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  1. Baloney. Split peas store in dry places for at least 3 years, and you can be darn sure the peas at SL and the Grainery have not been there that long. In fact, they are a bomb-shelter food, because they last until they get moldy. An old pea cooks just as well as any other, as long as you do it right.

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  2. You said and I quote: "They are the closest thing to Kosher style available around here." I mistook that for meaning "good".

    You said, quote: "They are the closest thing to Kosher style available around here." I never suggested that you said they were as good as Strubs or Whytes.

    You also said quote: "Mt Olive is garbage too. The jar that I showed in the foto is waaaay better than the imported crap sold here and is sour and the closest I could find to Strubs or Mrs. Wytes." These are not even close in my opinion. The flavour is off, and of course the crunch is half of it. A limp pickle is useless to me. My Heinz slices are crisp.

    And yes, Heinz. I have a case if you would like to try a couple of bottles. They are far superior in both flavour and crunch to these Delencur in my opinion. And the Mt. Olive full dill in the large jar at SuperLake is the best kosher dill I have encountered in Mexico. If you have tried them and don't like them, that's perfectly alright, although beyond me.

    Now you'll remember I interceded in this conversation by saying 'our tastes obviously differ'. I did not intend to turn this into a pissing contest about pickles.

  3. I bought your pickles today at WalMart. And now I know you and I have completely different tastes. Because these are limp and not nearly as flavourful as Strubs, Whites, or even Mt. Olive in terms of taste. Although they are much better than the typical barrel dills one can get around here, the limpness makes them just like those godawful Vlasics.

    I have a source of Heinz dill slices at 44p a jar (Amazon.com.mx) so I will stick to those. I hope our taste in relation to corned beef, smoked meat, and pastrami is a better match.


  4. Good point, but I don't think it's valid here. One doesn't stop spending money to help just because of financial problems. It's the municipal government, for cryin' out loud. Take from one (like, say, the numerous cousins in the concrete business) to cover the other. Especially at a time like this. Not to mention every local gov't has been in debt over their heads since I got here, always because of the one before, and yet they muddle through with hugely unnecessary local projects.

  5. 20 minutes ago, happyjillin said:

    ---- when they're down for the count already. Hairdresser in Chapala Centro was just given the stack of document's to fill out in order to open her shop and told she must buy a forehead thermometer[cost $2500p] and a special mat for her entrance which is only available in Guadalajara from somebody's cousin I suspect. There has been virtually no access and parking to and near her shop for months and she just learned that the sidewalk in front will be ripped up again due to more incompetence. Seems like just another way of killing off small  business. Our Presidente said he's out to help Chapala business???? How is this help???

    Politics, Dude. Although at this level since it's not unconstitional, you probably won't get any flack.

    And I agree with your concern. I believe that this is exactly the kind of situation where the local government should be offering financial support, instead of putting the burden for their new rules on the business owner. Especially the small businesses. (Not to mention that shoe-wiping is a ridiculous concept.)

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  6. Ah, well, that's different.(I would not have suspected that from the bucher shop. Sounded to me like you couldn't eat it at the restaurant so you took it home and fed it to the dogs. I stand corrected.) I usually get his most costly, and they have always been quite good. Not for a few months now, though. Perhaps Covid has caused a change in suppliers?

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