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  1. Wow in a couple of minutes you only saw one rat. How many rats have you seen at your house lately. Contact me if you want the real information, you can not base your opinion on one little drive by.
  2. The eventos does not have a permit. The owner has an aunt who works for the town hall so the municipality has been told to turn a blind eye, get your facts right before you post something you know nothing about.
  3. If anyone doubts the noise I personally invite you to come to my house and listen.!!!
  4. Do not be lulled into submission. The mayor has no intention of doing anything. He refuses to meet and the director of ecology does nothing. We need to stand up for our rights together. Please if you want change we need to act together to let the mayor know we are tax paying citizens who have rights.
  5. Please contact me, we have been working on this issue for months and need all the support we can get. The location of this shelter is completely illegal and an affront to all citizens who have lost their right to live peacefully. Although the municipality says they wikl move the shelter and we have provided other suitable options they have done nothing. We all love dogs but the placement of this shelter is wrong.
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