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  1. I understand trying to do his own thing but robbing all the equipment? If you want to start your own, first you thank your former employee for the opportunity and then you look for your tools to work. From what I know Luis took products and computer from the shop which belongs to Bennos and just dropped them the keys saying he is not interested no more. I saw all the pictures and videos of him taking everything and that is a crime. I knew Benno for year before the tragedy happened 7 years ago and he was forced to move out of the country and he was also doing a lot of charity for nonprofit
  2. BE CAREFUL WITH HIM!!! I just talk to the owner Frank and Luis just took everything from the shop. He was just an employee. Frank is the actual owner who bought the business from Miguel who bought it from Benno. Benno Computer Solutions is still in the same place and will be open next week. Looks like he is trying to steal the business..
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