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  1. I always use Barbara’s for my rugs and carpets.
  2. Marco started his hink yesterday, along with his two dogs. If you are involved in hiking you have probably been alerted through local hiking networks. Protection Civil is coordinating the search. Marco started his hike at the top of Galeana.
  3. If I needed to know the location I would Google it.
  4. If you know Peter please ask him to check his Facebook messages. Thanks
  5. Also, Pancho’s Deli has it.
  6. It is usually available at the Chapala mercado.
  7. This function, probably light blue lettering, gets around a lot of annoying Yahoo quirks.
  8. Do not go into a long weekend without gas and cash!
  9. Do not go into a long weekend with gas and cash!
  10. You have been given the information. Have you done anything with it?
  11. The manager of Funky Finn’s is Catherine Rose, a Canadian woman who is on Facebook.
  12. The manager of Funky Finns is a Canadian woman and she is on Facebook. Her name is Catherine Rose.
  13. It sounds like you need a detailed job description for the gardener. Then document every time that he deviates—late, no show, whatever. Make the job description reasonable and make sure he agrees. How many hours does the housekeeper work? If she is full time then you may have an employee on your hands. I think Azucena is the best attorney in the area for employee negotiations.
  14. Joy, find a free morning and ride the bus from Chapala to Jocotopec and back. This should help you identify many of the businesses. Then, when you want something special, it will be easier to find it.
  15. I think the issue is that people who are paying for Lisa’s newspaper now have to pay for a second subscription if they want to read her new real estate publication.
  16. Greek yogurt and natural peanut butter are available in many places; Superlake, Panchos, Scandinavian bakery.
  17. Local vegetables are always bad during the hot months of spring. I have switched to Pancho fir most of my groceries, but I think that Superlake’s vegetable are typical for the hot season.
  18. A friend had a hip replacement at IMSS 10 or so years ago. It was imperfect at best and she has been confined to bed for much of the last 10 years.
  19. Are you suggesting the OP move her father here permanently, but on a temporary visa? How is this man going to handle the annual renewals?
  20. I think he would be too old to join IMSS. I think he would have an exclusion due to the stroke. I do not think he would qualify for private insurance. I know that private insurance becomes soberingly expensive after 70.
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