that will not nickel and dime me to death. Thanks
  8. Sure either or. Mainly thinking of suspension that will survive the cobblestone.
  9. Looking for 2007 to 2012 Toyota, Nissan or Honda 4x4. Please pm.
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