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  1. Lisa, your father would lose his Canadian health care. He would have to demonstrate retirement payments of $2281 USD a month, or a savings account that averaged $94,000 USD over a year. He would be eligible for Mexico’s health coverage for poor residents, Seguro Popular. He would not be eligible for Mexico’s general health care program, IMSS. I do not think he would be eligible for private insurance. If hospitalized, he would need someone to stay with him, to handle his bed pan, bring him food and water, bring him bed linens and change them. Many Canadians return to Canada when they start to have serious health problems. They go back to reestablish residency for health coverage.
  2. You are right, of course. She should make an appointment at the management office; select an apartment; and make an appointment with his assigned health provider. She can then arrange automatic payment for his rent and fees.
  3. This is not a retirement community. This is a series of Mexican villages in which a number of non Mexicans choose to live after we have retired.
  4. Too many people buy a house here without ever having lived outside their home country.
  5. Volunteering would probably take clients away from skilled and licensed Mexican professionals. If your techique is really special you might be able to get a license to practice here.
  6. Ask them for a smaller chicken. It mat take a couple of days.
  7. I have had very good food there, and, no, they don't put cream cheese in the sushi unless you ask for it.
  8. Hi Tejas, you will probably want to have a legal ceremony wherever you are from. Have the ceremony and party here by all means. It just takes some red tape to be legally married here so I would skip it. This is what we did: Ismat of Gossips catered appetizers and provided the bartender. Then we had a taco bar, which is fun, especially for visitors. The bartender stayed throughout. We bought two cakes at Marisa, and bought a bag of Mexican Wedding Cake cookies. We had musicians and fireworks. We have our own place and had 65 guests. Consider booking your favorite B&B and having them handle the stuff. I would start with Casa Flores. Fernando is a good host and he is a good cook, great location, good space.
  9. Make sure you have a work permit. You will be offering a service for money.
  10. Masayume, next to the post office in Ajijic. Surprisingly good Japanese for a small town in Mexico.
  11. I am amused and enlightened by the reference to refugees. It now occurs to me that we are getting refugees from the US. Some of our refugees are fleeing from impending tyranny, others are fleeing because of finances. We are getting some pretty strange bewbies.
  12. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/retropolis/wp/2018/01/27/the-flu-can-kill-tens-of-millions-of-people-in-1918-thats-exactly-what-it-did/?utm_term=.37e8ae469402
  13. Yes, a good and caring physician is sharing information meant to be helpful.
  14. Talk to Azucena Bateman, who is my attorney. Azucena has lived here her entire life so she is well connected.
  15. I am glad that his daughter is here. Please let her know that many of us care about her father.
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