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  1. Why would you suggest such a thing? And I don't see how a "slow down in new construction" is a silver lining. Not to mention that "speculation" has no effect on infrastructure unless it is no longer speculation.
  2. Well thanks, but actually the direct link to your charts from gob.mx. I have waded all through the datos and can't pinpoint the municipality charts that you show.
  3. Might you be able to provide the links? When I go to the site, all I can find is maps; can't find the specific municipalities.
  4. But you are still saying that using the 800 numbers cost you nothing. In fact, you cannot use the 800 numbers to dial out unless they are international in nature, and that is infrequently the case. I have heard that you can use the "exit prefix" of 00, but I have never tried that.
  5. Not unless you use 880 or one of the other substitutes, and even in those cases all that happens is you connect, but still have to pay.
  6. "Virtue signaling". I like that. Is there something similar for not only "the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one's good character or the moral correctness of one's position on a particular issue" but being sanctimonious at the same time?
  7. Not the way it works. Advertising blares out that practically everyone speaks English, to "make it easy on yourself".
  8. You called it a "silver lining". Same thing.
  9. Tony's Restaurant, not butcher shop.
  10. Slowing down the real estate market is surely the last thing the owners of this Board, Coldwell Banker, would want to suggest.
  11. That is something I did not know. Thanks.
  12. Both car parts shops, one at WalMart parking lot and the other in Riberas mountainside, have a good selectiion of things like that.
  13. Cannot get into the Post without deleting Post cookies, unless you are a paid subscriber, people.
  14. Why so touchy? I was only helping to clear it up.
  15. Eric Blair is the real name of George Orwell, Big Brother theorist. I think he would have a lot to say concerning the comment about revealing identities.
  16. No, you weren't the first to use it in this thread. But apparently you aren't quite savvy enough to recognise sarcasm when you see it. As for saving it, as you suggest, my suspicion based on your many unwelcome posts is that you should never have used it at all, because you apparently also don't recognize the difference between real news and FAKE NEWS!!!!
  17. That study is over six weeks old, and a million things have happened since then. Not the least of which are the many scientific reports showing that the virus RNA may still be there on various surfaces, but completely innefective. Perhaps even more to the point, the study did not look at whether the traces of the virus on the face mask could even be infectious.
  18. Not really sure if someone else should be deciding my experiences. FAKE NEWS.
  19. Novel approach though. Walmart's deal was originally to plant all kinds of trees. Long gone by the wayside. This muni work on this proposal? Think not. Interesting thought though.
  20. Yeah. Eaten there a number of times and just can't go back anymore. Too bad; not a lot of choices here.
  21. Well, then, apologies. You think it's okay for people to make comments like he did? Some poor schmuck (nothing personal, Upfront) with arthritis bad enough that their typing is full of mistakes, and that's what people focus on?
  22. No wonder people are leaving this board in droves. What kind of attitude is that? It's becoming a playground for haters. Someone tells you they have arthritis and you call him/her a liar? Good for you, man.
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