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  1. You all are so amazingly helpful! Thanks so much for the advice and pointing me in the right direction.
  2. I am looking for a modified assisted living facility or home in the Lake Chapala area for my mother. She is in the early stages of dementia and needs to live in a place where she can be engaged, social, and of course requires some assistance. I don't feel she able to live safely at home on her own now and she doesn't want to live with me. She is a very physically healthy 69 year old American woman that needs help with medication management, food preparation, laundry and cleaning. She would prefer to be in a place with people close in age to her though I'm not sure how possible that will be in assisted living. She likes Mexico and the facilities here in San Diego, CA are out of her very limited income. Please recommend a facility or care home that might be a good fit. She is still very lucid and fit but with memory challenges. Thank you.
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