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  1. Yeah, it's insane. Are you getting it waived on Intercam or somewhere else?
  2. Hi, Has anybody used an Intercam checking account to receive international wires? Seeing their fee brochure of their accounts: https://www.intercam.com.mx/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Comisiones_Cuentas-MXN-USD31720.pdf It seems they charge 100 USD + IVA for each incoming wire. Anybody can confirm? Maybe if you have investments in their brokerage they waive a lot of the fees? Thank you
  3. Yep, so that's why I was wondering if the good FX rate was given in the banking or investment arm.
  4. Multiva, the casa de bolsa unit? Not the banking arm?
  5. Thanks! The preferred rate tip is nice, I do have a brokerage account that is a retirement plan in Mexico (similar to an IRA), maybe they are able to offer a decent solution.
  6. Hi johanson, Did Actinver suggest you using brokerage account rather than their checking account for the wire? Or is something you eventually figured it out? Thanks!
  7. This was very helpful, so I will definitely give them a call and see if that will work.
  8. Thanks, I will rephrase my questions: What I meant by the full advisory question is if you buy your stocks/bonds yourself using the Bursanet website or if an Actinver advisor executes the operations for you, as that would be a different tier. The second question about FX spread: I just meant how different is the FX rate compared to the spread rate in percentage terms. Let's say spot rate is 22.30 and they buy your dollars at 22 that would mean a 1.3% spread.
  9. What do you mean exactly by having a personal relationship? I will need to check if they accept clients in places where they don't have branches, I could arrange to go in person to city with a branch eventually if it is that good. Any idea approximately of the FX spread percentage? Any other second option you know of? Ha no worries! Interesting, do you have a full advisory relationship with Actinver or did you get Bursanet with self managed operations? I imagine you do keep some investments there. Have you received payments there from a third party or are you receiving money from your US based institutions? in your experience more or less what would be the FX spread percentange? Thanks to all!
  10. Hi, I am looking for opinions about which banks or even casa de bolsa in Mexico has the best exchange rates for receiving international USD wires. I don't care paying for an incoming wire fee if the exchange rate is good. Unfortunately for these operations I need to receive directly in Mexico as I am exporting services to a foreign country and there are tax limitations that force me to receive in Mexico, I have confirmed with different accountants. If not I would be receiving in a US based bank account and use Transferwise to send and convert to Pesos I am Mexican so banks that typically don't have English speaking staff wouldn't be an issue. Thanks!
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