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  1. Where is this "new" bank located. I remember the Sept posting said there would be two banks in Axixic area?
  2. My wife 👩 is trying to find a nice Hair Salon and Stylist in Lakeside or Guadalajara that does a consistently good job with women's Cut & Color. She has real nice past the shoulder-length- hair. Any suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated by her loving husband. Gracias amigos!
  3. We went to San Juan Cosala Tianguis just this past Tuesday. It was fairly well attended, not many gringos, but we live here and wanted to visit. I am not embellishing when I say, the masks we saw two months ago on most locals when we arrived Lakeside are ALL gone! Not a single vendor or local shopper had a mask! Only a couple gringo mask-wearers like us. Terrible that numbers are starting to spike again and I fear a total lockdown is on the Governor's plate.
  4. Is that with IMSS or did you pay personally?
  5. Lakeside7 thanks for the additional details. First off, I highly endorse Spencer's comment to avoid signing any promissory agreement with SAH or other medical provider if they are so certain your Medigap or Advantage Plan will pay for services and is a legitimate insurance claim. That still won't exempt you from an Insurer or Medicare coming after you for filing a fraudulent claim. Specifically on your comment above, that owning a home in the US and Mexico should not exempt you from Medicare...and it does NOT, however it does prohibit emergency Medicare treatment (see above directly from
  6. Lakeside7, I admit at one time I could say with 100% certainty you are being mislead, but today out of the business for a few years that certainty may be only 85-90%, but I'm fairly current since I have been reviewing lot of plans lately because I come of Medicare age in November. What SAH told you was correct with your Medigap coverage, foreign coverage begins during the first 60 days of your trip, BUT I don't know how in the world it would ever cover you in MX you if you are living here unless you (or SAH which is also you authorizing the insurance charge) fictitiously claim you were on
  7. RickS above is correct. I have sold Medicare Supplements in my past life and have starred at the billboard outside San Antonio Hospital in disbelief, advertising for patients with US and Medicare insurers. Absolutely, if you live here in MX and are not just travelling through, you'd better understand what your Medical provider in MX is doing with your insurance and what you are allowing them to submit, otherwise for residents you may be participating in a form of Medicare or Insurance fraud! Most Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) state directly from Medicare.gov:
  8. Thanks for heads-up on SJC topes. The one I crunched was eastbound from The Raquest Club. Surpise.... I'm airborne at 20 mph!
  9. We live in San Juan Cosala and the tope went up this week unannounced as described.... only it was not marked in any way with sign or paint just a black-as-night unfinished large tope lump and I had just been on the road heading toward Axixic the day prior. So when I hit this tope on the carretera it was a real jolt, fortunately a local caught a picture of it on their cell phone! Glad they finally painted the tope yesterday, Friday.
  10. I'd like to stay informed with Mexico News and current events. I keep getting offers from Mexico Daily News 🇲🇽 (The Whole Enchilada) and don't mind paying a little if the juice is worth the squeeze. I haven't had much success with my searches. What are your News recommendations (free and pay)?
  11. That is very good news... thanks. 🇲🇽 🌵
  12. Thanks, at least I know what I've been eating at night... bobitos!
  13. Okay, I hesitated but need to ask as a newbie, what are bobo's?
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