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  1. Where can you buy the sausage for half the price Pancho charges?
  2. I think Mo is sensitive about his strange grammar, "of whom I wish would ignore me". I assume English is not his first language.
  3. Mo, Gringal and you seem to agree about this topic. Why such an ugly response?
  4. Zeb, are you sure Patty knows? I saw her today and she did not know the sessions were starting again. (Patty is well qualified and a terrific trainer).
  5. They were busy installing the improvements today. I bought French butter, pesto, sourdough bread, cottage cheese, bananas, berries, and a chocolate croissant.
  6. Gringal, I believe that you had a very good meal, and your review has encouraged me to have dinner at Gosha's. Ned is obviously lonely and in need of attention so I would like for him to start his own cooking column. It would keep him focused, just as John in Ajijic kept busy with his many, many, many reviews.
  7. What does the "d" stand for? Is your name Richard?
  8. Ned, would you start a discussion about your cooking? What is your favorite dish? Could you share your recipe?
  9. Why look in Guadalajara when they are available in Ajijic? They are made in a small factory on the west side of the libriemento, not far north of the Laguna Plaza. You need to watch carefully. The only real signage is a board holding a few samples.
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