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  1. Microsoft Skype offers webcam controls (exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc.) and is free. Once you apply the settings in Skype, those webcam settings are universal, meaning that they apply to all other apps/software that utilize the webcam -- you just need to then stop using the webcam in Skype, then use the webcam in your other software, such as Microsoft Windows 10 Camera app, or MS Teams. To adjust it further, you have to stop using it in that app, go back to Skype, adjust the "webcam settings" again, then stop using the webcam in Skype and return to your other app. Cyberlink YouCam is a great option for this, although it costs money, because you can view your webcam in YouCam, and then simultaneously use that same YouCam webcam feed in other software, and YouCam lets you not only adjust things like brightness and saturation, it also gives distortions, mosaics, overlays, lets you write & draw on your webcam image, etc. Jean Philippe Albert also wrote a little program to make the dialogue popup : https://github.com/jpalbert/webcam-settings-dialog-windows You will need to know how to modify a Windows batch script to edit it. You can find out your camera model by tapping the WINDOWS key > ..type in DEVICE and choose DEVICE MANAGER > expand CAMERAS > ..note the name of your camera and use that in the batch script Jean Albert provided , "webcamdialog.bat" John
  2. If you install Skype, it has the full webcam settings for things like brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, exposure, etc. and when adjusted it affects the webcam for all applications thereafter. You just have to then stop using the webcam in Skype and go back to your other application where you wanted to use the webcam (e.g. WIndows 10 Camera, or Microsoft Teams).
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