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  1. Must travel by air to Canada on short notice. I read "Rapid antigen tests aren't accepted." and think only that is done at Walmart. My question is where can one get tested? How long does it take to get results. I leave Tuesday 7Dec for PV then fly to Canada on 8th Dec. Also any idea how much the test costs. Thanks in advance
  2. Yes and we should NEVER forget the thousands of health care workers who have died, suffer from PTSD, are burnt out for working double shifts for months, and now when a couple weeks ago they thought we rounded the corner are now tasked with more hours due to less health care workers all the while having to hear and see the anti-vaxxers, anti maskers screaming its over blown. This is a serious health issue, not a political issue.
  3. I have cable TV, internet, and phone service from Tel Cable. Download is 10-12Meg, and cable TV works fine however my upload speed is only .75M The problem i am having is the phone service, people call or I call and it goes thru but they do not hear me, I hear them. I think this has to do with low upload speed. I was wondering if others are having the same problem.
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