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  1. My instructions to change the PIN number CAME from Master Card/Bank of Montreal in Canada, where it's apparently easier to find a cash machine equipped to do this. I have to call them back now and request they open a new 12 hour window in which I can make the change. SOMEONE at Lakeside must have needed to make a pin change at some point; if you haven't done it here you needn't comment, because the location of such a machine is the only info I require.
  2. I still need to know if there's a machine somewhere at Lakeside where I can successfully change a pin number. The process is very simple; the problem is finding the machine. The alternatives are all very well but don't address my original question.
  3. Couple problems with suggestions so far. If the process includes inserting my old pin, I'm screwed from the get-go, `cause forgetting it was the reason the card got blocked in the first place. Also, I'm not smart-phone literate. I do everything I can on my laptop because the phone I have would be, at best, somewhere in the "borderline" range on the Wechsler scale. 8G Memory, not enough to load any apps and holds about 2 photos. Appreciate the helpful intention, in any case. Maybe the Santander machine also handles international credit cards, like if a Canadian wanted a cash advance? As to online banking, I don't have an account anymore with the bank that issued the card, tho I check and download my statement through their site. Now I've locked myself out of THAT because I tried too many times to enter my password from memory. Friday 13th running true to form...
  4. Trying to change the PIN on my Canadian Mastercard, which requires a call to Canada, a loooong hold, and a request to approve a 12 hour window in which to do so. I've called twice and tried 5 different machines in all; at least two of these displayed Interac & Mastercard symbols, but every machine told me they were "temporarily unable to contact my financial institution." This wasn't just one day and maybe bad internet, but 2 attempts, 3 or 4 weeks apart. So... 3rd time lucky? Has anyone else succeeded in accomplishing a change, and at which machine? Please specify location details. I'm getting pretty frustrated.
  5. I used to buy at Superlake and check regularly for them now, but haven't seen any since they reopened after their pandemic closure. If they have "lots in all sizes" as Ferret stated, where are they hiding them?
  6. Almost never go that way; thru-town traffic from the east end's just too frustrating. I vote for a 3rd location in San Antonio, also with parking!
  7. Guess no one else has a suggestion. Thanks for the input, everyone, but who is Santiago, please and where would I find him and his cheeses?
  8. Looking to address a B12 deficiency. There used to be someone in Ajijic Centro who gave shots, but I also heard some scare stories about those. Anyone know where else they might be available/who would administer? Alternatively, would like to find a source for sublingual spray supplement; patient doesn't do so well with pills...
  9. Where can I find the kind of queso fresco that will fry up golden brown outside and stay soft on the inside? I want it for hors d'ouevres, i.e. topped with tomato, avocado, olives, ham, etc. The last time I bought something that looked more like goat cheese and was a gooey disaster in my saute pan, tho it was labeled "queso fresco." It didn't look right but there wasn't another option...
  10. Sorry, don't like the Pillsbury at all - taste isn't appealing. I use Walmart's puff pastry for a variety of things, but I'm a purist when it comes to cinnamon buns. My original question was whether you could still get the bread dough (masa) at Walmart and if so, when, because I remember it wasn't always available. Also, could I freeze it raw and use later? Don't think anyone addressed any of this, tho I appreciate the suggestions for alternates.
  11. It's been a long time and I'm craving cinnamon buns. I used to get dough from Walmart for them but can't remember - do I ask for "Masa for pan" or "masa for bolillos" or does it even matter? And could I freeze it at home until I"m ready to make? I remember it often started to rise in transit... I mostly order online now for delivery, but not sure the dough is available that way. Does anyone else locally sell frozen dough in small quantities, i.e. enough for a single loaf or batch of buns?
  12. Sorry, would you mind specifying which town we're talking about here? I'm up to 2 non-working printers now and extremely frustrated.
  13. Where can I buy good lard for frying, baking, etc., NOT the mongrel mixture from Walmart? Any brand suggestions?
  14. Thanks everyone. I looked on Amazon and I now understand why people don't sew anymore - who pays the equivalent of $10 (USD!) for a spool of thread? I guess I haven't price-checked for a while but need to have something on hand just for basic mending. I'm off to the papeleria...
  15. I'm running out of my basic colours and need to restock. Where are the mercerias in Ajijic and San Antonio, or is there another source? I used to get it at the tianguis, but I've been avoiding the crowds there and it's not the best quality anyway.
  16. Interested, but how to get to La Barca? Any suggestions?
  17. Thank you, everyone - very helpful. I've used Gualberto in the past for other things, and will see what he has to say. The last time, he condemned my washing machine, said it wasn't worth fixing. It's a problem; if you buy all your appliances at the same time, down the road they're also likely to die at the same time, which is hard on the budget. And as a renter, I'm not wanting to make a huge investment. Fridge is also showing its age these days, but one issue at a time...
  18. I think my little Acros gas stove needs help. Bought new in 2008 - what's their lifespan, anyway? Burners are carboned up and the oven control seems to have quit; heat just keeps climbing, no matter where it's set. Can anyone recommend a competent repair guy? Is "gasfitter" even a trade here? Everyone seems to do everything but I'm scared to death of gas and want someone who knows what he's doing...
  19. Rent! Hard on people with a fixed income. 14 years with the same landlord & got hit with a 70% increase last time the lease expired. It was that or move. Can't even blame the landlords when new people go around advertising how much they can pay without finding out what the going rates are. Who wouldn't take more?
  20. Would like to find a source for unbleached paper towels, toilet paper, etc. Is there anyone at Lakeside that sells?
  21. Thank you. Good to have a reminder.
  22. I bought an evaporative cooler last summer and it was a lifesaver, but just miserable to clean, as the water tray at the bottom cannot be completely removed. So many impurities in our water and if it sits in the cooler for long, it gets nasty. The instruction leaflet wasn't detailed but it did say not to add anything to the water, like a touch of bleach to keep things fresher. Is that an inviolable rule or has anyone used anything that helps with the problem without damaging the mechanism? It's early, but I need it already; it's going to be a looooong hot season!
  23. 21 years here, full time. Getting around is an exercise in frustration now; used to go from San Antonio to west Ajijic in 5 minutes but now can be anything up to an hour, depending day and time you're traveling. The lights are poorly distributed and tend to snarl rather than move the traffic. Not to mention the never ending construction and detours when you least expect them. It's definitely not the same town and I doubt I'd settle here now, as a newcomer. You can't help but wonder how much more the infrastructure will bear; there's only so much area between the mountains and the lake, so not a lot of options for alternate routes...
  24. Has anyone come across this locally, and if so where please?
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