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  1. As of Saturday MUST sell following items--- 1 upholstered chair - $130 1 bar fridge Hisense 1 door - $190us 1 small black heater fan - 1 cool 2 heat settings - $15us 1 jewelry chest - 3' tall x 12"x 12" - 6 lined drawers - needs to be refinished - $45us 1 set of 3 nesting tables - brass & glass - $25us 1 beautiful patio umbrella - yellow - with stand - $75us (you've seen them on the carretare) 1 portable radiator style heater - on wheels - 3 settings - infinite heat control - $55us 1 quilt & 2 shams - light weight - queen (90x90) - washable - turquois - $25us
  2. Does anyone know the hours the bazars are open or their phone numbers? There are some new ones along the carretera too, Gracias.
  3. Where is a good place to buy suitcases at lakeside? Would consider seconds in reasonable condition. Reasonable being not smelly and able to lock! Thank you all. I have managed to get what I need.
  4. I am looking for 2 large, 28" hard surface and expandable suitcases. Got them.
  5. I need a broker or customs agent who will send a small shipment of personal possessions to Ontario Canada soon. The problem seems to arise when it is personal possessions. Help!!
  6. I need a large steel steamer trunk to put my 'stuff' in.
  7. I need a large steel steamer trunk to put my 'stuff' in. DELETE
  8. I get an automatic confirmation that my email was received. Other than that, no return reply nor anyone to answer my phone call. Has anybody had any contact with them recently?
  9. Thanks everyone. I did get my pics. Not all photographers can give you your pics 'while u wait'. So ask first.
  10. Where to go, between Chapala and Ajijic, to get pictures for a passport?
  11. Dr. Vargas was an excellent ophthalmologist who practiced at Hospital Puerto de Hierro in Guadalajara and had an auxiliary office at the Ajijic Hospital, where he came every week. He passed away in 2020. I need my medical records from late 2019 to about March 15th, 2020. Does anyone have a contact that I can reach to get them. I do believe his daughter, in the medical field, also comes to Lakeside to care for others. I do not have her name. Does anyone have any information that might help me. Always appreciate your help.
  12. Got pics today. Thanks all for input.😊
  13. From Chapala to other side of Ajijic, where is the best place to get your passport pictures taken. Any help appreciated πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ
  14. I might have spelled his last name wrong but it is close. Have a look at your business cards or a car insurance policy for how to contact him either by email or phone. Appreciate any help. 😷🀀
  15. I had my 2 doses of Sinovac earlier this year but that vaccine is not accepted by Canada. What other vaccine do they accept that you can get here? Where can you get it here and the cost? All help appreciated.
  16. Thank you very much Joanie and especially for the contacts.😊
  17. Is there a personal injury lawyer that has an office at Lakeside and speaks some English? Any help appreciated. ☺️
  18. Miracle of miracles, they have managed to cram 16 years into one week! There's gotta be someway of boxing and selling it. πŸ˜„πŸ˜
  19. Do you have AXA car insurance? Have you ever filed for a medical claim? If so, did it go as you expected or was it a long drawn out affair? Are there others with claims against another car insurer? What was your experience?
  20. Thank you Cedros. I use a steamer instead of an iron and it needs this desmin. water. Gracias.
  21. I have looked in the area where they sell irons, in the laundry soaps area and in the drinking water area several times and cannot find it. Do you remember where it was in Walmart that you saw it? Mucho gracias.
  22. What color satin do you like for lining? Flowers to match?
  23. It was a nice idea until a couple of posters couldn't leave each other alone.
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