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  1. Plascencia in Guadalajara has what you are looking for. They deliver here.
  2. $$$$$ always solves the problem or so it seems.
  3. Yep! We love their fish and chips. Yummmy!
  4. Is Armandos still open?
  5. Is Armandos still open?
  6. Watér is going to get very expensive in this àrea. Think about all the new construction.
  7. Are "if facts" the same as alternative facts?
  8. In previous post on 2/19 it says closed on Monday.
  9. Mine too. It would be nice if we could get some services in return for the taxes that we pay. But cash cows do not. I was told many years ago by a local contractor he would only work for gringos. Guess why?
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