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  1. My sis lives in Chapala, & I try to stay with her at least 3 months out of the year. Love my Sister. Now GH, apparently I offended you,, I apologize. I was surprised at your response. I then read my post; I still don't understand what irked you so. Please share. As I certainly did not intend any sort of 'insult'. Perhaps I am not supposed to post when I am not in Chapala, & if that is so, plz let me know. Thank you. Oh, and thank you for that very warm welcome😷.
  2. Well, here in t USA we have almost 50% Republican voters who support DTrump by doing as he does: going sans mask, ignoring distancing, & denying any risk of Covid for them and theirs. You see these folks are TheEntitledOnes, so they just know they'll not be affected by Covid. It'll be the 'other guys' who'll be infected, so why would they care...And, they don't care...'. Ghastly people !! The USA is very Sick...in more ways than one. I am sad to see it. The EU may ban flights from America, & they should hurry it up for their own sake.
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