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  1. 8 hours ago, gimpychimp said:

    My experience with her was not good. It was years ago and she didn't strike me as being on the ball. One example is that she had me go to Guad for a special thyroid test and she wanted the results sent to her office in the city.  We had an appointment to discuss the results here in town and when she showed up for it she hadn't brought them so couldn't discuss them.  A waste of time. Then I went to another Endocrinologist about my thyroid and after talking with me she wanted me to go for a mammogram and then come back. What would that have to do with my thyroid? I went to a third one and he just wanted to push some vitamins of some sort that he produced with his name on the label.  3 strikes for me on Endocrinologists. Sorry there isn't one I can recommend for you.


    Thank you! 

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