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  1. Two weeks ago in Tlachichilco $12.70 MX/liter. Keeps creeping up due to what I read was RV craze in the States - motor homes and trailers - needing the fuel for cooking. And of course Mexico gets 60% of its propane from the US. Google it.
  2. 1. RickS, you have had many well thought out responses on many subjects in the past, often appreciated your thought.... but you seem to be agreeing, airlines, cruise lines, trains, etc are pursuing a Vaccine-type of passport... yet if they aren't going to MANDATE or REQUIRE (choose your word) a certain type of vaccine to transit, travel or vacation then why have this passport at all?? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck..... 2. Yep, 1984 was fiction, and fact is often stranger than fiction as I'm sure you've seen in your life time. This is no exception. 3. Yep, error o
  3. This whole idea of a vaccine mandate seems absurd... George Orwell warned in his classic novel, 1984, a major characteristic of a totalitarian society is that the all-powerful state supplants the independence (and sovereignty) of the family. Yet, the drive toward a flu vaccine mandate is more than about power and control. So you are all okay with a Government mandating that in order for you to ______________ (fill-in the blank) travel, relocate, return to your home country, etc. you must _______________ (also fill-in the blank) vaccinate, etc. even if you're unsure it is safe to do so. Ha
  4. Who is the Best Online Money Exchange service? I'm looking to get a good exchange rate online from USD$ into MX$ pesos for transfer to our financial institution who offers a decent rate but not as good as online. I want to move $5,000 - $10,000 USD. Suggestions and experiences appreciated. Gracias!
  5. I got my SSA 1099 so the other form is also available now.
  6. We have some friends, who own a home in Los Galapagos (now on the market) and have lived there for three years. They liked Los Galapagos a lot, small. quiet development on the lake, but are moving to another home - also out east near where we live - with a great hillside lake view and huge covered patio and to be near some friends living in the other small development called Chiramoyo. There are some nice, small, safe developments out this way in a more rural setting. I'd look at Access Lake Chapala Rentals. We love it out here and it's only 20 minutes to Chapala, 25 to Walmart (on excellent
  7. Three (3) pesos for gas only. Five (5) if they also do the front window. Ten (10) if they also do front and back.
  8. Mostlylost is correct... Netflix doesn't even hiccup, we just have little "sub-accounts" when we sign-in which are our name & icons so Netflix knows who's watching. That way my shows and episodes I'm watching don't conflict or override shows the others are viewing.
  9. It really looks delicious! And just to whine a bit..... I wish some of these restaurants would try to offer Sin Gluten pastas. If I can find pastas like Barilla at Walmart these restaurants should be able to find it too. I don't want to be Libre de Gluten, it's not a lifestyle choice it's because gluten rips up those of us with Celiac. I don't have it as bad as some but I'd love to eat out at an Italian Restaurants instead of always eating pasta at home, and as is often the case. pay a small premium for the service too. I bet many restaurants would find there are more of us Sin Gluten cus
  10. Since moving to Mexico I have come to find the free phone app Waze that I used in the States for years is also VERY reliable in Jalisco for accurate turn-by-turn directions 🚙 and includes traffic, cops, hazards as reported live by other users. The new HD Santa Anita is included. That's my suggestion.
  11. Here's the address....Home Depot, V. LOPEZ MATEOS # 7700 COL: SANTA ANITA} Guadalajara, Jalisco CP.45640 Home Depot is about 2.5 km south (before you get to Costco) on the west side of the carretera.
  12. RickS, Kyle could be a genius... if it was potato vodka with his fries!! A great way to get your veggies!!! LOL! 😁 🍸
  13. Thanks for heads up on Panda. We're moving to north of the carretera near Tlachichilco. I'll definitely keep this in mind for internet.
  14. I must be one of the "kids" just qualifying for Medicare today! I'm fascinated by the technology. Just signed up on Starlink.com website to get Beta information if they ever come to MX. Maybe the price will come down from the video, none was listed? I plugged in Chapala and Chapala-Guadalajara, Jal came up. I'll post any updates.
  15. Recently an acquaintance mentioned having a very good experience with AT&T Mexico for their cell service and paying only about $25 month for service. He said coverage is very good throughout Mexico and when he returns home to the States! I've been complacent in the 4 months since we moved to Mexico and stayed with Verizon simply because it works Lakeside... very well actually... using TELCEL towers BUT at $85 USD for or 2 phones with unlimited phone, text and internet service it's kind of pricey. What's you experience with AT&T Mexico? Cost? Reliability? Coverage in MX and N
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