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  1. Just a note---we had to fix our dishwasher--shopped around-, Tio Sam,, etc. -finally went to Servicio Pelayo ,Ave. Hildago #90 Riberas---across from Century 21. It is as of this date April 22, 2021-over 3 months-they picked it up Jan. 11, 2021. We paid upfront 5500 peso's for new parts--still not repaired-as of now--we just told them forget it--we just want machine back--will get someone else to fix it---but we cannot get it back--next step lawyer! Just may be our dishwasher is complicated--but just want it back--even not repairied--no luck.
  2. Sony 2 channel stereo receiver-Bluetooth, Onkyo 6 disc CD changer, both 3 months old--2 Bose speakers--all attachments included. Paid $ 400.00 us--plus Bose speakers included in price, as the Bose speakers are from our built in surround sound system. Amazing sound quality. If you are looking for tone-quality-volume, this is a perfect set. To hear-or see ,we are in Vista Allegre---331-763-5597. We are re-locating.
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