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  1. Betty does a good job with her dim sum meals, but it is not the same I lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sydney and I want carts, and hundreds of diners around me.
  2. Copel department store in Chapala, underground parking.
  3. We became Apple people the day we retired; iMac, iPhones, iPads. We do have Office for Macs and we are very happy. The interface never changes. Changes and upgrades are behind the scene. Viruses are not our problem.
  4. Because you are stealing if you don’t pay.
  5. We do not need fossil fuels. Advanced countries have virtually abandoned fossil fuels.
  6. If crime reporting is nor allowed then why is there a discussion about a man who was attacked by a gringo’s dog? That sounds like a crime to me.
  7. I am amazed that this board has not given attention to the shooting of my Canadian friend on Friday.
  8. Is anyone else experiencing frequent CFE outtages, sometimes as short as a few seconds? Upper Ajijic.
  9. I knew there was a reason I had not checked this site recently.
  10. I personally know more than 140 people who have returned in the 14 years I gave lived here.
  11. This is very relevant to our lives here.
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