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  1. Hi Gang..... I regulated, issued/denied permits and inspected subsurface wastewater disposal systems of all kinds and in all types of terrain in WA state for many years, in wet parts and dry parts of the state, in mountains, rock, gravel, clay, mixtures of all soils, and by rivers and lakes. I participated in state rulemaking for these systems in the mid-1970s, and subsequent changes over 30 years, including mound systems, bio-digesters, evaporative lagoons, and proprietary designs. What sewage disposal, on-site, all boils down to is the fact that the ground in any area can only absorb u
  2. Good news. La Avenida not only is open for liquor, beer, ice and wine sales, but delivers on motorcycle to your home. cell phone: 33 34 63 79 30 Alma usually answers the phone personally and I have never waited more than 20 minutes. Usually less. Know what you want, in Spanish, before calling if you are able. Google translate might be useful. I live in Chapala, so it may take longer since the store is not far from my home.
  3. Gringo Hombre said, in pertinent part: We negotiated the details of the lease, not the fact that I forced the change to the obvious correct currency involved, that happend to be in my favor because as businessman I had done the research. Are car leases at the Guad. airport in US dollars? Do you negotiate buying a used car here in US dollars? Are business rentals here in US dollars? I am not talking legality, just pointing out that this has snowballed into accepted practice here because newbies see it as "the way things are". Would Mexicans accept this in a home rental lease? Please. This
  4. Dear Amigos, I have read the comments since I stopped actively being a part of what started out as a discussion of Coronavirus, COVID-19, SARS and relevant information. I would like to express congratulations to MAINECOONS for remaining steadily non-dogmatic and civil. There are several others as well, and I am sure that MAINECOONS could list them faster than me, from memory. As for the way this topic changed, I guess it was inevitable since many people obviously just wanted a place to vent and show the world on this web-board who they really were. ----
  5. Good news for some of you: This will conclude my postings on this topic. I have raised an issue, and in two days it has been discussed to my satisfaction. I took the temperature of the community online here. A very diverse group, and generally speaking, quite well informed. To those who are locked into their cynicism and name-calling habits, I wish the best for you. You are slowly stressing yourself to the limit. It harms your body and mind. Take a breath, and as my grandmother used to say, " Taste your words carefully before you spit them at people." Wise wor
  6. Go Solar said: "Testing must be broad based to get a true reading of incidence and geographic spread. You don't need to test everyone, but you need to test a sample, of everyone. This is basic science and statistics. Testing only the symptomatic and at-risk people, is useless for getting a real reading. However, it appears that the powers-that-be, in most countries, really do not want a "real reading".... " ------------------------------------------------- This is true, in most countries. And one wonders if the idea is to skew the death rate upward or
  7. If we are all tested, using the current protocol, most of us would be positive for Coronavirus, since it is such a large family of viruses. I wonder if the world is getting a false count due to inadequate testing. Since we are only testing the sickest people, the death rate is naturally going to be higher than if everone were tested, using serology.
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