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  1. Great to be an American Citizen. Look at all you get free that is not available in other countries. No wonder so many people are trying to get there to live. And, there are fools there who think other countries offer more. Silly them, no?
  2. One thing I can tell you that you can "take to the bank", Eric, is that maybe the thing that really "pisses off" Mexicans is when a "gringo" tells them how they should be running their businesses. My opinion only.
  3. Seems to me this is the best that anyone can do, until... if you are concerned. If you are not, just go about your business the way you think you should. No one is going to control the behavior of others without "martial law". Stay safe.
  4. I think you skipped where he said "over the normal rate".
  5. What most people here give is what they want to give, or not give. As you can see from the comments that ranges from zero to whatever. So, whatever rings your bell.
  6. Exactly. No hyphenated citizens here. That is a major problem NOB. Are you a rocket scientist?
  7. In this country, all citizens are Mexican. Not true NOB, as there are black, white, yellow, red, brown,etc. That is causing their problem and that does not exist in most countries.
  8. So, when exactly,was your last time to use this crossing?
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