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  1. I never thought I would agree with the Hombre but yep!
  2. Anyone paid Simapa yet? Is there a way to check bill amount online?
  3. I remember the best ft long chili dogs when I lived in NE Portland Or. They would put this to shame.
  4. So if gov offices are closed how do you pay your water, taxes and car registration. Will the discount be extended? If you are over 60 how will these payments be handled?
  5. Anyone paid Simapa yet? Supposed to be an increase this year. Their website is not working yet. It would be nice to know the bill amount before I pay.
  6. Where can I find ink cartridge #122 for HP deskjet 2050 locally? TIA
  7. I did that. It shows an account with my name and property to the right of the form but nothing under taxes is filled in. Maybe they are going by the alphabet? Jaja Maybe you are the begining and I am at the end?
  8. Guess what! I got into the site and it shows me owning the property but no $ amounts. When I go to print a statement it says. "Estados de cuenta no encontrado" Oh joy! maybe I do not owe any taxes this year?
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