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  1. Well, you are really angry over a nickname , not everyone knows David's chicken as Dusty chicken ( i mean even him won't call his place that) , we have different specialities as we offer different delicious chicken options. I think you are taking a roadside bussines name too personal. We will be happy to receive your order and i'll make sure I add a free clonazepam for you and a cup of wine! Have a great day. DUSTY CHICKEN CHAPALA
  2. Hi ! We are waiting for your call to try our amazing chicken . Yesterday we had top sales, people are loving it . Have a great day!
  3. Orders at 333-953-8620 (English) or 331-990-3301 (Spanish). Dusty Chicken Chapala the personal can give you further information
  4. Chapala is the municipio, right? Dust is what makes it right , get yourself a break ! DUSTY is in reference being roadside, however once we are open and you get to know our installations you'll see our food is not out in the dust . Thank you for your concern !
  5. Wow such bad vibes from you! Nothing but your loss on our amazing and uniques chicken specialities No one can resist trying our amazing Real BBQ, Jamaican Jerk and Yucateco Grilled chicken. YUM! Facebook: Dusty chicken chapala
  6. Hi ! Mexican Charcoal Grilled Chicken is seasoned with Achiote and Yucatecan spices ( secret recipe) Jamaican Jerk chicken is seasoned with Jamaican spices, including nutmeg, brown sugar, etc... it is sweet and spicy. And BBQ chicken is made with our special BBQ sauce. We only have delivery service because of COVID-19. Sides: green and red rice, smashed potatoes with gravy, grilled onions, caribbean salad, potatoes salad, jalapeños, tortillas and salsas included.
  7. First of all David's chicken doesn't even call themselves DUSTY Chicken. There are many locals and the fact that some of you call David's chicken dusty chicken doesn't mean everybody does or should do. So sorry that you guys are fighting over a nickname. Still many people are in love with our Jamaican Jerk, BBQ chicken and Mexican grilled chicken We are the only place where you can find these 3 options, so we and David's are not even on the same page. As you can read DUSTY refers to bussines ROADSIDE. So Calmate tu and stop fighting over these kind of stuff. We will continue with our amazing food stand that keeps people with jobs during COVID-19 situation . Thank you !! Facebook: Dusty chicken chapala
  8. DUSTY CHICKEN refers to ANY chicken bussines ROADSIDE. Im sorry if you guys feel offended, but there is no TRADEMARK for a nickname " DUSTY " that refers to any bussiness as said above, ROAD SIDE. We are happy to bring amazing and different chicken in Lakeside, so far in our 3rd day of opening we have had great reviews and people have loved our food ... so I guess "TRY IT BEFORE YOU KNOCK IT "
  9. DUSTY CHICKEN DELIVERY SERVICE SCHEDULE: Monday: CLOSED Tuesday: 12:00 - 17:00 Wednesday: 12:00 - 17:00 Thursday: 12:00 - 17:00 Friday: 12:00 - 17:00 Saturday: 12:00 - 17:00 Sunday: 12:00 - 17:00 Order at: 333-953-8620 (inglés) o 331-990-3301 (español) Thank you !! You can find us on FB as Dusty Chicken Chapala
  10. In Riberas del Pilar, we are closed during quarantine but we have free delivery service to anywhere in the area! Orders at 333-953-8620 (English) or 331-990-3301 (Spanish). Facebook: Dusty Chicken Chapala
  11. Hello everyone! I would like to invite all of you to try our DUSTY CHICKEN, where we offer Real Barbecue Grilled Chicken, Jamaican Jerk chicken( first ones to offer Jamaican jerk in lakeside!) and Mexican Charcoal Grilled Chicken . We have Mashed Potatoes, Caribbean Green Rice, Island Potato Salad, Mexican Vegetable Salad, Corn on the Cob, Mexican Red Rice, Grilled Potatoes, Grilled Onions, Mexican Coleslaw, and Chiles all fresh and available. Chicken to Go (Riberas) or Free Delivery (at lakeside). We have a great team of locals, our Chef Ceci used to work the kitchen of Vita Bella restaurant, so believe we offer delicious food quality! This new place is keeping people employed during this COVID-19 situation, we use all hygiene measures given by the goverment. Orders at 333-953-8620 (English) or 331-990-3301 (Spanish). Dusty Chicken Chapala
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